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    Avisail Garcia is out for the rest of 2014

    After the initial heartbreak and crying "Why us g-d? WHY US?" to the heavens I'm slowly settling into the happy to see Dayan get more reps comfort zone. I suspect I'd feel different if we were just outright handing the job to a guy like D-Wise then a fellow youngster.
  2. ThunderBolt

    Sox vs Twins April 3 game thread

    Whoa boy. Could we actually have a power hitting prospect that delivers the goods?
  3. ThunderBolt

    Youkilis, $5.6 million traded to White Sox

    Just jumping in to say that i love this move. Kudos to KW and the front office and Welcome To The Greek God Of Walks.
  4. Is it bad that i now get hit by a bout of crippling depression every time Beckham comes to the plate?
  5. ThunderBolt

    2011-12 White Sox off season catch all thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 31, 2012 -> 01:28 PM) Baseball is always awesome. Its all perspective. I'm becoming a bitter old man, Southsider. Although i can't deny i do get a kind of tingly feeling when those first pictures of the pitchers and catchers start coming out from Camelback.
  6. ThunderBolt

    2011-12 White Sox off season catch all thread

    QUOTE (daa84 @ Jan 31, 2012 -> 11:14 AM) its so nice outside....feels like spring and reminds me that baseball is just around the corner...which is awesome And then you start thinking about the team you get to watch come spring... less awesome.
  7. ThunderBolt

    Thome has job with Sox when done with baseball

    QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Jan 27, 2012 -> 08:08 PM) Awful news. I'm a bit drunk, but i adore this comment.
  8. QUOTE (Heads22 @ Dec 7, 2011 -> 05:31 PM) Big East really doesn't want to let WV, Pitt and Syracuse go early. Can you blame them? As a UCONN guy, i can honestly say we have nothing else.
  9. ThunderBolt

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    It's a shame i might have to root against Mark for the rest of his career. I just really want to see Ozzie and this new Miami machine fail.
  10. ThunderBolt

    Mark Buehrle Appreciaton Thread

    I'll miss you Mark. It's a shame you're going to retire in those godawful uniforms.
  11. ThunderBolt

    Sergio Santos traded to Toronto

    Suprising, i need to look more into this but it sounds like this Molina kid has a hell of an arm. And i'm always a fan of maximizing value for a closer.
  12. ThunderBolt

    Sox Winter Meetings thread

    QUOTE (Lemon_44 @ Dec 5, 2011 -> 08:09 PM) I thought it was funny that after talking to my sportwriter friend last week, he put a blurb in his "Rumblings" column on Friday about the Sox and Reds talking trade. It's about 1/2 way down. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/sp...gugf418i-1.html In a couple emails we've exchanged since then he's said that Alonso is the most likely target but I wouldn't put Jay Bruce off the Sox's radar either. Maybe we're finally getting around to trading Jermaine Dye for Homer Bailey and Chris Dickerson.
  13. ThunderBolt

    Sox Winter Meetings thread

    I'm hopefuly that we trade as many people as possble, in an effort to get younger. I'm ready to see a lot of new faces come spring.
  14. ThunderBolt

    Sox rolling dice in Rule 5

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 4, 2011 -> 04:42 PM) My next door neighbor is a solid guy but I wouldn't want him eating up a White Sox roster spot. I was trying to tippy-toe around talking about his actual play on the field (more to the point: at the plate) which I believe sucks. I don't really care about a guys character if he can’t play ball, but Danks was just a surprisingly cool guy. I wish him the best wherever he lands.
  15. ThunderBolt

    Sox rolling dice in Rule 5

    Jordan Danks is a solid guy. If he is taken then, i will miss talking to him come spring.
  16. ThunderBolt

    Sox officially hire coaches

    Suprisingly, these hires have done very little to make me any more enthusiastic about the start of the Ventura era. At least i get to see some new faces this spring, and likely two springs from now too.
  17. ThunderBolt

    Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Oct 7, 2011 -> 11:03 AM) Haha. I couldn't agree more. We've been agreeing far too much recently, and it scares me. Do you agree that this was also a PR move to garner the good will of fans who loved him as a player? I do. I'm also a bit pissed because i feel like it makes me, as both a White Sox fan and a Robin Ventura, no longer have the right to seperate the two. I will always love Robin Ventura the player, and now i'm going to have to always make that distinction when things (inevitably) go south.
  18. ThunderBolt

    Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Oct 6, 2011 -> 05:11 PM) Absolutely. Hey, we've all been saying for years it's not too difficult to out-manage Ozzie. Someone with zero experience sure fits the bill. Apparently, having any coaching/managing experience is never too big an issue for Reinsdorf teams. I mean, look at how well it worked out with... I was just about to say this. This is our Vinny Del Negro move, this is us stalling for time. We're going to tread water for a couple of years before we decide to actually spend money again.
  19. ThunderBolt

    Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

    This actually reminds me of when the D-Backs hired A.J. Hinch out of the blue, because he seemed like he knew a lot about baseball from his playing days, that worked out great. Right? RIGHT?
  20. ThunderBolt

    Robin Ventura Named White Sox Manager

    I ADORE Robin Ventura, but i don't get this at all. What the hell was the hurry? Why didn't we give the worthier options (Martinez, Alomar) a solid chance. Why did we hire a guy with no experience?
  21. ThunderBolt

    Francona out as Red Sox mgr

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 30, 2011 -> 11:54 AM) i think your "deeper pockets" theory is going the way of the dodo. Ricketts is no Tribune corp That's actually a good point. I suspect you're right and that moves like the Quade hire prove it.
  22. ThunderBolt

    Francona out as Red Sox mgr

    QUOTE (fathom @ Sep 30, 2011 -> 11:34 AM) I think it's much more likely the Cubs sign Francona I disagree. The only advantage the Cubs have is deeper pockets. Otherwise, Francona has very strong ties to Reinsdorf and the Sox.
  23. ThunderBolt

    2011-2012 OFFICIAL NBA LOCKOUT thread

    The good news is that legitimate progress has been made over the last two weeks. The bad news is that Stern may have every intention of destroying the players union by dragging this out.
  24. ThunderBolt

    Who you cheering for?

    Diamondbacks and Rays. My folks have a house out in Arizona, so i get to cheer a second "hometown" team and i adore every aspect of how the Rays run their organization.
  25. ThunderBolt

    Wild Card Wednesday!

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Sep 29, 2011 -> 12:51 AM) Ugh, this is why people hate the Red Sox. You give the White Sox that payroll and that front office and i'd be more then willing to get what i "deserve."