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  1. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Crochet is on record as saying he wants to be a starting pitcher next year. Good luck with that.
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Okay fair. I just don’t think it’s feasible to build him up as a starter on a contending White Sox team. You have to plan for like 7-8 starters because he’ll be really limited. What’s a feasible innings load for 2023? It just makes more sense for a team like Oakland than it does the Sox
  3. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Kopech started throughout the minors. Crochet didn’t even start in college. There’s just no innings base
  4. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Good point. I would’ve limited his innings with a plan to insert him in big league bullpen down the stretch. Do you think he’ll ever build enough innings to start because that’s what he wants to do next year. I don’t see it
  5. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    What they did in 2020 was fine. As soon as Jerry Reinsdorf forced Tony La Russa on the front office though, his starting chances were basically over. No way Tony was going to allow that dude to pitch in the minors. Crochet needed to be in Double-A pitching every 5th day last year. Now he may never start because of it. That's a fair point on Shirley though.
  6. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Yeah I mean Mike Shirley took a reliever 11th overall in 2020 so who knows.
  7. Y2Jimmy0

    7/2 Games

    He hit two homers in a game last week
  8. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Hughes is realistic. Melton would surprise me. I'd be surprised by any college hitter at this point. I think it's prep bat or college arm.
  9. Y2Jimmy0

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    He's not even close to ready for Chicago. He's not even likely to be a top 100 prospect right now.
  10. Y2Jimmy0

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Yoelqui Cespedes has nothing to do with when Oscar Colas gets promoted. And that’s not just my opinion.
  11. Y2Jimmy0

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    This is ridiculous. Colas wasn’t great in May and missed a bunch of time. He should be in AA but the White Sox aren’t doing anything nefarious here. If he were ready to play in the big leagues by midseason 2023, that’d be a huge benefit for the organization and they know it
  12. Y2Jimmy0

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

    Kansas City is my guess
  13. Y2Jimmy0

    FutureSox: Draft Profiles

    If Tucker Toman is in the board, I think he’s the pick. College pitching is definitely an option though.
  14. Y2Jimmy0

    FutureSox: Draft Profiles

    Just like always, our team has written a bunch of draft profiles for this cycle. I will leave them believe as they publish: Tucker Toman, 3B, Columbia South Carolina (prep): https://soxmachine.com/general/2022-draft-profile-tucker-toman-3b/ Blade Tidwell, RHP, Tennessee: https://soxmachine.com/2022-mlb-draft/2022-draft-preview-blade-tidwell-rhp/ Logan Tanner, C, Mississippi State: https://soxmachine.com/2022-mlb-draft/2022-draft-preview-logan-tanner/ Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga: https://soxmachine.com/2022-mlb-draft/2022-draft-profile-gabriel-hughes/ Dylan Beavers, OF, California: https://soxmachine.com/futuresox/2022-draft-profile-dylan-beavers-of/ Jett Williams, SS, Rockwall TX (prep): https://soxmachine.com/futuresox/2022-draft-profile-jett-williams-ss/ Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee: https://soxmachine.com/general/2022-draft-profile-drew-gilbert-of/ Sterlin Thompson, OF, Florida: https://soxmachine.com/2022-mlb-draft/2022-draft-profile-sterlin-thompson/ Robby Snelling, LHP, Reno, NV (prep): https://soxmachine.com/futuresox/2022-draft-preview-lhp-robby-snelling/ Justin Crawford, OF, Las Vegas, NV (prep): https://soxmachine.com/2022-mlb-draft/2022-draft-profile-of-justin-crawford-of/
  15. Y2Jimmy0

    6/29 Games

    Much different guys though. Hernandez was a $1 million heralded signing out of the DR. Bailey signed for barely anything out of Panama.