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  1. Jerksticks

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    I trust our FO has a plan in place to draft the best player at 6 so we can smash the cubs and ruin their fans’ season.
  2. Jerksticks

    Palka (again)

    Absolutely. It might be good enough for me to ignore every other “cute” word that comes out of his mouth. It’s a phenomenal 2 words.
  3. Jerksticks

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    Dude, Kavanaugh, just step down. The court of public opinion has already convicted you. There are plenty of qualified judges without questionable pasts. Let trump nominate somebody else.
  4. Jerksticks

    Rebuild= Epic Fail

    Yep, they hated that Still salty
  5. Jerksticks

    Rebuild phase 2: Free agent spending

    I’m starting to think Harper is a great idea. Like priority A #1. That way our OF depth in the minors can be used to acquire other players at other positions. Sign Arenado the next year and ship off outfielders to fill the final holes with all stars instead of veteran free agents like most teams have to. Basically OF is deep in our minors but why not make that a certainty?
  6. Jerksticks

    Moncada leading MLB in OOZ strike 3s

    How does a computer map a perfect three dimensional zone at every stadium currently? How do they get the data
  7. Jerksticks

    Anderson, Moncada, and the lesson of Joe Crede

    Squandered? Ok man, 👍
  8. Jerksticks

    The " Tank" is dead . Let there be Light !

    Let there be tank
  9. Jerksticks

    The Stopgap plan for 2019-20

    I like signing Corbin this year and Arenado next year. I LOVE signing Corbin AND Harper this year and then of course Arenado the following year
  10. Jerksticks

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    No! Blame the FO for not using X-ray vision. Why are people pissed and trying to get people fired? It’s fucking baseball who cares?
  11. Jerksticks

    Making the Sox the class of the minors

    Agreed. It sounds cool. It’s probably like politics when some body like that lady in New York says “I believe everybody should have a good job, everybody should have great insurance, everybody should have free college etc.” Idealism always clashes with the reality of a situation. Seems like the case probably here too. But I hope you get your way!
  12. Jerksticks

    Making the Sox the class of the minors

    Love every word. Co-sign this powerful piece of post
  13. Jerksticks

    The White Sox and 2nd Half W/L

    So I’m looking at Minnesota stats on BR for 2003 and their pitching was horrible. We couldn’t buy a 5th starter but how did we lose to this: https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/MIN/2003.shtml Frickin Joe Mays?
  14. If Mitch just stays the same it feels like 9-10. Remember who he was throwing to last year? Me neither. Kendall Wright best target? Every position is better or a year more experienced. Just feels like 9-10 is the average of outcomes, with 7-8 and 11-12 easily possible. And there is no science behind that
  15. Jerksticks

    Happy Hawk Day Sept 2 game thread

    But then what would we resist for the day?