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  1. HahnsKiddieTable

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Grandal and Odorizzi still wouldn’t do it for me. You have get another quality pitcher for that to be a justified offseason in my opinion, if you miss out on a Rendon, Cole, strasburg, and wheeler.....not after how we fell flat on our face last offseason. However I agree i don’t mind the 2nd round pick attached to him
  2. HahnsKiddieTable

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Odorizzi in my opinion is not premium talent and if that’s where the money is going to be spent at I will be highly disappointed
  3. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    It’s going to be tougher this offseason to land a big fish with so many teams in the mix......that’s why landing Machado last offseason was critical
  4. HahnsKiddieTable

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Why would this be an issue if the players celebrating are his own teammates?
  5. HahnsKiddieTable

    Cole or Strasburg?

    Yep. That combined with the yanks interest in Garrit Cole on top of it....but at least we have a seat again this year 🙄
  6. HahnsKiddieTable

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Who knows..... just know of him from the Pederson trade that fell through last season....
  7. HahnsKiddieTable

    Zack Wheeler Thread

  8. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

  9. HahnsKiddieTable

    Cole or Strasburg?

  10. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    How’s that any different than other “premium” talent we try to go after?
  11. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    Don’t know if he means aggressive via trade or free agency but if he’s referring to a trade just be prepared to be let down this offseason once again
  12. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    This. Hahns hand will forever be tied to sitting at a Marshall’s clearance rack vs being able to spend like a major league team needs to do
  13. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    It’s the whitesox so we pretty much know this already, but fun to speculate what a real owner/GM could do with this team.
  14. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    I agree, he can platoon at DH when Madrigal needs a spot and would give you a lot of flexibility on the infield. Adding another big time bat is going to be crucial to this team contending this year. Both Madrigal and Robert will have their initial struggles. Rendon would help minimize the effect on the lineup
  15. HahnsKiddieTable

    Rendon Thread

    Because why not