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  1. Jerksticks

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    Not over til it’s over! Crazy how bad this team is. On paper you see a potential all star at almost every position and almost every pitching slot. Yet here we are. Somehow way worse than teams who don’t have even half the good players we are supposed to have. This is quite the mess to clean up
  2. Jerksticks

    Lenyn Sosa joins the White Sox (Update Pg. 5)

    It’s Dickman. Gotta think out side the dick here
  3. Jerksticks

    Baby/Parenting Thread

    One time a month or two before I was going to be a dad for the first time, we were at a restaurant and she had to use the restroom so I was waiting outside. This older guy next to me after asking if it was my first kid on the way goes, “want some advice?” Of course I’m like, “yea sure, please.” He goes, “You don’t need any. None.” Stuck with me. And boy was he right. You’re gonna be an awesome dad. Congrats on the best thing ever!
  4. Jerksticks

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    Correct. I’m not saying it would be any different with the other side in charge. It wouldn’t be at all. Macro doesn’t care. I just can’t believe these monsters can get away with lying and blaming inflation on something like Putin. That’s my point. Like there’s no accountability for lying. People actually believe this crap and it’s so fucking sad and there’s nothing we can do. Like I said, I’m open to other options but I really think aliens is the only thing left 😂
  5. Jerksticks

    LH Bat Trade Options

    The only thing that makes sense for us is Harper or Soto. Either come to the big boy table or roll with what we have. So knowing the Sox, roll with what you have. But really knowing the Sox, they’ll probably trade Sosa and Montgomery for some dogshit.
  6. Jerksticks

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    1-1/4” NY Strip reverse seared. Down the haaaaatch. Lighting up a cigar. Back to back doubles to RF. Cease going for 20ks. Life is really good right now in this moment. Cheers brothers! What are you doing right now?
  7. Jerksticks

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Isn’t it as simple as being big and slow at 3B is preferable to being big and slow in the OF? And then, our team is really just big and slow everywhere for the most part, with gazelles up the middle.
  8. Jerksticks

    Hahn Meeting With Media Today

    Lol this
  9. Jerksticks

    A Guy The Sox Should Sign IMO

    The history is that it’s somehow okay to pile on Greg, which it’s not. Greg is inner-circle Soxtalk membership
  10. Jerksticks

    Market/Financial Thread

    Man I’m just not confident we can last into the new year without heavy QE. I’m not even sure it can last until Sept/Oct
  11. Jerksticks

    Market/Financial Thread

    How about some macro predictions? Crazy times where anything can happen, right? Pretty sure they gotta hard pivot to QE again, so if you’re with me on that, how/when does it happen? Lately I’m leaning towards QT for 2-4 months, then some kind of “crisis” like Russia blows up natgas facility in Europe (can’t take credit for that idea, but lately I like it), that’ll force massive QE to the moon as the world we are bankrupting is forced to rush even more to dollars. Part of that QE will be student loan forgiveness, maybe credit card forgiveness & small business debt forgiveness too for balanced optics. Ooo, can’t forget the $15/hr minimum wage a certain somebody will take credit for. Should be $20 with steady QE to companies as they need it but that’s another convo. A lot of people are going to get hurt when the inflation really takes hold then, but based on that, it’s probably STILL early to not get left behind. I say if nothing else, at least buy a frickin house, even at 5-6%. What say you? Where do you like parking money moving forward?
  12. Jerksticks

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    I can’t really think of a single reason outside of QE.
  13. Jerksticks

    Gas. High Gas (prices).

    If these people say “Putin’s price hikes” one more time, seriously, I’m just gonna root for aliens. I don’t see anything else that could possibly help 😂. I just can’t believe Biden can look in the camera at the American public and say “Putin’s price hikes” with a straight face. All of them. They’re all saying it. Please, make it stop. Aliens, you’re seriously our last hope.
  14. Holy F the best lineup of the year?