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  1. Do you mind sharing what that Christmas Eve surprise was supposed to be?
  2. Yup, just got to hope the recent smoke was leading up to something.
  3. Tomorrow is Wednesday, maybe just maybe something finally happens.
  4. If a national guy gets the scoop, it should be him.
  5. What you hearing bucket? Please give us something to run with.
  6. Thanks and I agree that at some point we got to stop messing around. I’ll keep saying it, but I think 8/$280M or 9/$300M is what it’s going take to end this standoff.
  7. Bob Nightengale apparently said on the radio our offer might be under $200M and then he tweeted Harper and/or Machado will be a Phillie.
  8. Exactly, which is why we should be excited every time Bob tweets these weak ass offers. Dude is practically on our payroll and his only responsibility is to create misdirection.
  9. Especially that whiny b**** Pnoles.
  10. Yup, that’s what I’m thinking as well. You only leak a lower offer to make the Phillies think they’re sitting pretty.
  11. 100% agree. We want low numbers being reported by Nightengal / Bruce and higher numbers by anyone else.
  12. Lol...they also don’t understand why we traded for Alonso and keep evaluating the trade as if was strictly a baseball move.
  13. He must be from the SoxMachine / SSS community, because all those guys were enraged we didn’t burn a year of service time last year with Eloy.
  14. Shack, you think the 8/$250M offer is bullshit then?