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  1. shago

    RIP LaMarr Hoyt

  2. 100pc. The anti-Sabermetrics signing. Swing and a miss.
  3. shago

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    #dumbesttradeever #dumbestsigningever No one wants that piece of garbage, we are stuck with him
  4. shago

    Avisail Garcia opts out

    Avi? FUK NO
  5. Challenge ... The Ricketts family net worth is >$5B, whether they are Comiskey-esque miserly or not, is a a different question. The point I was making, is that the Reinsdorfs didn't make a fortune and bring it to ownership, they are wealthy on paper because of smart investments in the teams in the early 80s. If the team stays in the family, nothing will change.
  6. Reinsdorf family has wealth because of their excellent investments in the Bulls and White Sox (aka paper billionaires) -- not coming to the table with huge fortunes of liquid wealth to be spent on a team as a tax write-off ... Unless the franchise is sold to someone in the Ricketts/Cohen mold, will always be run as a business, not a vanity title-seeking project.
  7. shago

    Padres interview Ozzie for MGR job

    Ok, so if I grant you that managers don't have dramatic impact on a franchise winning over the long-term, will you grant that multiple boneheaded managerial decisions can have a very negative impact in a 5 game series?
  8. shago

    Padres interview Ozzie for MGR job

    Have you watched Tony La Russa?
  9. shago

    Could Sox have beat Red Sox and Braves?

    Did you watch the ALDS??? NFW ... of the divisional teams, White Sox dead last
  10. Lot of parking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  11. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/2021-mlb-playoffs-winners-and-losers-of-alds-and-nlds-including-under-the-radar-red-sox-and-christian-yelich/ Top of the list? You guessed it! Loser: Tony La Russa Turning to baseball's other Sox, the ALDS is the kind of series the White Sox were supposed to win when they made a change at manager over the winter, dumping Rick Renteria in favor of Tony La Russa. That didn't work out. Instead La Russa made some questionable decisions with his bullpen, and ended his first year back in Chicago by accusing the Astros of intentionally plunking José Abreu. A manager can do only so much to a team's chances, good or bad, during a four-game stretch. But there's no real reason to think Renteria would have fared worse Universally accepted that Tony La Russa did a horrible job in the ALDS and the season ... Management reaction? Jerry's ego matters more than winning, the players, and the fans ...
  12. shago

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    Because he's offered a much better job, like any executive would
  13. shago

    Rick Hahn 2021 End of Season Press Conference

    LOL. When in the history of this organization has that ever happened?!