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  1. Wish I could get paid $4M year after year to absolutely suck at my job. In what other business or organization is that kind of failure/underpeformance rewarded with that type of compensation?
  2. I just like watching games at the A and remembering the 2005 ALCS
  3. shago

    Fire Tony Chant

    ... and when you open the mailbox and decode message, it simply says 'Be sure to drink your Ovaltine' FIRE TONY
  4. Last time I remember being happy as a Sox fan. (Not a coincidence, Tony wasn't there) FIRE TONY
  5. Selling = rebuild ... not happening
  6. They’re embarrassed to be playing in-front of friends and family?
  7. shago

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    This team is a damn joke
  8. shago

    Fire Tony Chant

  9. shago

    Fire Tony Chant

    Good morning, FIRE TONY
  10. shago

    Fire Tony Chant

    ^ THIS
  11. shago

    LH Bat Trade Options

    Sox aren't going to do anything major ahead of the deadline, we all know who signs the checks and who works in this shitty front office ... in the words of Gene Hackman, "THIS is your team"
  12. shago

    Fire Tony Chant

    Jerry and his clown jester Tony aren’t going anywhere and sadly, we all know it. That being said … FIRE TONY
  13. shago

    Do the White Sox Make the Playoffs?

    AL Central absolutely blows, Sox are ~.500 with all their injury problems, Twins are going to fade ... this team will be in the playoffs (despite TLRs best efforts)