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  1. elmo9246

    2010 Thread

    QUOTE (Stan Bahnsen @ Aug 18, 2009 -> 02:30 PM) KW will have a backup plan, but I don't think he's viewing the 5th starter as something he'll be spending on this offseason. Except, perhaps, for the signing of a Cuban pitcher. Exactly even though I've heard a lot of talk about it I don't see it being an area of immediate concern. Plus I'd rather go through the growing pains of Hudson in a low pressure 5th starter situation than deal with another Bartolo.
  2. I have a good feeling about Freddy tonight for some reason. You always know he's going to leave it all out there. I just wish I didn't have to work I'm gonna miss it
  3. elmo9246

    2010 Thread

    Well after the season is over we have about 40 million coming off the books in salary. Peavy and Rios already account for about 30 million, give or take. Use that money to sign Figgins and that gives you two options. The first option is Figgins plays left, Rios plays center and Quentin plays right. You could also have Figgins play third, shift Bacon back to short, and try out Alexei in the outfield if he continues to mentally struggle at short. Either way we have speed in left and I'm confident that if Alexei can be servicable in the time he's spent in center, he'd do alright in left. All this being the case, we still probably would have to resign either Dye or Thome to be the DH, but they won't be costing us nearly as much money as before. As for signing a starting pitcher, I say we go into spring training looking to give Hudson a shot, and if not, just try to fill the spot internally. With the starting four that we're looking at we have a little room to try and find a servicable fifth starter.
  4. elmo9246

    7/12: Sox @ Twinkles: 1:10 CT, CSN

    Pena is such a waste.
  5. elmo9246

    7/12: Sox @ Twinkles: 1:10 CT, CSN

    What happened to the bats? We've been hitting so well lately bad day for them to die.
  6. elmo9246

    7/11: Sox @ Twinkles: 6:10 CT, WGN

    Hawk's "Hell Yes!" is so unnecessary, but it makes me laugh whenever he does it.
  7. elmo9246

    Aroldis Chapman?

    I was thinking that too and if the Yankees get involved in any way you might as well just kiss the deal good bye.
  8. elmo9246

    7/11: Sox @ Twinkles: 6:10 CT, WGN

    That was some rough luck that could have been a very good inning
  9. elmo9246

    Aroldis Chapman?

    Does anybody know what teams he's interested in or if the Sox have any chance at getting him to sign? I saw that he might be commanding a big contract but the Sox seem to have had luck with Cuban defects in the past and if I'm not mistaken his agent is that of Contreras, Alexei, and Dayan (possibly excluding on of those, I don't know for sure). They're basically calling him another Strasburg and h is supposedly 21 years old. Anyone think he's worth making a run at or it the Sox even have a chance?
  10. elmo9246

    Halladay Superthread

    I don't know as much as I'd love to see Halladay and as much as I prefer proven talent I just think we'd need to give up wayy too much to get him.
  11. elmo9246

    Player Comparison

    I really would rather hold onto Dye rather than Thome in terms of a DH for the future. A lot of people have slammed me for this but in recent years all Jim really has on Jermaine is OBP. Dye is as good or better in most other areas, is younger (a little), and costs less.
  12. elmo9246

    Quentin Showing off in Charlotte

    My grandpa said he used to have plantar fascitis and that it's a pain but that it does go away if treated properly and doesn't come back. I don't think that this should be a recurring problem for Carlos, but I do think that if he does come back this year it should be in the last month and a half or so to give us that extra push if we need it.
  13. Definitely did not see much fire in the team today. Lets hope that that changes fast complacency is a killer.
  14. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 4, 2009 -> 02:47 PM) He hasn't exactly been gentle to him since he has lost his mind out there... Ozzie's not going to be gentle with anyone that he knows isn't going to put forth his full effort. That might be the number one thing i respect about Ozzie.
  15. Looking forward to Wise leading off the ninth, he's the only one I'd ever want out there right now