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  1. nickofypres


    Not sure if posted, but by fangraphs WAR (fWAR), Moncada is the best baseball positional player in Chicago.
  2. nickofypres

    2020 RF options

    Sox have had a lot of interest in Puig the past few seasons, iirc. Weren't they rumoured to be after him at the trade deadline or offseason a few years back? I feel like based off positional need, and that he's piqued their interest in the past, and maybe because of the Cuban thing Puig is here next year.
  3. nickofypres

    Vaughn's first pro season

    Wonder how aggressive they are with promoting him next year.
  4. After the Bears' game, seeing the LOLions shit themselves was a nice consolation prize.
  5. I feel like JA's biggest downfall was that he never drafted/signed or had any real depth on the roster. I could be wrong though. But you're saying JA is better because in 10 years he accomplished more than Pace has in 4? JA's 4th year as a GM the Bears only had 1 playoff appearance (2001), Pace's 4th year we have one playoff appearance (2018). I'm not saying Pace is infallible or anything but it's way too early to can Pace is they don't make the playoffs. Under Jerry Angelo, the team didn't even win a playoff game until 2006, their third time in the dance since he had taken over.
  6. Look, I'm over Mitch too but this is a huge stretch. Pace is a much better GM than JA.
  7. Same old Bears 😞
  8. nickofypres


    Yeah, Longshot is being an idiot. We have 1-2 conservatives on our board. The rest of us are mostly Democratic socialists or social democrats. I shouldn't have said anything. I'll probably get some magazine subscriptions sent to my house now.
  9. nickofypres


    You forgot Soxhaps
  10. nickofypres

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Wonder if Harper signing with the Phils being close helps or hurts us? The Sox will be Mannys only suitor but Harper is gonna make a ton of money and Manny might want to top that.
  11. nickofypres

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Maybe another team involved will speed up the process for the Sox.
  12. nickofypres

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Anything new? I don’t feel like reading back from last night.
  13. nickofypres

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I'm a genuinely negative person when it comes to sports, but I just feel like he's not gonna be a Sox player. Its just gonna drag on forever and someone is gonna swoop in and offer more.