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  1. Jerksticks

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    He’s going down. He’s done. He needs to think about legacy now. He needs to think about a press conference & memes. There’s Jim Mora’s “playoffs”, we got Iverson’s “practice”, Dennis Green’s “bears etc.” What we don’t have is “I sent her 60 pictures of my penis” or “C’mon, everybody sends dick pics”. Whatever the quote, however he wants to do it is fine. Just go down in flames is all I ask
  2. Jerksticks

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    What does one man’s penis in New York have to do with Jerry and La Russa? Was the penis involved in the DUI?
  3. Jerksticks

    Musgrove to Padres

    Lol got me
  4. Jerksticks

    Musgrove to Padres

    I still think the Padres have a shit offense
  5. Jerksticks

    Musgrove to Padres

    Here for the taeks!
  6. Jerksticks

    Garrett Richards Thread

    How is Dunning a quality controlled player? Where’s the proof of quality? I’ll continue to wait all offseason.
  7. Jerksticks

    Garrett Richards Thread

    What if the Sox entered the offseason wanting to unload Dunning and sell high on him? What if that was priority number 1- cash him in for a good starter. This assuming that Dunning is going to be a quality starter is completely crazy. Absolutely ridiculous.
  8. After reading the fangraphs article about Hendriks’ contract...if anybody thinks Rick Hahn isn’t the master beast of baseball...please just GTFOH
  9. Jerksticks

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    I’m with ya on that!
  10. Jerksticks

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    I’m all about getting his brain in the dugout. I think that would really help everybody. I’m less concerned than most, but I understand the hesitation with adding yet ANOTHER super high risk, super high reward guy to the rotation. We already have that same exact thing with Lopez, Cease & Kopech. Is the combination of those 4 guys enough to handle the #4 & #5 slots in the rotation? I don’t know the answer.
  11. Jerksticks

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Lol sorry braski. Hey it’s not like I posted a picture of a guy underneath an au jus waterfall or anything like that
  12. Jerksticks

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Man dude. Born n raised south side. I frickin love my beefs with both sweet n hot, grilled onions, mozzarella n soaking wet with extra juice to dump all over it 😂. Call me weird
  13. Predict the gun reading for his first pitch: 93mph triggering the first internet blackhole as Soxtalk collapses in on itself... or something else? 🤔
  14. Jerksticks

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I feel like the Sox have always targeted horses. They put a super high value on innings. I do t know anything about Burnes except the IP somebody posted above.
  15. Jerksticks

    Kris Bryant

    Agreed. I think with the inflation of assets not fully priced into everything yet, now is a perfect opportunity to just go spend cash and also do what you say. To juggernaut or not to juggernaut seems to be the question.