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  1. Special K

    Yonder DFA'd

    Hahn should face the media for this and own it like a man. He said (or lied) with a straight face saying this had nothing to do with Mcachado and that it was a good fit for the team. At least call it what it was. Hahn has to be the worst GM in baseball right now - maybe ever. Anybody can make the Eaton, Quintana, Sale trades. You get the best talent for your best players. He should be judged by his drafting and utterly abysmal FA signings. Do Sox now have the record for signing terrible washed up “power hitting” lefties to awful contracts. At least we got to see Carson Fulmer pitch, that’s wasn’t a complete bust. Thanks, Rick. Maybe you me next great move can be an extension for Ricky.
  2. Special K

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Yonder Alonso should be DFA'd. Why is he getting any reps. I say this fully understanding it's magnitude, but i would rather see Palka (or some other minor leaguer) get a chance.
  3. Special K

    Rodon TJS

    This makes sense. Rodon wants to be healthy for next contract, which will undoubtedly be with another team. Rebuild = not going as planned.
  4. This exactly. This, to me, screams KennyHahna saying: I put together another terrible team this year and wasted lots of money on washed up FAs (see Nova, Santana, Alonso) - even though I promised not to do it anymore - which amounted to the same money I missed out on Machado for. Oh by the way, the susperstar prospect I traded away for another washed up FA is now up and playing with the superstar FA I missed out on. But look away from the mess on the field and all my bad GM moves, I’m going to rush up some prospects so we can talk about that to show you not everything I did here was awful. Anyways, is Adam Jones available yet? I wonder if the D Backs would deal him for Robert? We’re only sitting about 5 back from a wild card. That should put us over the top.
  5. Special K


    it's actually only to save $37 million
  6. Special K

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    Fair point. Somebody is incompetent though. Should've just defaulted with Hahn / KW.
  7. Special K

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    Agreed. Fulmer is a bust (unless he can turn out to be a decent reliever). Collins up in the air. Burger injured. Hansen looks to be a reliever. Burdi injured. Let's hope they got it right with Madrigal. That would be 1 out of 6 success rate with that bunch. I don't think it's unfair of fans to hope they get 1 out of 6 right.
  8. Special K

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    Yes, I understand that. But he became a No. 1 prospect. It's almost sadder that the FO had no idea what they had when they traded Tatis. San Diego clearly knew what they had, which is why they traded for a guy who hadn't played a single minor league game. Just shows you how incompetent scouting department is.
  9. Special K

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    That’s like saying no team is dumb enough to sign a guy’s washed up best friend and trade for his declining brother-in-Law before being absolutely sure they will sign that guy too. Or saying no team is dumb enough to trade the number 1 prospect in all of baseball for a declining (frankly bottomed out) starting pitcher, and also agree to take on his enormous and terrible contract in the process. You just can’t put anything past this FO at this point.
  10. Special K

    Red Line Radio Hahn Interview

    Agreed. IMO, you cannot strictly depend on the draft to have a competitive team year in year out (unless you never miss on the draft, which obviously isn't the case with this Front Office). Similarly, you cannot strictly depend on Free Agency to have a competitive team year in year out. It has to be a smart blend. You need to be willing to spend the dollars when the right time comes. Sox absolutely refuse to spend dollars wisely. They can't get past this psychological hurdle of a large contract to a premier player so they'd rather waste money on garbage. And, frankly, the jury is still out on whether they draft well. So, yes, this rebuild is not going to go the way we had hoped.
  11. Special K

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Good Front Offices now how to get the job done. It's like night and day when comparing Sox Front Office to the Front Office's of other teams.
  12. Now with Santana signed. I feel like we’re just missing a couple of pieces before we compete. Any chance we sign CarGo, and/or Jones? Maybe check in on Kemp too? Would love an outfield of Jones, Kemp and CarGo.
  13. Special K

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I can already tell you the Sox offer without being privvy to the discussions or having any inside sources. It’s likely $220-$250 guaranteed over 10 years and then an addition $75 can be made via “incentives” such as Bryce being MVP in like 5 straight seasons at the end of the contract. The Sox will have a unilateral option to opt out of the contract after year 5. then the Sox can claim they offered the most, act shocked he didn’t sign, and claim he didn’t believe himself. They can then tell their fan base they were again at the table and be proud of how far they’ve come.
  14. Special K

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Does anyone else just get angry when they hear the Sox involved in rumors? There’s not a chance in hell they will sign anyone high profile - that’s been established as fact. Their lowball offers are clearly just fodder for agents looking to scare other teams and just a slap in the face to Sox fans. They should not be involved in any of these processes moving forward because it just ends up pissing off the fans. Yes - I am advocating they withdraw from all Tier 1 FA negotiations moving forward. They can stay in the mix for washed up over paid FAs because they’ve have basically cornered that market.
  15. Special K

    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    Fair point