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  1. I think Basabe, Robert, Adolfo and Gonzalez are all ahead and closer to majors than Rutherford. I think Rutherford debuts for another org personally
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    White sox active in starting pitching market

    I think it will end up being Wade Miley
  3. I'd prefer Machado at 3B for obvious reasons but what if they played him at SS and signed a 2B like Asdrubal Cabrera (111 wRC+ last year ) and another SP like Ervin Santana? Is this a wildcard contender? 1. Moncada 3B 2. Cabrera 2B 3. Machado SS 4. Abreu 1B/DH 5. Alonso 1B/DH 6. Jimenez LF 7. Castillo C 8. Jay RF 9. Anderson CF Rotation 1. Rodon LHP 2. Lopez RHP 3. Santana RHP 4. Nova RHP 5. Giolito RHP Bullpen Colome (RHP) Herrera (RHP) Fry (LHP) Jones (RHP) Hamilton (RHP) Frare (LHP) Covey (RHP)
  4. I think he wanted to play SS to get paid more. I don't think it's a dealbreaker at this point because he won't be playing SS in NY or Philly either.
  5. I think he's going to pick the White Sox but I really hope he's not playing shortstop. He's so much better at 3B.
  6. This isn't true though. They've offered more $$ than Abreu's contract to other players. Alex Gordon and Tanaka included.
  7. Hasn't been one because it's not actually official. Sox haven't announced the deal.
  8. I do think it gets done but I can't stress enough that I'm not reporting it by any means. I don't know people that are close to this process. I know people that have very solid intel. Some of you also know those people. If I had to guess then yes I'm pretty confident that Manny Machado ends up on the White Sox. It's a guess though.
  9. If it gets done, the deal will be for well north of $200 million. Nothing to see here from Bob guys.
  10. Y2Jimmy0

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Are you kidding me right now? The cheap narrative? They've made bad moves in the past but they've spent lots of $$ consistently for going on a decade now. Fangio was the highest paid DC in the sport next year. This is a bad take.
  11. I don't have any sources. People that do are confident however. Hoping for resolution by this weekend is merely wishful thinking on my part. I think the Sox are in really good shape due to a softer than anticipated market. Pay attention to raBBit and the resident board insider here that keeps dropping good clues. Like the rest of you, I'm anxiously awaiting word. I feel pretty good though.