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  1. Y2Jimmy0

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    Well I think they thought that Zavala was more useful. Now they're bringing back Collins because Seby stinks too and it preserves Collins' option status and makes him much easier to trade this offseason
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    Gio back, Collins up, Mendick and Seby down

    Collins needed to return so that the White Sox could preserve his option status. He didn't spend 20 days in the minors so the option doesn't count. He'll have an option remaining coming into the 2022 season now.
  3. Y2Jimmy0

    9/10 Games

    You're excited for him to get to stateside? Was he promoted and I missed it?
  4. Y2Jimmy0

    Rule 5 Players for White Sox after 2021 Season

    The guys in the top 30 are Jason Bilous, Kade McClure, Lenyn Sosa and Luis Mieses. It's college players from the 2018 draft and international players from 2017.
  5. Y2Jimmy0

    September Call Ups

    I don't think Yermin plays another game for the White Sox
  6. Y2Jimmy0

    September Call Ups

    I'd assume so. Maybe Kyle Crick gets a look.
  7. Y2Jimmy0

    September Call Ups

    La Russa said they'll be carrying three catchers
  8. Colas is signing for $2.7 million.
  9. Y2Jimmy0

    8/25 Games

    It's right here: https://www.futuresox.com/2021/08/23/just-missed-prospects-just-outside-the-midseason-2021-top-30/
  10. Hernandez is expected to be a bonus of $1 million FWIW
  11. Y2Jimmy0

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    I've always been skeptical of Rodriguez's plate approach. He's super aggressive. I need to see it not get exposed at higher levels before I move him in front of the pitchers. Those are just my personal feelings though.
  12. Y2Jimmy0

    8/25 Games

    I put him in our just missed. Back end starter potential
  13. Y2Jimmy0

    8/25 Games

    White Sox claimed him on waivers this past offseason and then outrighted him before the season.
  14. Y2Jimmy0

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    Here's the top 15: https://www.futuresox.com/2021/08/25/top-30-white-sox-prospect-rankings-midseason-2021/
  15. Y2Jimmy0

    8/24 Games

    Guariman is from Venezuela. Still has been solid though