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  1. They aren’t wasting another year of cheap Moncada, Giolito, Eloy, Timmy, etc. They’re going to be aggressive this offseason and put their financial flexibility to work. As for the defense, Robert & Madrigal will approve CF & 2B accordingly. If Jose is brought back, my guess is he DHs more. We’ll have to see what they do in RF, but overall the defense should be good outside of a few spots.
  2. The point is replacing a lot of roster spots is very much possible and like 90% of our core will be in place next year. We’ll need a couple big additions no doubt (RF & SP), but acting like a couple bench spots and the last guy in the bullpen are what will hold us back is absurd. The resources are there to fill our major holes, Hahn just has to execute a strong offseason for once.
  3. Chicago White Sox

    7/17 Games

    Another guy who I wouldn’t have minded giving a look at 2B over Sanchez, although very unlikely we would have amounted to anything.
  4. If you can get a good package for him then by all means and go out and sign Grandal in the offseason. Just not optimistic the return will justify the risk we’d be taking at the catcher spot and it seems like the front office is interested in extending him.
  5. Just to show how ridiculous this post is, here’s the offseason additions (excluding any minor league promotions) for a White Sox team that ended up being pretty good: Jermaine Dye (RF) A.J. Pieryznski (C) Tadahito Iguchi (2B) Scott Podsednik (LF) Chris Widger (C) Pablo Ozuna (UTL) Orlando Hernández (SP) Dustin Hermanson (RP) Luiz Vizcaíno (RP) Bobby Jenks (RP)
  6. Our GM didn’t make any “big” acquisitions over the winter, he simply added several placeholders to buy time for the prospects and traded for a guy to help in their pursuit of Machado. Argue it was a waste of money, but no one should have been expecting much out of these guys outside of maybe Colome & Herrera.
  7. God it was so nice when the the team overachieving because it prevented you from screaming this ridiculous narrative over and over again. But to act like they can’t put a winning product on the field next year is beyond ridiculous. Keep: Moncada (3B), Anderson (SS), Eloy (LF), Abreu (1B), McCann (C), Leury (UTL), Giolito (SP1), Cease (SP4), Kopech (SP4), Lopez (SP5/LR), Colome (CL), Bummer (SU), Fry (MR), Herrera (MR) Promote: Robert (CF), Madrigal (2B), Collins (BC) Acquire: RF, DH, IF, OF, SP2, SP5/LR, SU, MR That’s eight spots we’d have to fill worst case scenario (there are internal options at some of these spots), but only say five of any real significance (it’s hilarious you think every team has perfect 25 man rosters). There is zero reason Hahn can’t fill those five spots when he should have a good $70M to work with even after extending Abreu.
  8. None of what he posts makes sense because he’s trolling. He repeats the same ridiculous comments in every thread simply to garner attention.
  9. There is still momentum, just a ton of bad players at the moment, especially on the pitching side. The good news is by mid April of next year our lineup should feature Moncada, Anderson, Jimenez, Abreu, McCann, Robert, & Madrigal and our rotation will have Giolito, Cease, & Kopech as foundational pieces. There is still plenty of work to do, but with our financial flexibility there is zero excuse for Hahn not to put a contender out there next year.
  10. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    He’s got to be close to retirement or at least we can hope.
  11. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    If Ricky acknowledges this publicly and hasn’t made a change then god help us all.
  12. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    What the fuck does that “kind of strayed away from that” comment mean when it comes to game plans? How is that even remotely acceptable?
  13. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    Anything is possible but Aaron Bummer landing a quality prospect...got it.
  14. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    Nothing special <> terrible. And how did Anderson grade out last year defensively?
  15. Chicago White Sox

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    Lol...those guys are going to return hauls 🤣