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  1. Chicago White Sox

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    Can’t see them eating that salary, but if the recent version is who he is then he shouldn’t be around. Hopefully he can find his footing and look like a solid #5 heading into next year.
  2. Chicago White Sox

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Joe Rogen is such a douche. Even if you’re 21 and think you’re low risk, how about think about the people who aren’t low risk that you might spread this shit to. I live in Nashville and am surrounded by devout Christians and their hypocrisy is incredible. They claim to “love thy neighbor” but refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks. When will people realize this shit isn’t just about you? Living in the south is so fucking infuriating.
  3. Chicago White Sox

    Romy Gonzalez called up

    Who loses their 40 man spot?
  4. Chicago White Sox

    Giolito exits early, will miss at least one start

    I wasn’t watching or following the game thread, but how bad do we think this injury might be?
  5. Chicago White Sox

    8/27 Games

    Lol…half of Harold’s posts on Soxtalk are calling people out in the major league gamethreads for ripping the lineups, and meanwhile here he is in the minor league gamethread ripping the lineups 🤣
  6. Chicago White Sox

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    Future Sox team - Appreciate your work as always! I pay for a Baseball America subscription and can say you cover our minor leaguers better than they do. Also, just an FYI, but the link to the “just missed” list is not working (at least for me).
  7. Vaughn due for some damage
  8. Chicago White Sox

    Is the White Sox bullpen unusually difficult to manage?

    Then he can be a reliever only used in emergencies. Dude has been a gas can most of this year and we should avoid using him at all costs in the playoffs. La Russa better realize this or it will cost us come October.
  9. Chicago White Sox

    Is the White Sox bullpen unusually difficult to manage?

    Dallas could make the playoff roster, but we aren’t using five starters in the playoffs.
  10. Chicago White Sox

    GT 8/21: SOX @ TB, 12:10 NBCSN

    Why is this even a debate? Cease has been leagues better this year. If we actually give a post-season start to Dallas then we don’t deserve to win the World Series IMO.
  11. Chicago White Sox

    MLB Pipeline top 30 update

    Both guys are on the 40 man roster, so the Rule 5 doesn’t apply to them. But it will be interesting to see if they keep or trade Burger & Sheets. Personally I expect them to keep Sheets as a depth option at 1B/OF and move Jake for a controllable reliever or something of that nature.
  12. Chicago White Sox


    Very true unfortunately.
  13. Chicago White Sox


    It’s very clear this board can’t be objective with Kimbrel because they hate the price we paid for him. Which is funny, because many posters (probably not the same ones to be fair) couldn’t be objective with Madrigal because the draft position he was selected in. Regardless, you can hate the Kimbrel trade without making hot takes like won’t be able to pitch the 8th inning or he’s suddenly not elite because of a few bad innings. It’s possible, even likely that we greatly overpaid for Kimbrel while also brings a dominant weapon come October. They aren’t mutually exclusive.
  14. Chicago White Sox


    Fathom, not trying to be a dick, but how much Cubs baseball do you watch to have this knowledge? I mean, it’s great info, but just surprising a diehard Sox fan like yourself would know this nuance of detail.
  15. Chicago White Sox


    I like you Badger, but this take is ridiculous. He had a 100 percentile xwOBA when we acquired and has a Hall of Fame tracker record. Those two bad “seasons” were a total of 41 games or 2/3 of a single season. And he put up a 0.75 FIP over the second half of the 2020 season, so call it a bad 30 innings or 1/2 season. On top of that, his 2019 season was impacted by a lack of spring training and 2020 was impacted by COVID. I don’t care what his age is, to expect anything less than eliteness from him is crazy. This is a dude who has put a 2.20 FIP across 613 innings. The stuff is still there demonstrated by him being the most dominant reliever in baseball when we acquired him. He is struggling right now and that could be for any number of reasons (switching teams, less defined role, health issues with daughter), but it’s definitely not because he’s over the hill or out of his prime. He needs to get better and we need to keep throwing him out there until he rights the ship. His value to this team come October is too important and we gave up a ton to get him. If we lose a couple games in the interim it’s a small price to pay have a nasty Kimbrel pitching an inning every night in the playoffs.