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  1. If he keeps this pace up for another week or two I don’t know how Hahn can look someone straight in the face and say he needs to work on something down in AAA. Dude is just a stud.
  2. beckham15

    7/18 Games

    Robert is a BEAST!
  3. beckham15

    7/17 Games

    Meh I doubt it as well but those same reporters could say whether he’s there or exactly who is missing too
  4. beckham15

    7/17 Games

    You would think if he was there someone would want to put out the fire on questions about him being called up but maybe that’s me being too hopeful
  5. beckham15

    7/17 Games

    Sooooo.....any update on whether Robert is in the dugout with Charlotte?
  6. beckham15

    7/17 Games

    You could call Robert up put him in center and move Cordell/Tilson/Jay or whoever you want to LF but then again it wouldn’t be directly affecting whether Jimenez is done for the year
  7. beckham15

    7/17 Games

    If he isn’t the guy called up what a damn tease, of all days to give him the day off. If that’s the case it’s gonna upset a lot of fans 😂
  8. beckham15

    Eloy going on IL

    Obviously they won’t call up Robert, do we see a call up again for Engel
  9. beckham15

    7/16|White Sox @ Royals|#CeaseDay|7:15 PM CT

    Great now we get to see some Engel call up here shortly
  10. beckham15

    7/16|White Sox @ Royals|#CeaseDay|7:15 PM CT

    Call up Robert.....maybe they will have better communication
  11. My math was a little off earlier but as of right now they have 33 games still remaining against teams with a record below 500....even if they split those that puts you at 16 or 17 w’s then when you factor in the remaining 39 games against teams above 500 I find it very hard for them not to squeeze out 13-14 W’s there.....in my opinion going to be very hard to only win 31 games the rest of the way. Yes this team is bad but it’s also young enough where we will see up and down play all season, right now we are on one of those downward slopes.....Realistically I see them playing .500 ball the rest of the way especially with how many games are remaining in the weak AL central.
  12. You only expect this team to win another 24 games the rest of the way? 😂
  13. beckham15

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    Demoted, not demoted, to just kidding demoted 😂