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  1. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Who are you talking about?
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I expect lots of college pitching. It's not weak throughout it's just weak early on. There aren't many top of the rotation types. You can find backend starters and relievers though.
  3. Y2Jimmy0

    5/20 Games

    Luis Gonzalez is hitting like .340 over his last 10 games
  4. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Absolutely no clue. Kiley is the first one to suggest the idea. I might have a better idea like a week prior to the draft. They hold a HS workout and I usually get some of the names. They are very secretive about it though.
  5. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Probably true. Everyone has them on Abrams at this point though. I think If Witt and Rutschman go 1-2 they pick Abrams. If Witt and Vaughn go 1-2 they'd take Rutschman. I'm honestly not sure what they'd do if Vaughn-Rutschman go 1-2 though. They might prefer Abrams if they actually have a plan for #45.
  6. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    No shot. I think they'd take Adley in a heartbeat. The interesting scenario to me is if Vaughn goes #1 and Rutschman #2.
  7. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think in the case of the White Sox, the lack of success with wood bats and on the US National Team is likely a factor. I think it's also smart to select up the middle athletes with premium picks.
  8. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I understand the apprehension but Pipeline, BA, and FG all have the Sox taking Abrams now and Law was the first one to say Kenny Williams was fond of him. All signs seem to point to Abrams at this juncture.
  9. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    3. White Sox – C.J. Abrams, SS, Blessed Trinity HS (GA) Vaughn seemed tailor made for the White Sox here given how talented he is, and Chicago’s recent preference for college bats with high picks, but Abrams seems to be in the lead now. Sources have told us that heavy-hitting White Sox personnel have seen Abrams a combined five or six times recently. Since Abrams would likely slide to the sixth pick if he doesn’t go third, there may be some pool money saved here (about $1.5 million based on the gap in slot between this pick and the sixth). That money would go a long ways toward tempting another mid-first round, high-upside prep talent to the White Sox next pick at 45, as the savings plus their overage would be a late-teen’s value slot.
  10. Y2Jimmy0

    FS: Andrew Vaughn Profile

    I knew Vaughn would be a lightning rod. That's why we chose to do his profile first.
  11. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I'd be fine with it. I like premium athletes though. CJ Abrams is a stud. They could probably save a bit of money too
  12. Y2Jimmy0

    FS: Andrew Vaughn Profile

    We always pin our FutureSox articles on the first page.
  13. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Baseball America updated their mock today and has CJ Abrams to the Sox https://www.baseballamerica.com/rankings/mlb-mock-draft/ There are some rumblings and rumors that the White Sox might prefer to take an athlete with this pick, and Abrams fits the bill, as does Arizona State outfielder Hunter Bishop or Witt if he gets past Kansas City. Executive Vice President Ken Williams has been in to see Abrams late this spring. You can’t discount California first baseman Andrew Vaughn with this pick either.
  14. Y2Jimmy0

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think Abrams is in this mix too, personally.
  15. Y2Jimmy0

    MLB Pipelines J2 Top 30

    They are also giving Elijah Tatis $500K. That leaves them with about $3 million