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  1. I wonder if I could be Abreu in a foot race?
  2. chetkincaid

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    I almost feel bad for Hahn that he's had TLR forced on him. I bet TLR goes to the front office after leaving the dugout too. Hahn should have never fired Rick Renteria though.
  3. chetkincaid


    I’ve never been a fan who appreciates when players run hard as they can to first base on routine groundouts or fly balls and I think it’s absolutely insane to run into a wall and risk injury in meaningless regular season games. I care less about players “playing the game right” than I do about players being healthy when it counts the most (playoffs).
  4. chetkincaid

    6/17 G/T White Sox v Houston 7:10 Chgo Time lift off

    I really want another full scale rebuild. I want it torn down to the studs. Watching young kids is better than this.
  5. It’s broken isn’t it?
  6. If the White Sox are swept by Detroit in this series I think TLR goes home.
  7. I hope Yermin gets another opportunity to prove himself somewhere else. He was never the same after TLR threw him under the bus. I wish him nothing but success.
  8. chetkincaid

    6/11 White Sox vs Texas Rangers, 1:10

    More is needed.
  9. chetkincaid

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Didn’t Ozzie once say that everybody hates AJ but his teammates just hate him a little less? There would probably be a revolt in the locker room.
  10. chetkincaid

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Can you imagine Steve Stone's reaction if Rick Renteria intentionally walked a batter on a 1-2 count?? Now he's hardly saying anything. Interesting.
  11. chetkincaid

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Free yourself. He can't be here forever. Come back after he's gone.
  12. chetkincaid

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Take the cake where? Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't care about cake. Nothing will change.
  13. chetkincaid

    Keuchel signs with Diamondbacks- minor league deal

    I can see washed up ball players going to Arizona to retire. He probably lives there during the off-season.
  14. chetkincaid

    6/4/22 Sox @ Rays, 3:10 pm

    It feels like Katz is managing the team. When I first turned it on I thought TLR had been ejected.
  15. chetkincaid

    6/4/22 Sox @ Rays, 3:10 pm

    Well would ya look at that…