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  1. chetkincaid


    Didn't know that the Red Sox HOFer was a god...
  2. chetkincaid


    I remember signing up years ago. I said something unfavorable about Carlton Fisk and was immediately banned. Haven't been back since.
  3. Are you all enjoying Bill Walton in the booth or is it becoming annoying?
  4. chetkincaid

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    I’ve never seen either.
  5. I hope he tells everyone to just pronounce it like ROB-BERT when he gets here. I don't think we will see him this year though.
  6. I hope the boys do well but wins against the Tigers are counterproductive at this point in the season. They do nothing for the White Sox.
  7. chetkincaid

    8/3 Sox @ Phillies 6:05 CDT WGN Detwiler vs. Nola

    Lmao what kind of a catch attempt was that??
  8. chetkincaid

    It's That Time Of The Year Again...

    I want to tank hard to get a higher pick in the draft, but what is the cost in the long run? How does it impact the player’s psyche? Will they get too comfortable with losing?
  9. chetkincaid

    Hahn expects aggressive offseason

    This has been my worry all alone. People always blamed KW for always going for it but I believed it was Reinsdorf demanding that the White Sox looked like they competed every year to keep people coming to the park. Now that he sees that we’re stupid enough to keep going to games with young cheap talent, he’ll be less inclined to spend.
  10. chetkincaid

    Sox make no deadline moves

    Well Collins isn’t that good, Rutherford is bad and... does Burger even play anymore? Last time I saw him he looked like he was 300lbs. I feel like we still have a long way to go and the White Sox need more talent before they’re ready to compete. I still don’t have faith in free agency.
  11. chetkincaid

    Sox make no deadline moves

    I’ve been listening to MLB Radio all day and I’ve been in and out on 670 and ESPN Radio 1000. Out of the hours and hours I’ve been listening, I haven’t heard the White Sox mentioned at all. The irrelevancy is what kills me as a fan. No one cares. No one talks about us.
  12. You know, I’m not entirely pissed off. Hahn can’t make teams deal with him and I’m glad he didn’t give our guys away. If contenders didn’t want to give up the prospects that the Sox wanted, them they can go eff themselves.
  13. Imagine how Colome feels watching the clock right now.