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  1. Chicago White Sox

    2018 MLB Draft

    What are you basing this assessment of Anderson on exactly?
  2. Chicago White Sox

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    In all honesty, we should listen on offers for Abreu, but man would it be hard for me to move him. The reasons are many & obvious. First & foremost, he’s one of the best hitters in baseball. Trading him instantly creates a huge need in the middle of the lineup. And no, let’s not view Jimenez as somehow being his replacement. The quickest path to contention is to add a couple impact bats in addition to Abreu. Eloy can be one of those, but swapping him for Jose doesn’t move the needle. Beyond the on-the-field stuff, dude just seems to be a tremendous leader and clubhouse presence. While it gets said repeatedly, his influence on the young LatAm guys is vitally important. And I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I think his relationship with Moncada is perhaps the one factor that could get him to consider a long-term extension before hitting free agency. Regardless, I truly think there is value in keeping Jose around as an ambassador to the team & brand. If I felt Abreu was a strong candidate for a sudden drop off in production then I might reconsider, but I don’t believe that to be the case with him. Outside of his insane rookie season, he looks as good as ever, the “wrong side of 30” be damned for all I care.
  3. Chicago White Sox

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Can’t trade a lefty like Fry when he’s got another six years of control. He can be a key part of our long-term bullpen.
  4. Chicago White Sox

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    I keep saying it, but Fulmer has an option for next year.
  5. Chicago White Sox

    Trey Michalczewski

    Exactly. Hell, I’d play that Rondon kid there before I’d consider Trey.
  6. Chicago White Sox

    Trey Michalczewski

    What in the world are you talking about? Trey hasn’t shown much improvement this year and is nowhere close to getting a major league look. And why would you want to give him playing time at Sanchez’s expense?
  7. Chicago White Sox

    2018 MLB Draft

    1. Kelenic 2. Bart 3. Bohm 4. Mize Could it happen? Probably not, but god would that be the dream.
  8. Chicago White Sox


    We’ve clinched at list a series tie! It will be our first series of the year we have not lost against a non Royals team!
  9. Chicago White Sox

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    I really hope he stays.
  10. Chicago White Sox

    Super Fun White Sox Happy Time Game Thread vs Rangers

    Build up that trade value Nate!
  11. Chicago White Sox

    Super Fun White Sox Happy Time Game Thread vs Rangers

    Fulmer has another option for next year and they will most certainly not DFA Giolito prior to 2019. It will be a pretty easy choice for the front office.
  12. Chicago White Sox

    2018 MLB Draft

    Oh I was just kidding and I’m pretty sure there is bad blood between him and our front office due that David Wells / Mike Sirotka deal. He’s probably the last guy I would trust in terms of White Sox rumors.
  13. Chicago White Sox

    Delmonico Out 4-6 Weeks w Fractured Metacarpal

    The problem for fringe guys like Delmonico is they have to make their opportunities count. Davidson has taken advantage of his and Nicky has not. Once Avi is back and Jimenez is up, there simply won’t be much playing time available for Delmonico.
  14. Chicago White Sox

    Super Fun White Sox Happy Time Game Thread vs Rangers

    Why did Ryan Cordell have to get injured.