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  1. Chicago White Sox

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    South Side Hit Men = Tommy Longo, it’s so painfully obvious
  2. Chicago White Sox

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Grandal is a shitty veteran addition?
  3. Chicago White Sox

    ReyLo to start on Saturday

    I must be missing something with this Lopez “transformation” as he hasn’t really been that good since he was called up.
  4. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    Good point...forgot they changed that.
  5. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    I’d give up a second rounder assuming it’s going to be a late one. Plus we could turn around and offer him a QO the following year and get that pick back, assuming draft compensation still exists.
  6. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    I tend to think around $40M. Verlander got 2/66M last offseason and it was the highest AAV for a pitcher ever. Bauer is obviously younger and I think he would get a little more with just a one year commitment.
  7. Chicago White Sox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    OMG, comparing George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” last words while effectively being murdered to the minor inconvenience wearing a mask to help combat the spread of COVID causes shows just how fucking stupid this country really is. Anyone who wastes a single ounce of energy fighting the requirement for masks should be sent to a legit 3rd world country for the rest of their life so that they can experience what real problems are like.
  8. Chicago White Sox

    Stiever optioned

    Stiever‘s velocity seemed to be down vs. what scouting reporting had him at last year. Let’s hope he’s back in form next year at AA or AAA and can be a legit rotation option by 2022.
  9. Chicago White Sox

    Playoff Pitching Staff

    Hasn’t he been an opener multiple times this year?
  10. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    And no team will offer him that IMO just for that reason.
  11. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    I agree, but I’ll admit the way Not Steve Cishek “reported” at the deadline reeks of fraud.
  12. Chicago White Sox

    Playoff Pitching Staff

    You don’t think starters go on short rest in the post season ever?
  13. Chicago White Sox

    Trevor Bauer updates

    He’s a perfect fit for what we need and would instantly make us the #1 team in the AL. If he’s willing to accept a one year deal, he should be the #1 priority.
  14. Chicago White Sox

    2021 Offseason Prediction: Who We Lose and What Will Be Our Needs?

    Agreed. When it comes to the bullpen, start from a position of strength and plan for attrition.
  15. Chicago White Sox

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    Was thinking the same thing. If you have four weapons from both sides you just need a good five innings from guys like Dunning & Cease to feel solid about your chances that night.