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  1. SouthsideDon48

    2017 MLB DRAFT

    I think the sox should draft Jake Burger if he's still available. I think he's one of the best in this year's draft.
  2. SouthsideDon48

    We should do some polls to pass the time and vent

    I think we should do a poll to see how many people don't know what the word sup means.
  3. SouthsideDon48

    Jackson and Davidson done for '16

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 26, 2016 -> 11:21 AM) It sucks Davidson got hurt. He is the forgotten man as far as prospects go. He had a great spring training and was following it up with decent stats in the minors. Sure would've been nice to see if he had turned a corner in his approach. He might be a power source that was not expected a year ago. If he can show some consistency and produce in the majors and along with the great draft of 2016 things would certainly be looking up. Uh..... What's your problem with the word "sup" ??? I'm 31 and I use either sup or w'sup multiple times every day.
  4. SouthsideDon48

    Bachelor party disappointment

    Hey guys,... I feel real ashamed to feel this way, but my bachelor party was yesterday and I'm kinda disappointed with it. Don't get me wrong, my best man put in a lot of effort into organizing this, and I really do appreciate it. He planned it so that it would be 8 of us (me, him, the 6 groomsmen, and his friend) for a white sox game with the patio party package and upper deck seats. It ended up being $45 per person and we had numerous cancellations and backups cancelling as well and even a cancellation the night before at 11pm. We couldn't find anyone so I ended up bringing my kids with and paying $135 while everyone else spent $45 (I was too nice to say anything about it). Anyway, I did have a great time, enjoyed spending time with my friends and kids and I will always cherish the memory. But I would not have planned a white sox game for a bachelor party. For a birthday or graduation party, sure. I honestly just really wanted strippers. Would've been totally fine with going to Club O and and just chilled and not drink alcohol. I feel like bachelor parties = strippers and it kinda bums me out that my one bachelor party didn't have strippers involved. I feel horrible to feel this way, like i'm a bad friend or something, so that's why I'm posting this on here because I can still maintain a level of anonymity without posting something like this on facebook.
  5. SouthsideDon48

    Home remodel

    QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Jun 3, 2016 -> 09:08 AM) Ok home electricians, here's a question: I installed some Ikea under cabinet lights this weekend. The Omlopp LED spotlight kit, 4 lights that plug into a transformer that is plugged into a wall. When I flip the switch, there's a good half second to full second delay before the lights come on. Any ideas why? The old light that was connected to the switch (hard wired) did not have this issue. I took that down and added an outlet and then plugged the transformer into that. No power issues, doesn't matter how many lights are plugged into the transformer. There's still the delay. I'm thinking maybe the transformer is bad? Or maybe the switch somehow went bad coincidentally? Hey jenks, like the other guys said, that is a common thing some LED bulbs get. Don't worry too much about what other people visiting your place think, cause if they have LED's in their place, chances are theey might've experienced the same thing and are totally not judging you for it. If someone does say "Hey Tex,... that light doesn't come on right away.", then use that opportunity to educate them on LED bulbs and the associated cost savings. Like someone else said, some LED bulbs/undercabinet lights/fixtures require that half-second delay for the energy to reach the diode. There's some LED's that doesn't have that delay, but I wouldn't go out and attempt to change it, because there's no telling which LED's has that delay and which doesn't until you try it out in your home. I have LED bulbs all over my condo, most are Sylvannia non-dimmable 60-watt equivalents that uses 8.5 watts and gives off a nice 800-lumens of brightness that has a 10-year life. In light fixtures that has a dimmer, I have Sylvannia 60-watt equivalents that uses 10 watts and gives off a nice 800-lumens of brightness that has a 22-year life. For some other light fixtures that does not have a dimmer, I also have some Feit Electric 60-watt equivalents that uses about 9.5 watts and also gives off a nice 800 lumens of brightness for a life of 10 years as well. When it comes to LED bulbs, I only buy name-brand bulbs like Sylvannia and Feit Electric (Feit is a little-known brand but they make good bulbs.) I would also buy Phillips and Westinghouse, but I never got LED bulbs from those brands, so I can't say for sure how well they'd work. I'd trust Phillips more than Westinghouse because it seems like Westinghouse was a little late entering the LED bulb game, so they might still have to work out some kinks. Don't make the same mistake I made by buying off-brand LED bulbs because when I first got my condo, I got cheap 2-pack off-brand bulbs and they all went out in less than a year even though they were advertised on the box to last for 15 years. In fact, I only have one of those off-brand bulbs left and it's the one I leave on 24/7 above my kitchen sink. The brightness faded and it makes for a nice little nightlight type of bulb, but I think the only reason it hasn't burned out yet is because we weren't turning it on and off all the time like other bulbs throughout our home. So, because of the off-brand stuff burning out, I ended up buying the name-brand Sylvannia and Feit Electric bulbs I mentioned earlier. I replaced them as needed, so, some lights have a mix of half Sylvannia non-dimmable and Feit nontdimmable, such as my hallway lights. One of them comes on right away, but the other light in the hallway has that half-second delay before coming on, and i totally donkt mind at all, because those 4 bulbs combined with those 2 lights makes my hallway nice and superbright. So yea, don't worry about the delay, that's normal. Whenever you buy name-brand LED bulbs you can get the best deals with 60-watt equivalents in soft-white color because they mass-produce so many that those are the ones that usually have a lower price compared to the 75 and 100 watt equivalents and most 40 watt equivalents. If you see a 4-pack of non-dimmable LED 60-watt name-brand equivalents for $8, that's actually a good deal. 3-pack for about $6 or $7 is also a good deal. If you see a 4-pack of dimmable LED 60-watt equivalents for about $20.00, (still $5.Per bulb) that's also a fair price, but it's a better deal whenever itks on sale for less. If you have recessed can lights and need LED 65-watt BR30 equivalents, then a 4-pack for $35 is typically a good deal as well as single packs for $8 or less if it's on sale is also a good deal, especially if it has a 22-year life advertised on the name-brand box. Sorry for boring you with all this, I sell LED bulbs for a living.
  6. SouthsideDon48

    Groomsmen Gifts

    Just wanted to give everyone an update. I ended up ordering engraved flashlights. It was gonna be either this or engraved ammo boxes, but my fiancee thought the flashlights was moreof a "Don" thing since I collect flashlights and I always look for a certain kind. These are the ones I ordered... http://www.lazerdesigns.com/Merchant2/merc...ct_Code=FL17042 1,050 lumens, 5 lighting modes, durable build, should give good battery life as well.
  7. SouthsideDon48

    Fantasy baseball trades

    Forgot to mention, after the trade I did, I ended up picking up Robert Stephenson from free agency. Currently have prospects Stephenson, Tate, and Paxton on my team for the future.
  8. SouthsideDon48

    Fantasy baseball trades

    Hey guys, I'm in a dynasty fantasy baseball league with 20 teams, 25-man rosters, and ikm currently in last place. But i'm fine with that because i can just rebuild my team.And nab a good draft pick (first overall) next year. Anyway, in my league, people disagree on the valuation of players to the extremes, and I wanted to .See what you guys feel about these trade proposals... First.... my .Players i'm trading away are Zack Greinke, Vince Velesquez, Wade Davis, and David Ortiz (this is Ortiz's final season) These were the proposals that I got... Team 1. Above players, minus Ortiz for: Anthony Alford, Mallex Smith, Ben Revere, and Andrew Benintendli, $200 faab, and their two draft picks (prolly end up 20th overall and 40th overall) Team 2. Above players, minus Ortiz for: Kevin Gausman, Tim Anderson, Raimel Tapia, Francis Martes, and Bradley Zimmer Team 3. Above players for: Nick Castellanos, Sonny Gray, and Dylan Bundy. Which.Packages do you guys like better?
  9. SouthsideDon48

    Groomsmen Gifts

    QUOTE (iamshack @ May 21, 2016 -> 07:08 PM) Don, I like the idea of something useful. I have been in some weddings before and cannot even recall what I was given, so it must not have been very useful. For my wedding a few years ago, I got my guys an authentic Sox jersey, but that was mostly because they were coming all the way to Vegas to be in my wedding. I wanted them to understand how much I appreciated their efforts with a nice gesture. Think about what your guys do and use most, and get them that. And everyone can get different things - it does not have to be the same gift for each man. Perhaps one guy likes cigars, while another is an avid fisherman, etc. You get it? Hope this helps. I definitely did not know you can get each groomsman a different thing. that's very helpful.
  10. SouthsideDon48

    Groomsmen Gifts

    Wow, thank you for the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.
  11. SouthsideDon48

    Groomsmen Gifts

    Hey guys, My wedding is coming up in July, and one of the things I have to get soon is my groomsmen gifts. I'll be totally honest, I had no idea the custom of the groom giving his groomsmen a gift even existed. So... I thought I'd post on here and see what you guys think about groomsmen gifts and what any of you might've gotten your groomsmen before. Another thing I'm curious about is how much I should realistically expect to spend without appearing too cheap while also sticking within a reasonable budget. Also, is one item enough? One gift I idea that I really really want to get my groomsmen is some good flashlights (because I collect flashlights), and I've been looking around for flashlights that meets my standards, but there's slim pickings. Any flashlights I get would have to be LED, with a minimum lumen rating of 200+ (prefer more than 250 lumens but would look at 200 lumen flashligths), with a battery life of 5 hours or more, and made of metal instead of plastic. My plan would be to get these flashlights engraved with the groomsmen's names. if i cannot find a suitable flashlight, I was thinking of going to Things Remembered in the mall and they have 4 different items I was thinking about, all of whom I would get engraved: a money clip, an aluminum glass mug, a Zippo lighter, and a flip knife/multi-tool knife. I primarily want to get something that would be practical, functional, and useful instead of something that would be laying around collecting dust. I figured a flashlight could be something that would always be handy to have, and my 2nd choice would be a zippo lighter because even if you don't smoke, there's something special and unique about owning a zippo. My 3rd choice would be either a money clip or a mug. I can imagine the mug could be used frequently or end up in the back of someone's cupboard, and the money clip may or may nolt be used, dependingon whether someone's really a money clip person. My last choice at this point would be the flip knife, because while it is useful, it might be a shame to dull a knife from wear and tear that was engraved. What do you guys think? Any other ideas?
  12. SouthsideDon48

    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ May 13, 2016 -> 09:01 PM) Oh SSD, how I've missed thee! I missed you, too, iamshack!
  13. SouthsideDon48

    Automobile Thread

    I wonder if anyone's car habits are similar to mines: I'm almost 31 years old and only had 3 cars ever. First car was a hand-me-down silver 1990 Cadillac Deville that was my mom's old car that she let me have in 2002 after I got my license after she got another used car. Everything you could think of was wrong with that Cadillac: no heat, 2 doors stuck shut, and the transmission gave out to the point where I had to push it backwards out of parking spaces. I still loved that car, because I thought it looked awesome how it was missing some hub caps, outside door panels, and how it let out a trail of exhaust in the winter time like Uncle Buck's car from "Uncle Buck". In 2003 or 2004, my neighbor sold me his dark green 1993 Toyota Camry for $1,000. It was a great car and I drove it until 2010 until the exhaust system gave out and I figured that it was too costly to get that fixed since it already had a leaky head gasket (had to pour oil into it once a week for 2 years) and it was at 244,000 miles. I even nicknamed this car Roadkill because it kinda looked like Roadkill from Twisted Metal with the rusting dark green paint job and all the paint on the hood chipped off as well, and this car was missing hub caps as well. In 2010, I got my current car, a silver 2001 Toyota Camry from a dealership for $5,000 cash down, no monthly payments. When I got it, it had 106,000 miles on it and now it's at 170,000 miles and it never really had any serious problems other than a spark plug shooting out and tearing the socket threads while on a trip in Tennessee. Every once in a while it needs a tune-up or something, and other than an oxidation sensor that acted up sometimes when it gets rainy (hasn't done that in a few years now), the car runs like a charm. I keep up with the daily maintenance of it and will have to change the timing belt and water pump soon, but otherwise that car is great and I drive like an old lady in it. I don't think I ever paid more than $1,000 in actual repairs on it yet. It's also missing a hub cap, which just makes it look much more like a SouthsideDon48 car. ;-) I basically refuse to ever buy a brand-new car if I can get a used car at a good value instead. My magic number tends to be cars that are at least 10 years old, because at that point I think you can really get a good value. I also refuse to take out a loan for a car and owe a monthly payment on it, I rather own a car free and clear and not have another monthly payment obligation to worry about. If I don't have the $5,000 cash to buy a decent car, then I would still rather take a gamble on an even older used car for $1k or $2k than to take out a loan. I feel like my thriftiness is a good thing, lol. My fiancee just got a 2014 Chevy Traverse with her money and she has to make $350 a month payments on it (she and I are opposites when it comes to cars, but we balance each other out), in fact, she's paying as much for her car as what our monthly mortgage payment is for our Oak Lawn condo, and our mortgage is $350 a month as well. (My low mortgage payment can be thanks to my thriftiness as well.) Bottom line, I always like to find a value and I refuse to pay full price for something brand new.
  14. SouthsideDon48

    2016 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ May 13, 2016 -> 12:49 PM) Delvin Perez has superstar upside. I'd be down with that pick. I dunno. Even though he has superstar upside, he hasn't done much to prove It. I'd much rather draft a batter that is raking (like Kyle Lewis and Corey Ray) because they've proven they can dominate their current competition, same with pitchers. Going for upside alone, without any results to back it up, is too risky to me. Look at Byron Buxton, wasn't he supposed to be a superstar? He's been a total scrub so far.
  15. SouthsideDon48

    2016 MLB Draft

    Players I would love if.Sox drafted witht he 1st pick: 1. Kyle Lewis 2. Corey Ray 3. Jason Groome 4. Nolan Jones 5. Braxton Garrett 6. Forrest Whitely DO NOT WANT: 1. Blake Ruthersford 2. Delvin Perez