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  1. The White Sox will participate in fall instructs in October and there are lots of interesting names on the squad. I wrote a preview for FutureSox here: https://www.futuresox.com/2020/09/24/chicago-white-sox-2020-instructional-fall-league-roster-preview/
  2. Y2Jimmy0

    Kopech update

    Full disclosure here: I was a terrible athlete. I played on two state championship teams in high school playing football and I coach high school football and junior high track and field. This is an absolute trash take. What Kopech did was fine and his teammates understand.
  3. Y2Jimmy0

    Kopech update

    I'm a teacher. I'm a regular person. I could take a year off. Just like Kopech however, I wouldn't get paid either.
  4. Y2Jimmy0

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    This was written at MLB Pipeline about Kopech yesterday. They are expecting his return in 2021: White Sox: Michael Kopech, RHP (No. 2/MLB No. 20) The highest-ranked prospect on this list, Kopech was completing his comeback from Tommy John surgery and slated to contribute to the White Sox before he informed them in mid-July that he had elected not to play this season. He's working out regularly with a personal trainer as he builds up toward bullpen sessions. He has the technology on hand to monitor his workload and provide feedback on pitch data as he focuses on the riding action on his fastball and distinctly defining his breaking pitches. They
  5. Y2Jimmy0

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    Giolito will pitch in Cleveland on way extra rest but he'll be lined up on regular rest for 9/29
  6. Y2Jimmy0

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    As of now my guess would be this: Stiever/Keuchel/Cease vs Cincy. Dunning, TBA, TBA, Giolito vs Cleveland. Keuchel, Dunning, Cease vs Cubs.
  7. Y2Jimmy0

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    I'm telling you he's fine. Renteria said in postgame that he's starting in Cincy and I checked with some beat writers. He's all good.
  8. Y2Jimmy0

    Dallas Keuchel leaves game with back injury

    This isn't correct at all. The White Sox have the 5th best pitching staff in all of baseball this year. Keuchel is fine. They're lining him up for the playoffs. Lining Keuchel up for the playoffs is more important than tomorrow's game against Minnesota. I also don't think they have a roster spot currently. Lopez will go tomorrow. Stiever likely goes on Friday. Keuchel and Cease in Cincinnati. Then it gets interesting. The Sox need to add Keuchel, Rodon and Bummer to the roster and I'm not sure who gets axed to make room.
  9. Y2Jimmy0

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I've heard from one of the big prospect writers that Manfred will alter the draft order using some form of 2019 record + 2020 record. I've heard from others though that Manfred is threatening to do a lottery for the top 10 and has warned teams about tanking down the stretch.
  10. Y2Jimmy0

    Sports Media discussion

    No it doesn't actually. Dan McNeil has talked about his love for the adult entertainment industry for 25+ years. He was making an off color observation that didn't land. If he would have said it on yesterday's show instead of tweeting it, he'd still be employed right now.
  11. Y2Jimmy0

    Sports Media discussion

    It absolutely came from Entercom. Mac should have never sent the tweet because it's stupid but he also shouldn't have deleted it. Never let a crisis go to waste. He gave the company an opportunity to dump him and that's on him but this wasn't a fireable offense. It was a poor attempt at a joke that didn't land. I'm really not sure who it's even offensive towards. If you're offended that Maria Taylor was compared to someone who would host a porn awards show, doesn't that mean that you think people who work in the entertainment industry are in fact lesser? Shouldn't those people be offended that people are offended about being compared to them? The same people who were outraged over a dumb tweet would say that those who work in the adult entertainment industry are respected people as well with jobs. So what gives then? If the offense is that he was objectifying a female that was just trying to do her job then that's fine but that isn't how this has been painted.
  12. Y2Jimmy0

    The Hostetler Drafts: A Review

    This is all fair. You forgot about Matt Foster (20th round in 2016) though. I'll never understand the strategy in the 2nd round either. Nick Hostetler would tell you that he's more proud of the changes he made to the department than any of the actual players he's responsible for drafting. I think he brought the department out of the stone ages and he passed it off to Mike Shirley and crew at a great time.
  13. Y2Jimmy0

    FS: Midseason Top 30 Prospects List

    I honestly don't think either of those guys are part of the mix in Chicago.
  14. Y2Jimmy0

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    I think you want Cleveland to win 2/3. The White Sox are up two games in the loss column on both. If the Sox can sweep this weekend, then they'd be 4 up in the loss column on Minnesota and 3 up on Cleveland
  15. Y2Jimmy0

    The George Springer Paradox

    I'm sorry but it should be expected that the White Sox spend significantly this off-season. I'm not expecting a $150 million payroll or anything but they have close to $45 million coming off the books. They should replace that at a minimum and they'd still be a medium sized payroll. They need at least 1 starting pitcher, right field and bullpen help. It should be doable even with the "catastrophic losses".