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    This means sox will be active in free agency

    JR was crying about financial losses only a few months ago, I just don't see a spending spree coming. Will there bill offseason additions, yet but I don't see the Sox spending for Bauer, Springer, etc. Honestly I don't think they have to either. They have many pieces in place and no team (even the Dodgers) is perfect in every category, they just need to make smart signings. Address SP and bullpen needs via ufa or trades. Also just for fun, I think Bauer lands with the Angels. Arte Moreno keeps on striking out on the high priced pitchers, eventually he's going to land one of them by giving them the farm. They came in 2nd for Cole last year, I think they land Bauer this year. Can't keep on wasting Trout's prime.
  2. dpd9189

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    La Russa does speak Spanish. I think the Sox are serious about this, there's no reason to interview him just to interview him for old times sake. Also we know BN is a mouthpiece for KW.
  3. dpd9189

    If you're Rick Hahn and not just a fan...

    FWIW I prefer Machado over Harper and think the Sox have better odds to land Manny. I think the Sox are doing the right thing by meeting with both but I just don't think Harper wants to come here and I think he prefers an NL team and most likely winds up with the Dodgers if they can move some payroll. Manny on the other hand makes more sense and I just get a vibe that there's a realistic shot the Sox can sign him opposed to Harper. Just a gut feeling.
  4. dpd9189

    If you're Rick Hahn and not just a fan...

    To be fair I don't think Eloy was ever in the Cubs long term plans. He was the guy that was going to get moved for a cost controlled SP especially after they traded Torres for Chapman. He was a guy that I think they knew they knew they were going to have to trade eventually. Heyward is their RF and he's not going anywhere because of his contract.
  5. dpd9189

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    Multiple insiders have said that Philly is definitely still in the Harper/Machado bidding. Like the Sox they have a ton of payroll room to add either of these guys. Also watch the Dodgers lurking. Been seeing that they are aggressively trying to trade Puig and Kemp.
  6. dpd9189

    Am I only the only 1 uneasy about this off season?

    FWIW I think the offseason the Sox spend is next offseason as opposed to this one. No downside to going after Machado or Harper but common sense says that one of them will end up in New York and the other most likely in Philly. This is a big season for the Sox as far as seeing which young guys are starting to make progress and which ones aren't and then being able to figure out who to spend the big money on.
  7. dpd9189

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    I honestly think the Sox are going to land Machado next year and if they don't it won't be because of money. I think the Sox are in it to win it with him and know that he may command a $300 mil plus deal and are willing to do what is needed to get him to the South Side.
  8. dpd9189

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Peter Angelos is the worst. I knew this was going to lead to nothing.
  9. dpd9189

    Giancarlo Stanton traded to Yankees

    I don't see how this move doesn't put the Yankees as the AL favorites for years to come. Wow.
  10. dpd9189

    A Star is Born

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 18, 2017 -> 12:02 PM) eh, i wouldnt go that far. Just like 3 days ago he was on a streak of 8 straight games with a K. He is an adventure in left(at best). He is basically Sox adam dunn right now Baez is probably a better comp for Moncada. Struggled when called up in 2014 with massive K number and was so poor the next Spring Training that he played most of 2015 in AAA. Came into his own in 2016 and had a very good playoff run and is now really establishing himself. Cubs never gave up on him and were patient with him, Sox must do the same with Yoan and we might have to accept that just because he was the #1 prospect in MLB doesn't automatically mean he'll be an overnight superstar.
  11. dpd9189

    2017 White Sox prediction thread

    I'm going with 70 wins. However if they trade Q early in the season then we're looking at somewhere in the mid to low 60's.
  12. dpd9189

    Frazier Trade Discussion

    As I said yesterday, Frazier might be an in season trade candidate.
  13. dpd9189

    Trade/FA Predictions for Rest of Off Season

    I actually think that things may slow down for the Sox. Obviously they can trade Q whenever but only when they feel the return is right. I think that guys like Frazier/Robertson/Melky will be dealt in time but quite possibly not until the trade deadline and that might be the best time to trade these guys to get the best value. It's not like teams forgot that Frazier and Robertson didn't have the best of years last year so their value might be down now and with no real expectations for the big league club this year, the Sox might as well let them try and rebuild some value.
  14. dpd9189

    Eaton to Nats/Giolito, Lopez, Dunning to Sox

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Dec 7, 2016 -> 08:04 PM) Agreed. I second that. Not all these guys will pan out but the Sox farm system and future is better today than it was 48 hours ago.
  15. dpd9189

    Soler to KC for Wade Davis

    Good deal for both teams. Cubs get their closer and Royals get a guy under control for 4 years with all star potential. I thought Soler was going to be the best of the Cubs prospects (Kris Bryant has already ended that discussion) but he seems to be injury prone. If he can stay on the field and get more consistent then the Royals win the deal long term but I think the Cubs can probably care less. They get a top 5 closer in MLB and quite honestly Soler was expendable and didn't seem to be much of a factor in their Championship season this past year. He'll get to play everyday in KC and will probably have much less pressure on him there than he did with the Cubs.
  16. dpd9189

    Red Sox acquire Chris Sale, White Sox get Moncada+

    If Moncada lives up to the hype then this is a great get regardless of what the other 3 guys do or don't do. Sox have a real ass core player now.
  17. Two thoughts before I call it a night. 1. It's not a matter of if anymore but pretty much when and for who. Sale getting traded is a big deal and I think it signals a full (not a half ass) rebuild. I won't believe it until Sale is officially traded but this would represent a huge organizational change for the Sox that many of us never thought they would choose. 2. Regardless of who the Sox land for Sale, it won't fix everything. There will be many more trades made to restock the system and this organization needs to start drafting better and developing players in house if they ever want to have a team that is a contender every year.
  18. W/O Turner they legitimately need to get 5-6 prospects. Not all will pan out so the more the better.
  19. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 5, 2016 -> 01:36 PM) With the strides Anderson has made every year at short, I wouldn't even think about about moving him around. Anderson can probably play OF and 2B as well. If the Sox acquire another prospect who can play SS, then they should let the better defensive SS of Anderson and whoever the other prospect/player is, play SS and other guy to a different position. Not hard to do.
  20. Moncada. He's can be the Sox version of a Russell or Baez and he can be a staple of the middle infield for the next 8-10 years.
  21. dpd9189

    Winter Meetings Predictions Thread

    Sale to Texas for Odor, Gallo and a few other prospects. Chapman to SF Encarnacion to Bos Fowler to Toronto I think Robertson and Frazier get moved but not until later on this month or early January.
  22. dpd9189

    Mets looking for reliever help

    I think the Sox do trade Robinson but it will come after Chapman/Jansen/Melancon all sign deals. There will be teams that miss out on those guys that will still be looking for relief help. That's probably also the best time to trade him too. Think the same thing about Frazier. He'll get moved but probably not till after Turner and other FA hitters sign their deals.
  23. dpd9189

    White Sox Not Willing to Trade with Cubs

    Even if the Sox have NO intention of dealing with the Cubs, you don't let that get out. JR needs to stop acting like a God damn child.
  24. dpd9189

    Winter Meeting Poll

    I think Sale will get dealt but not sure it will be next week though.