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  1. Special K

    Lucas Giolito vs. Gavin Floyd

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 10, 2018 -> 07:42 AM) They had a pitcher who was definitely a star, and a HOFer behind the plate. This. I suppose the Royals would qualify but it don’t happen often.
  2. Special K

    Lucas Giolito vs. Gavin Floyd

    QUOTE (Dam8610 @ Apr 9, 2018 -> 07:46 PM) Some of these guys have to become stars for this to work. Rarely does a roster full of above average players win the whole thing. You need star players surrounded by average-above average players. As a very brief aside, is the ‘05 team the last World Series team to win a championship without a bona fide star?
  3. Special K

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 09:13 PM) Fine...since when have the White Sox ever been in the business of "buying" a couple of superstars at max peak value? Waiting for an answer. The Royals are relevant because they built their WS winner without any superstars. The Astros and Cubs are most definitely NOT an example of that. I'm perfectly happy to talk about any team, but the White Sox SEEM to be emulating at least one of their niches, which is building a SUPERPEN. That came into vogue with KC, the Indians, Yankees, etc. If you're talking NFL, it's the Patriots, Patriots, Patriots...etc. NBA, obviously Golden State. Who else should we be talking about as relevant comps, especially since we operate as a "mid market" franchise? You're right in that Belle might be the last star they bought at peak value, which is sad. And they haven't really traded for any offensive stars either (sans Thome, if that even counts). But they have so much space on their payroll, and have also shown a commitment to the rebuild, which makes me think things might go differently this time around. Because frankly, they need to buy a star or two for this to work.
  4. Special K

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    When we say bring in, we talking trades too? I'd say David Wells and Jake Peavy count as stars they brought in.
  5. Special K

    Mlb.com top prospects

    It's notable for the purpose of judging the FO on how the rebuild goes. If he turns out to be a star and the rebuild is mediocre, we can gauge that trade as symptomatic of meaning this FO doesn't know what they're doing and therefore they need to go. But I'm not angry about it anymore, we've certainly gotten the better end of some trades. And the rebuild looks to be coming along nicely. If we sign Machado to play 3b, I'll definitely stop caring about that trade.
  6. Special K

    Giancarlo Stanton traded to Yankees

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Oct 26, 2017 -> 07:07 PM) This. And it isn't close. Todd Ritchie (1); La Roche (2); Teahen (3)
  7. Special K

    Reverse Standings Thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Sep 9, 2017 -> 01:38 AM) Dude... the jury is still out on ALL of those players. Try harder. Agreed, though I don't think there's any chance Fulmer is a starter at this point.
  8. Special K

    Hahn on 670 the score now - 1140 am Central

    Are you two the same person?
  9. Special K

    Reinsdorf Needed Convincing to Trade with Cubs

    While I disagree, I can see where he's coming from. It is conceivable that deals that make a competitor in your market better may not be best for your bottom line as far as losing fans, sales, etc. So why would you want to contribute to that? He's running a business.
  10. Special K

    Tim Anderson

    QUOTE (Knackattack @ Jun 21, 2017 -> 08:16 PM) 26.0 K%, .666 OPS, .120 ISO, -21.9 UZR/150 ...... time to worry or no? I'll go ahead and add 16 errors to that list.
  11. Special K

    Updated teams interested in Q

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Jun 3, 2017 -> 09:59 AM) What is this post? Bad sarcasm
  12. Special K

    SSS Theater: Avi Garcia

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ May 28, 2017 -> 08:40 AM) For the record, I would still trade drive Avi to Wrigley. I am not about to let a two month sample size change that. Yeah but what about for Schwarber like you said above.
  13. Special K

    Tommy Kahnle

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ May 12, 2017 -> 01:18 PM) Because 2 months ago he was a pitcher we viewed as not being able to find the strike zone. The way baseball players are valued is not static. I think his point is just that he can easily be bad very soon again.
  14. Special K

    Updated teams interested in Q

    Meadows is probably off the table in a Q trade. Starling Marte hit up w/ an 80 game suspension.
  15. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Mar 6, 2017 -> 10:40 AM) As long as we are talking about after June 15, the money will be pretty close. Then the White Sox have a pretty nice list of reasons to fall back on as advantages for a player like Robert to come here. Before that date, money can be a huge factor, and probably will be. What are the odds he is cleared to sign before the 15th? I seem to recall reading somewhere that he had a very good chance of being cleared to sign before the 15th, which would mean the Sox chances are significantly lower, right?