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  1. Y2Jimmy0

    Sports Media discussion

    Add David Schuster and Rick Camp to the list. More coming as well. It's a rough day for some folks at Entercom. There just isn't any advertising being sold right now.
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    Radio Broadcast Speculation Thread

    It will be Andy Masur and it will be a great booth. He's such a pro.
  3. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Here's my mock draft btw: http://futuresox.com/2020/03/31/2020-mlb-mock-draft-1-0/
  4. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    The juniors are the most impacted but they got good news. The top players will still get paid as always. It's important that these guys got an extra year of eligibility though. Now the juniors can return to school and be juniors again. If they had to return as seniors next year, they'd have absolutely no leverage and would likely accepting much less than they'd normally get to go pro. This won't really impact the seniors at all. They have no leverage. They'll most likely sign from $5-$20K like they normally would. If the draft is 10 rounds though, guys in 11-40 were able to sign for $125K before. Now, anyone not drafted is limited to $20K which is a joke. More high school guys will go to college for sure but not the very top ones. The other issue is the deferred bonus payments. A player like Spencer Torkelson will receive $8 million or so. He gets $100K right now plus $4 million in 2021 and $4 million in 2022.
  5. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    100%. College juniors that otherwise that might get $400-$500K are going to get squeezed to either take less, sign for $20K or give up all leverage and go back to school.
  6. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I think it will still be 10 rounds. Their 5th highest bonus amount was DJ Gladney at $225K. He's really their 5th rounder if you stack it that way. 10 rounds and the owners only pay $100K for each guy up front. The draft would cost $1 million plus the undrafted guys in year one. How will these owners survive?
  7. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Hypothetically speaking: If the draft were 5 rounds, the White Sox 5th rounder would have a slot number of $382,700. The college juniors that are on the bubble of that round would likely sign for in that neighborhood. The Sox could offer a guy like $100K to sign in round 5 because if that player doesn't get drafted, his choices are to take $20K undrafted or enter the draft as a senior the following year with no leverage.
  8. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Using the 2019 draft bonus slots, this is what the deal will be for the White Sox. With a 5 round draft: $7,744,700 With a 10 round draft: $8,757,500 Round 1: 11th-$4,547,500 Round 2: 47th-$1,580,200 Round 3: 84th-$721,900 Round 4: 113th-$512,400 Round 5: 143rd-$382,700 Round 6: 172nd-$291,400 Round 7: 202nd-$227,700 Round 8: 232nd-$181,200 Round 9: 252nd-$162,700 Round 10: 282nd-$149,800
  9. Y2Jimmy0


    He got a full year last year. He was on the major league DL
  10. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Not necessarily. Clubs go just decide to go overslot the first 5 rounds and then give seniors $25K in rounds 6-10. That would basically be a 5 man draft class but it's one possiblt strategy.
  11. Y2Jimmy0

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    I've talked to some folks today and this is what Im expecting. Many scouts and one former director still think that this year's draft will be 10 rounds. In that scenario: HS kids that get their number will still go pro, college juniors who are drafted will go pro. College juniors not drafted will return to school. Most seniors will take the $20K in UDFA. That's more than many of them get anyway. Draft will be 20 rounds in 2021 and likely 20-25 going forward. This is a money saver but not by much. The biggest takeaway is that MLB will wipe out many low level affiliates such as Great Falls. More senior types will end up in INDY ball. A team like the Sox could easily just add another AZL team to get guys playing time. I'm working on bonus pool amounts right now.
  12. Y2Jimmy0

    FS Podcast ft. Matt Spiegel of 670 the Score

    There's no need to be a dick. Jesus christ man. Grow the fuck up.
  13. I wrote about some possibilities for the 2020 draft and why canceling it outright would be a really bad choice: http://futuresox.com/2020/03/19/canceling-2020-mlb-draft-would-be-a-costly-short-sighted-blunder/
  14. I was told that he was going to Charlotte. They sent him to AA Birmingham but that might just be a clerical 40 man issue. I’m not positive.
  15. Y2Jimmy0

    July 2nd Latest from Futuresox & our James

    16 year old Cuban SS Dyan Yamel is signing with the Colorado Rockies per Francys Romero