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  1. HahnsKiddieTable

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    Tweet deleted
  2. HahnsKiddieTable

    Alexa, play Thunderstruck

    Let’s f*ng go!!!!!!!!
  3. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox playoff tickets on Sale Wed 2pm

    Got tix to ALCS game 3, this que needs to hurry up for the ALDS
  4. Glad to see the return of Sheets!
  5. Maybe TLR is sacrificing these 3 games to let the Blue Jays get closer to the Yankees in the standings….lineup makes no damn sense
  6. HahnsKiddieTable

    Complain about Kimbrel here:

    Compared to any of the other dumpster fires out there in the bullpen? I’d much rather take a chance w Kimbrel over the likes of Marshall, Ruiz or any other reliever for that matter not named Hendricks and Kopech
  7. HahnsKiddieTable

    Complain about Kimbrel here:

    First off the kimbrel trade even if he sucks will not be a disaster of a trade. Heuer will be an okay player and Madrigal is a run of the mill second basemen whose only tool is that of a slap hitter essentially a dime a dozen. Let’s back off the ledge.
  8. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox vs. Yankees 6:15pm CDT - In Iowa - on FOX

    Engel looked slow rounding second. Did not think he would make it home.
  9. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox vs. Yankees 6:15pm CDT - In Iowa - on FOX

    This zone is so inconsistent
  10. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox vs. Yankees 6:15pm CDT - In Iowa - on FOX

    I remember when we mashed lefties…
  11. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox at Cubs 8/7, 1:20

    It will be nice when Leury isn’t in the everyday lineup…….Jesus his usage is inexcusable at this point
  12. HahnsKiddieTable

    7/30 CWS v CLE 7:10 PM CDT

    The lineup is out… he is batting 2nd
  13. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox Acquire Kimbrel; Madrigal, Heuer to Cubs

    Woww love love love love this deal
  14. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

  15. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    You act like this bullpen just started shitting. down their leg, they’ve been doing this all season long