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  1. Nixon

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Feb 10, 2017 -> 03:39 PM) At least one month in we've reached a point where no one save coal miners and brett take this f***ing clown seriously. At least the coal miner's are all getting black lung again. Maybe Brett can move near some frakking operation and drink plenty of tap water.
  2. Nixon

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Feb 2, 2017 -> 11:25 AM) While its hard not to laugh about the absurdity of the American president dressing down the Australian PM, one of our best allies, in basically an introductory call, it is really scary and reenforces that we will have to be incredibly lucky to avoid unneccessary military action due to Trumps temper/ego. Remember when we heard he offered Kasich the VP and that he would have great power to run the country? I was hoping like hell that would be the case, that he would just be some weird chearleader and he let competent people run things. But if he gave up reigns it's going to Gen. Flynn. Also kind of disconcerting that he can't see relieving 1200 or so of the most absolutely destitute people on the planet of having to live in an internment camp as some sort of waste of time because there is "nothing in it for us" and it's "such a dumb deal"... zero empathy. And he's making these comments on a day he was supposed to be going to a prayer breakfast. Wew, lad. As the kids on 4chan would say.
  3. Nixon

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Feb 1, 2017 -> 08:25 PM) I honestly wonder what the hypothetical impeachment/25th amendment line is. There is no line. It's going to be a rough 2 years, a rough 8 if the Democratic party does it's normal thing.
  4. Nixon

    **2016 Films Thread**

    I don't think Remains of the Day is an obscure reference at all. Just pointing at a performance in a film that had an actor turned in even an ounce less of an effort the whole thing would have been loss. Yes, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson are both pretty much living legends. Sorry, I guess that point wasn't clearly articulated. John Boyega was great in Attack the Block before he was in The Force Awakens. Him and Oscar Isaac were the only reason I was even in the theater for that. I haven't seen The Prestige in a long time, I was just all right with it. Didn't stick with me like his take on Dieter Dengler in Rescue Dawn (maybe it's because I'd seen the documentary), or Empire of the Sun (again maybe due to familiarity with subject). Maybe time for a revisit. That other WW2 flick looks pretty good too. Hacksaw Ridge. So we'll have a new Pacific WW2 movie to go with Dunkirk. QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 8, 2016 -> 06:49 PM) It will be nice to see Nolan tackle something like that, where he doesn't just have to explain the rules of the world he created for 3 hrs. Love can travel through wormholes and buttholes.
  5. Nixon

    **2016 TV Watercooler Thread**

    I want John Turturro and Fisher Stevens to star in True Detective season 3 as the same characters. That s*** Fisher Stevens pulled w/r/t the Viagra script was so NYC, I couldn't stop laughing. RE: Mr. Robot. I am all in for Grace Gummer / Dom DiPierro. I think I know where the season is going and I'm enjoying all the pieces they've set out so the pace hasn't bothered me too much. The only thing I want a little more context/movement is Tyrell / his wife. What they're doing and how they fit into all of this. From the last episode I gather that she's been doing what? Paying people to feed the FBI bad info and try to keep the investigation off Elliot?
  6. Nixon

    TV and Netflix Thread

    They've already confirmed there's another season coming. Started watching The Last Kingdom, it's like that show Vikings on History Channel but with competent writers.
  7. Nixon

    **2016 Films Thread**

    QUOTE (Joshua Strong @ Aug 8, 2016 -> 03:40 PM) Hardy, Rylance and Branagh are all supporting roles. The cast is lead by Fionn Whitehead (who's been reported as being the lead), Jack Lowden, Anuerin Bernard, Barry Keoghan and Harry Styles, who is an unknown actor. Lowden and Keoghan were in '71 which is a fun chase/action film. Those two and + Bernard were in that War & Peace miniseries I haven't forced myself to sit through (Paul Dano as Pierre lol) yet so they're not total amateurs. Still, it's not like Nolan is making Remains of the Day or something that's going to require a huge effort on their part. I'm probably stepping in it with that phrasing but I don't really care for Nolan and his characters are usually the thinnest part of the movies. And RE: Matt Damon, I think he's going to be ok. Didn't you guys see the trailer for The Great Wall?
  8. Nixon

    **2016 Films Thread**

    QUOTE (Joshua Strong @ Aug 5, 2016 -> 11:39 AM) Like that Nolan is going with an unknown cast this. Who is the unknown in the cast? I know he cast the teeny bopper dude, but outside of that it looks like he's got some big hitters (Hardy, Rylance, Branagh) Been on a TCM kick lately since the box office has been a total cesspool. Most Dangerous Game (3/4), Heaven's Gate (2/4), and From Here to Eternity (4/4).
  9. Nixon

    TV and Netflix Thread

    Happy Valley on Netflix. Good crime series in the same tone of something like Bosch (Amazon series) or Justified. Bojack is also back for season 3. These choices are definitely more likely to inspire existential despair tbh.
  10. Nixon

    **2016 Films Thread**

    Isn't that Alicia Vikander as the CIA lady? I only saw her in the trailer, but I think that's her. Cast looks good (Riz Ahmed of Nightcrawler getting work!), but I'm feeling kind of burned out on these one-man action vehicles (Spectre was dogs***) at the moment maybe the next Jack Reacher will reel me back in. Are we already doing best of 2016 lists so far? I feel like this year hasn't offered me much in terms of wide releases. I've liked more of the smaller films; Green Room, Sing Street, A Bigger Splash, and The Witch. I guess Hail, Caesar would classify as a bigger release compared to those budgets.
  11. Nixon

    Soxtalk Book Club

    So what's the next book on the list?
  12. Nixon


    That graphic is absolute hell to read. Also, I'm more interested in who the hell Dunk f***ed to to get us Brienne of Tarth generations later considering he was a member of the Kingsguard.
  13. Nixon

    Internet Justice Fair or Foul

    I saw an image on an article that showed the new signs / fence Disney put up after the event, mea culpa. I didn't realize the signs they had at the time of the accident were just "NO SWIMMING". That seems pretty s***ty. Even the National Parks have their ancient signs warning YOU not to molest the alligators. Heh.
  14. Nixon


    QUOTE (bmags @ Jun 27, 2016 -> 03:03 PM) Seems kind of loose. Robbs wife getting stabbed in the belly a thousand times started it off, and I think of Robbs death more of by crossbow. That kind of symmetry / major character deaths are probably cribbed directly from GRRM and Robb's wife wasn't present at the Red Wedding.
  15. Nixon


    last note, it feels so f***ing good to leave Mereen / Essos behind. f*** that continent so much. Maybe Jon/Dany can negotiate a peace where the Others can have that entire s***hole for themselves.