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  1. Jerksticks

    Open Letter To Rick Hahn

    I wonder how much it would cost to straight up buy Tatis. All I know for sure is there is a number but I have no idea what it is. Anybody guess? FWIW I’m not impressed and think he will be a complete bust.
  2. Haha awesome. That’s so Rick! I had a very similar RH experience at a Bahamian carnival you’d get a kick out of.
  3. Yes totally. The sports journalist is quickly becoming one of the most useless things on the planet. It’s like cats clawing at each other to get off a sinking ship.
  4. This would make more sense to me. He’s seems like such a better positional and marketing fit
  5. I feel dumb for not understanding the Jersey video. Is it some Mets jersey? Thanks in advance
  6. That’s quite the level of vanity for ol’ Bob if he thinks the Phillies put any stock in the reporting of sports journalists. Appreciate the effort though Bob!
  7. If I was Manny I wouldn’t pick some silver medalist to break my news.
  8. Biggest internet balls I seen on here
  9. I know and for some reason the word “massive” is has my mind spinning! 12/400? 8/300?
  10. Mods, you know those “guess the pieces of candy in the jar and win the jar” games? Can we do a “Guess the total Harpchado posts since the offseason started” thread when this is all done? Winner gets 3 hours as #1 Mod with full ban & banner controls.
  11. Barta, was it a genital selfie?
  12. Jerksticks

    Sox could chase Moustakas If MM goes elsewhere

    Doesn’t just saying any of those words you typed make you angry though?
  13. Jerksticks

    Sox could chase Moustakas If MM goes elsewhere

    Please close thread
  14. That’s only if Hahn takes a back seat to KW. You throw Jimenez into an outfield of Robert and Harper, now we’re not only taking Goldschmidt, we’re talking Sale/Quintana reunion. Course not as #1 & #2 because those spots will be filled by Cease/Kopech/Hansen. If the Cardinals sign Moustakas too, what do the cubs do? Shift Bryant to RF, flip Heyward for prospects? Won’t matter if we get Machado
  15. Is this a $13M distraction and it’s Harper or bust?