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  1. Chicago White Sox

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    What is his thing then?
  2. Chicago White Sox

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    Game 1 of the World Series Blackout Game (2008 tie-breaker) Cubs-Sox Pierzynski vs Barrett (5-20-16)
  3. Chicago White Sox

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    What tool is missing? Hit tool?
  4. Chicago White Sox

    Sox sign CF Gorkys Hernandez to minor league deal

    Basabe only has one option left and spent parts of two seasons with Birmingham, so he should definitely start this year in Charlotte IMO.
  5. Chicago White Sox

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Gotta love the fluff portion of spring training!
  6. Chicago White Sox

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    That would be the dream. He has far & away the most upside of the four, but has lost so much development time. He needs a full season of at-bats to demonstrate continued improvement in his plate discipline. Plus seeing him in the field would be nice as his arm was plus plus before the TJS and it’s impossible to say where it stand today.
  7. Chicago White Sox

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    My vote right now is for Basabe. I think injuries, especially the hamate one, basically resulted in a lost season for him last year. If he’s healthy, I’m expecting a nice rebound in 2020 and moving from Regions Park to the IL juiced ball / BB&T will help make that more evident.
  8. Chicago White Sox

    OF Prospects - Who will Rebound in 2020?

    Alright, we’ve got four outfielders that will be in AAA & AA next year that are consensus top 15 prospects but are also coming off disappointing seasons. Which of these four, if any, is most likely to rebound in 2020 and present themselves as a major league OF option going forward?
  9. Chicago White Sox

    Michael Kopech

    Kopech had one of the best sliders in the minors, just needs to further develop the curve but he threw a few nasty ones in his short time with the Sox.
  10. Chicago White Sox

    Puig still a possibility for Sox?

    I think it’s somewhere in the middle. Puig is probably looking for a starting gig with ~$10M guaranteed and teams aren’t willing to meet that price given the clubhouse concerns. I think if he was willing to accept like $4M or less someone would take a gamble on him.
  11. Chicago White Sox

    Job Thread

    Sure, but not everyone fits that narrative and that was my point.
  12. Chicago White Sox

    Job Thread

    Don’t overthink it. If you haven’t been part of Corporate America for a while, I think going to a familiar setting was the right call. I’m happy for you man, I know it’s been a tough process but just view this as the beginning of something good even if it’s not the job you’ve been dreaming of.
  13. Chicago White Sox

    Job Thread

    But why aren’t you pumped about this? I really don’t get it man.
  14. Chicago White Sox

    FS: Top 30 Mailbag Questions

    Stiever without question.
  15. Chicago White Sox

    Job Thread

    Seems like you should be pumped about this? I assume you are getting full benefits right?