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  1. Loaiza21

    Come up with a Sox Trade

    Damaso Marte and Willie Harris for Luis Castillo.
  2. Loaiza21

    Just ordered my Opening Day tickets

    124 Row 24 Seats 1-6...all season long B) My Dad is President of his company so he puts them on every year since 1983 as a buisiness expense !
  3. Loaiza21

    Hot Stove baseball talk from 7-10 PM on ESPN 1000

    QUOTE(YASNY @ Jan 14, 2005 -> 04:37 AM) LOL. I knew that was coming. Actually, I referring to "all time greats" part of the comment. Now, to address Larkin's BA, to expect a 40+ aged player to come into a new league and perform at an everyday level like he did in the "familiar" league is going out on a limb. Question though ... Approximately how many AB's did Larkin have last year? Wasn't he a part timer or injured? If so, that also has to figure into the equation. You don't know how he's going to do in the AL, he won't necessarily do worse. Especially against the AL Central pitching. Gimme Darrell May anyday. As for at bats it was around 400. I think he can still handle the load. Who gives a s*** that he's in his 40's. I just can't go through another season resting my hope on Willie Harris. The guy is a pinch runner.
  4. Loaiza21

    Hot Stove baseball talk from 7-10 PM on ESPN 1000

    QUOTE(YASNY @ Jan 14, 2005 -> 04:27 AM) Using that logic, we should have not let Roberto Alomar leave. When was the last time Alomar hit friggin .290?
  5. Loaiza21

    Hot Stove baseball talk from 7-10 PM on ESPN 1000

    What's Cora's contract? I bet we coulda nabbed him for a cheap amount. But why not Barry Larkin for one year? Larkin is dying to start, you plug Uribe at 2B. I think it could work, I mean he did hit .289 last season...Are we being retarded here? I'd rather have an all-time great like Larkin at SS instead of starting Willie.
  6. Loaiza21

    Hot Stove baseball talk from 7-10 PM on ESPN 1000

    Damn, anyone here could handle Levine's job much better than he does.
  7. Loaiza21

    Hot Stove baseball talk from 7-10 PM on ESPN 1000

    Eww. Bruce said Willie has a big chance to prove himself this season.
  8. Loaiza21

    AROW on MJH right now

    Frank's got the largest arms in the league. He's gonna be a monster. Without Mags, this team is Frank's team again.
  9. Loaiza21

    Does KW read Soxtalk?

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Jan 13, 2005 -> 04:57 PM) I tell ya what. If Kenny had to read a fan message-board for inspiration, we are all in a lot of trouble. He's a professional general manager; if I was JR and I caught Kenny reading Soxtalk, I'd fire him on the spot. Oh come on. The Red Sox owner reads and actually posts on SoSH.
  10. Loaiza21

    Cora to Cleveland

    Wilson Valdez doesn't deserve to be on this team, he's done nothing to prove he can hit up here yet so we shouldn't have him as backup option #1 for any reason. Spend the money to get Iguchi in here!
  11. Loaiza21

    Does KW read Soxtalk?

    Do you think KW reads this board for a view from the fans perspective?
  12. Loaiza21

    Cora to Cleveland

    QUOTE(DonkeyKongerko @ Jan 13, 2005 -> 04:31 PM) Iguchi or bust. Somebody has got to challenge Willie besides Ozzie. At this point I'd prefer Ozzie over Willie.
  13. Loaiza21

    Cora to Cleveland

    Dude if we don't get Iguchi I'm gonna be so pissed. I mean how can you not sign Iguchi after letting another potential 2B slip away, especially to Cleveland.
  14. Loaiza21

    Chicago Tribune Article On KW

    I'm really gonna miss Mags. He could run well, hit well, and he wasn't selfish. Have fun on the Cubs Magglio .
  15. Loaiza21

    Ben Davis to the Dodgers?

    Guillermo Mota