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  1. Who gives a damn about flipping a bat in 2019? Seriously I don’t care if it’s a Sox Player, Manny machado, tatis, any cub player or any pitcher.....does it really matter? NFL players celebrate after every single score. In the NFL the fans love it, the players love it, it’s good for the game...if you don’t like it as a player then stop it by getting them out. This is where the league is falling behind other sports. MLB needs to quit being so damn sensitive, they may just attract more fans with different stuff like that.
  2. beckham15

    Tatis Jr. makes Padres opening day roster

    5 homers so far....this one is going to sting for quite some time
  3. beckham15

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    I missed the entire Tampa series and was worried I would miss his first dinger, glad to tune in today
  4. Not going to happen....gotta go with that equal opportunity line and WWE doesn’t have much in the works for female broadcast personalities
  5. beckham15

    Sox and Mariners Game #2

    Palka lol.....
  6. beckham15

    Sox Home Opener vs Ms

    Good to the them battle through adversity and pull out the W, last season it would have been ball game ova after giving up the lead
  7. beckham15

    March 31st 2019 White Sox vs. Royals

    This.....all series long....you would think the Royals were world beaters if you didn’t know any better
  8. beckham15

    March 31st 2019 White Sox vs. Royals

    Anxious to see how Gio pitches this year, it would be huge if he could figure it all out....
  9. beckham15

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    Is this a serious post? You have got to be joking, right? April fools is tomorrow man....
  10. beckham15

    3/24 Sox vs Indians, 2pm, NBCSC

    Yeah it sucks to see, couldn’t put any weight on the leg....
  11. beckham15

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Well at least I saved 60 dollars now by not buying MLB The Show.....maybe next year
  12. beckham15

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    No opt outs.....wow just wow
  13. beckham15

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    These contracts are the new norm, and if you are expected to be sitting at the table from here forward for premium free agents then yes you are cheap. Harper does so much more for your organization that Machado would ever do just based on marketability alone
  14. beckham15

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    And yet again, the Sox and JR are cheap.....if it’s 10/330 Sox should have been all over this
  15. beckham15

    Dane Dunning: No TJS just yet, rest and monitor

    Annnndddd the streak of absolutely terrible luck continues!! Yay for us!!