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  1. Jerksticks

    Herrera to DL: Jimmy Cordero Recalled

    I’m just glad the days of having to pencil-in Minaya, Infante & Jones are over. It’s over boys.
  2. Jerksticks


    They banned the absolute shit out of me over there 10 years or so ago- same name. Rightfully so I’m sure. 🤔
  3. Jerksticks

    Renteria goes on pregame anti-analytics rant

    I’m one of the bigger apologists for the FO and Ricky but batting Jay cleanup is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. At least Alonso had the history to be a threat of extra base damage- Jay has no history that says he can do damage. Even RH relievers aren’t scared of Jay. It’s not like having him there helps you in the later stages either. It’s just dumb and I’d give anything to hear him defend it- maybe I could learn something🤔? if you have to play jay put him 9th so he’s an actual THREAT to score when your 2 hitter smacks a double.
  4. Jerksticks

    Ivan Nova open to re-signing with the Sox

    An ERA below 5 plays now right? I feel like all of a sudden we’re back to needing guys like Sirotka & Parque in this new offensive era. They just can’t be your best pitchers.
  5. Jerksticks

    McCann Extension

    I agree completely. It’ll take a lot of pressure off of Collins. RF and SP are enough to worry about
  6. Jerksticks

    Machado do-over

    Is there ANY chance Rendon would want to play 1B for the Sox and slide over to 3B when Moncada gets hurt? in that case sign me the F up
  7. Jerksticks


    This=gospel. Close thread.
  8. Jerksticks

    Cubs thread 2k19

    Pretty much the best 2 days of the baseball season so far. Shut up in advance to “I don’t care what the cubs do, why do you” guy. 🤓
  9. Jerksticks

    And That's a McCann Slam White Sox Winner!

    I’d love to rent a billboard downtown Houston on the expressway that just says “2005”. Maybe the full date? Open to ideas! What do you think it should say?
  10. Jerksticks

    2020 Schedule

    Sold out March 26th, 6 people the 28th sound about right?
  11. Jerksticks

    E Notebooks

    I’m using notability with a tablet. It’s nice because I can take a picture as I’m taking notes which is crucial for my job. Not crazy about the whole apple pen and notability but it’s what I’m rolling with This thing seems really cool but not being able to picture in the note stream would hurt me and it also just seems like a lot of extra time having to scan each note page? I dunno. I could see this being badass for some folks though.
  12. Jerksticks

    8/10 Games

    Does Sheets have the longest swing in the system? He looks just like Adam Dunn to me.
  13. Jerksticks

    Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal

    I’ve always been a huge fan of balancing the lineup, but I find myself wondering if it really matters that much anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the big LH bat but not at the cost of forcing it.
  14. Jerksticks

    Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal

    1. Speedy RF with OBP. Doesn’t need high slugging. 2. Madrigal 3. Moncada 4. Robert 5. Jimenez 6. Vaughn 7. TA 8. Collins/McCann/DH 9. Collins/McCann/DH its so hard. Everybody is so good. I think the key for me is protecting Moncada with Robert. That will make Moncada a monster.