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  1. soulfly

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Dude has no business playing the field. His bat can't carry how shitty he is out there.
  2. His home run calls are the absolute worst. However, just not having Hawk call them, is going to be a huge downgrade, no matter who is calling them. But, aside from that, he's good. I'd rather have some false WAY BACKS, because when one goes over and the YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD YES happens, it's even more awesome.
  3. soulfly

    8/3 Sox vs Brewers GT

    So, real talk. Has a Sox shift ever put the defense in the correct spot? More often than not, it seems like if they had just played straight up, they would have been in the correct position to make the play.
  4. soulfly

    8/2 Sox vs Royals GT

    LOL at Stone, saying he was sitting on that slider since 2010.
  5. soulfly

    Mark Buehrle - Speed Runner

    I should have clarified, it's all the rage to watch. A complete pain to do. I don't think people care who is doing the speed run, they just enjoy watching them, hence why I agree there is very little glory or money in it. But I'm sure some Twitch speed runners make decent money from doing it. But watching someone practice is boring as fuck. That's why the Games Done Quick is so popular, because generally you aren't seeing all the trash they practiced to do what they are doing. And for some games, there might literally be one or two people who actually speed run it, just trying to set a new world record. More people watch it than take part for sure.
  6. soulfly

    Mark Buehrle - Speed Runner

    I am a gamer. What I dislike is new games having achievements and such with speed running in mind. It's one thing to do it to a game like Mario, or Contra. Another story completely to find some stupid way to beat and RPG in ten minutes. But speed running seems to be all the rage these days.
  7. soulfly

    Mark Buehrle - Speed Runner

    Speed runs are dumb, but Buehrle is awesome.
  8. soulfly

    Ozzie calling out Ricky's lineups

    I remember the Sunday lineups well. But how much of what we remember was just bad players on the roster who had no business being there? In '05 his Sunday lineups went 16-10 and had the same winning percentage the team ended the season at. In '06 they were 14-13. So slightly worse, but still not sub .500. Sure there might be better ways to rotate your Starters and get them rest over the course of the season, but a lot of that has to do with roster construction. Did Ozzie put guys like Wise on the team? On that same note, did Ricky put guys like Delmonico on the team? I don't think Ozzie is the answer, but I do know that Ricky isn't it either.
  9. soulfly

    7/28 Sox/Indians Double Header thread

    When I said earlier that I was hoping to see someone else in the 3-4 hole, this isn't what I meant. Holy hell Ricky.
  10. soulfly

    7/28 Sox/Indians Double Header thread

    Would really like someone else in the 3-4 hole please. Shit has to change.
  11. soulfly

    7/28 Sox/Indians Double Header thread

    Grandal doesn't call a good game. Sure he can frame it. Lovely. Bet you McCann is in for tonights game and it's day and night for the pitching staff.
  12. Hoping Grandal calls a decent game tonight.
  13. soulfly

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    TA looks lost. Grandal hasn't shown much. But it's only three games in. It will get better. Go get em tomorrow.
  14. soulfly

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    The baseball gods do their thing.
  15. soulfly

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    0-8. Great number 2 hitter right there.