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  1. So do they bump Jirschele up to AA after this? The only real complication I see is Zaleski is kind of paired up with him (which I like) and would they move actually Dotson somewhere else?
  2. Chicago White Sox


    Man would it be nice for an early Grandal signing to really set the tone for this offseason.
  3. Chicago White Sox

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    I’m just thinking $100M is the magical number that gets him to sign early.
  4. Chicago White Sox

    "Would you like to play a game?" Offseason Edition

    I say yes to all.
  5. Chicago White Sox

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    That may not be to February.
  6. Chicago White Sox

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Just do 5/$100M so both he and our front office can brag about a nine figure contract.
  7. Chicago White Sox

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    100% agree, but there should a few other teams like the Twins trying to execute a similar strategy.
  8. Chicago White Sox

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Either is a nightmare.
  9. Chicago White Sox

    What about Collins?

    To me, it lends credence to the three headed DH/C monster with Grandal, McCann, & Collins. Mercedes can serve as a backup plan to Collins in AAA.
  10. Sanchez is getting non-tendered. Palka goes as soon as we add an OF / DH. It’s very possible that they outright Zavala now if we were to able to land Grandal. Any other future spots will come from four the pitchers you named above. It’s pretty cut & dry to be honest.
  11. It was definitely an issue, but the platooning was a bigger problem. Sheets & Rutherford were on the bench quite a bit when lefties were on the mound. Honestly, it might be a reason they decided not to promote Walker to AA.
  12. I mean, he managed like he was trying to win and not actually develop our prospects. If that’s the reason for the change, then I applaud them for doing something that may not look great at face value.
  13. I don’t understand what Getz is implying as the reason for the parting of ways. Why would we want to part ways if he was great at everything? I wonder if they did not like certain aspects of his coaching (like desire to platoon actual prospects) or if he possibly asked for a promotion to AAA.
  14. Chicago White Sox

    A Realistic Offseason

    Nothing personal, but I would hate this trade. Tauchman may be a decent player, but the jury is still out on him and Statcast believes he overachieved last year. Plus he’s almost 29. And to get him and a guy who is redundant with Collins, we have to weaken the pitching staff, waste some of our financial flexibility, and improve the chances of the Yankees getting Cole. Just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  15. Chicago White Sox

    A Realistic Offseason

    We still shouldn’t help the Yankees get him.