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  1. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I honestly don’t see how anyone could argue this a great hire on paper. The Broncos interviewed him because they desperately want to acquire Aaron Rodgers (and instead hired Hackett). Perhaps there is more to him than his resume suggests (which obviously I’d have no idea of), but nothing on paper suggests this is who a first time head coach who comes from a defensive background should hire.
  2. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I can’t comprehend going after a guy who worked underneath an OC who didn’t even call plays and making this dude the head offensive coach. I’d love Pep in some of QB coach / passing game coordinator role, but this Getsy is very unexciting at face value.
  3. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Agreed. Dude needs to bring in excellent offensive staff.
  4. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Look, I know next to nothing about Kevin Patullo, but hiring an inexperienced OC is the very reason I didn’t want a defensive-minded HC.
  5. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Probably worded it poorly, but really meant that the Bills, Packers, & Bucs will be looking for OCs as well. And fully agree that being the head offensive coach would be a huge plus for us, but are guys going to be willing to pass up on opportunities while they wait to see where Quinn lands? The good news is it sounds like if he’s the guy a decision will probably be made in the next couple days and he can quickly build his staff. Just with nine openings there is going to be a lot of turnover and you don’t want to be the last one the party.
  6. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Really starting to seem like the following HCs will fall into place: CHI: Quinn NYG: Daboll JAX: Leftwich DEN: Hackett If we do go with Quinn, hopefully it happens soon, because there will be serious demand for offensive coordinators.
  7. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Oh I know that, but I think he’s simply looking at past connections and availability. Just an interesting list of names to discuss, especially since there is a reasonably high chance we hire a defensive oriented HC.
  8. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    @bmags - Bevell listed as a possibility for both Quinn & Eberflus, with Brady listed as one for Quinn as well.
  9. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    DaBearsBlog says Poles is very pro Quinn.
  10. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Let me ask the same question I asked bmags, but who could Eberflus or Quinn bring in at OC that would get you excited?
  11. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Like I posted previously, there were only four defensive-oriented HCs who made the playoffs this year out of 11 (36%). Meanwhile, nine out 18 offensive-geared HCs (50%) made the playoffs. Out of those playoff teams, six of the top eight (75%) are led by offensive minded coaches and all four teams that made the conference championships. Massively small sample size admittedly, but it just feels like the league has shifted towards the offensive Also, I’m not suggesting it’s impossible for a defensive guy to be successful, but it requires them being able to find the right OC (perhaps multiple times) and that’s much harder IMO than finding a quality DC. For example, who could Eberflus bring in as OC that would get you excited? Vrabel has been successful hiring OCs, but he’s much more the exception than the rule.
  12. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    I just can’t comprehend hiring a defensive oriented HC with the development of Fields being the most important task for this organization. I’d honestly rather have old man Caldwell than any of these defensive guys and that’s terrifying in its own right. I know I’m in the minority here, but get a HC who has proven he can develop young QBs and will build a system that’s tailored for Fields. Daboll is just such a perfect fit based on what we all know, but it’s very possible he’s a got a ticket punched for NY. If he’s not an option, I’d probably roll the dice on Leftwich. Hell, even if they end up being just A to B guys who help Fields successfully grow into a quality NFL QB then it was the right hire.
  13. Chicago White Sox

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    No you’re probably right, just never fun seeing tweets like this from guys with connections. I’m far from panicking, but the thought of Frazier is even more horrific after last night’s 13 second albatross.