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  1. Jerksticks

    Lets Not Panic

    No man, I’m saying look at the standings. Pretty much every team that was supposed to be really good this year is about .500 or under. Only the Dodgers and Padres seem to be walking the walk. Seriously take a look. Seems to me that the Twins, Sox, Tribe, Jays, Yankees, Rays, Astros, Braves, Mets, Phillies and the entire NL Central must all be blowing some games too. Seems like most of the league is working out the kinks to start the year, including us. I wouldn’t trade our roster with any of those. Ownership, yes. But I said roster. If you can’t see that we’re stacked compared to almost every team I don’t know what to tell you except...maybe take some drugs to relax 😂
  2. Jerksticks

    Lets Not Panic

    People have no concept of what other teams are also dealing with. We are absolutely frickin stacked with good players compared to any other team in the AL. It’s not even close. Most teams kinda suck right now Go ahead, try to make an argument that you’d rather have the Yankees roster 😂
  3. Jerksticks

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    Joc is not good.
  4. Jerksticks

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    Agree. I’m glad they picked the guy who actually plays the game vs the guy who just free swings like a jackass. Super glad they didn’t sign Joc. That seemed like such an obvious disaster waiting to happen- dodged a bullet.
  5. Jerksticks

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    Alright youngster, out you go!
  6. Jerksticks

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    Preach it Cap! Got me a big cigar for after the fam goes to bed for the last half
  7. Jerksticks

    Trade Targets

    Me too good points
  8. Jerksticks

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    Well 12 outa 15 AL teams are within a game of .500 or worse. Boston, LA and Cleveland are the only teams that have won a couple more games. Just like everybody picked before the season started.
  9. Jerksticks

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    Nervousness, whininess, grabbing pitchforks, blaming, shaming, going full priss etc.
  10. Jerksticks

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    Holy shit that was awesome! It’s almost like all the teams blow shit tons of games all year. Who’d have guessed!
  11. Jerksticks

    Sox vs Indians, Monday April 12th, 7pm

    Cmon, there’s gotta be somebody mad at Tony for waiting a batter too long or something 😂
  12. Totally. TA is our big middle finger. We need him back batting 1 ASAP. I think that’ll settle things down.
  13. One of the funniest things ever is when we as fans point to wrong-sided platoon lineup decisions like they are these “AH HA! See?! Gotcha!!!” moments. Like the actual baseball people in charge of our team aren’t aware of platoon advantages/disadvantages. This isn’t saber. This isn’t smarts. This platoon awareness predates the world wars for Pete’s sake. They frickin know about it.
  14. Jerksticks

    Farm ranking POST-2021

    Where do you see the Sox’ farm ranking next offseason, assuming a full minor league slate goes down as planned? Popular opinion is it’s weak after these graduations. I’m going bold and think it’ll be top 5 again.
  15. Jerksticks

    After 8 games, who's doing well and who isn't?

    Yes. People still aren’t realizing they are about to see a historically good team. This is easily going to be the best White Sox team ever assembled. Even this year, which is a couple years ahead of peak IMO. I STILL think this holds up even with Eloy gone, though it’s going to be closer because of that. Eloy going down sucks because I thought we were going to steamroll the reputations of the best Yankee teams in history