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    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    I get the Game 2 of the WS, but I'm going with Game 1. Atmosphere heading into the Sox being in the Series, Crede doing everything, ending with Bobby 'Bullwhip' Jenks, pretty damn memorable.
  2. shago

    Betts to Dodgers

    We could use Kenta
  3. shago

    Twins Sign Donaldson

  4. Hader and Hudson Do it!
  5. Nacho Libre, "A Song for Encarnacion"
  6. As Charlie Murphy said, "WRONG!"
  7. Why not encourage super utility, switch hitting, recently single, Ben Zobrist to get back up off the mat and power with the Sox for two more years? Can play 2B, CF, RF, bats lefty (well), fills the gap all over the place. Cheap....
  8. shago

    Remaining Wish List

  9. shago

    Let's win the damn division

    Is Lou Brown available to replace Renteria?
  10. Yea, it's called senior management. You call the shots; if they fail, shots fired at you, and deservedly so.
  11. Fabulous. Dude is going to be a monster for us!!
  12. shago

    Ryu to Jays - 4 yr/80 mil

    Have you met Jerry Reinsdorf?
  13. shago

    Why has Hahn failed?

    Not to mention they just made a savvy pick-up with Tsutsugo... those are the crafty moves a low-budget team needs to make, which they (A's, etc.) do consistently and Hahn does not. He's a JV GM who is out of his depth yet we will have to live with him because JR Scrooge cares more about hoarding dollars than winning.
  14. shago

    Trade Market for Starting Pitchers...

    Are the The Count and El Duque still around?
  15. shago

    Strasburg back to WASH

    Only Avi Garcia gets to do that
  16. shago

    Sox in on MadBum

    The White Sox
  17. shago

    Sox in on MadBum

    Does Ryu speak Cuban?
  18. Let’s put this in perspective, Chris Sale has a $145M contract thru 2024 - this is dumb money for a high risk #2 ... maybe the Red Sox will trade us Sale back
  19. Zach Wheeler is no elite pitcher, you watch .......
  20. .... an EXCELLENT miss -- thank the baseball Gods.
  21. White Sox hoping Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay will help recruit Zack Wheeler to the South Side
  22. shago

    3/19 vs Reds, 8pm, NBCSC

    Rondon pumping the sky for catching a routine fly ball
  23. shago

    3/19 vs Reds, 8pm, NBCSC

    At the game. Watching the line-up on the rail during the anthem, amazing how weak this team is, this far into the rebuild.... lucky if they win 70. Thanks Rick/Kenny, great job.