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  1. HahnsKiddieTable

    Spring Training thread

    Problem is they don’t have the minor league arms in camp to fill the garbage innings
  2. HahnsKiddieTable

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    I don’t think there is anything to see here with Lucroy, grandal tweeked his knee the other day, he will be catching Gio not Lucroy
  3. HahnsKiddieTable

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Again my point. If one starter goes down they are left with Lopez and AAA guys. Too many pitchers filling a rotation out who combined haven’t thrown 100 innings all together in the last 2 seasons (Rodon, Kopech and Crochet). You need to have patience with these guys and should have signed an Odorizzi or anyone else who has thrown a baseball in the past 2 years type to shore up the back end.
  4. HahnsKiddieTable

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    I don’t see how they could allow this. If one starter goes down they would then be down to Lopez and whoever else they can pull out of AAA
  5. HahnsKiddieTable

    MiLB schedule accounced

    Nothing like MLB trying to put a spin on the minor leagues after they consolidated this offseason
  6. HahnsKiddieTable

    TLR publicity train

    Anyone have a link to him speaking? Bernstein saying he is wearing his mask wrong lol
  7. HahnsKiddieTable

    TLR publicity train

    just gets better
  8. HahnsKiddieTable

    TLR publicity train

  9. HahnsKiddieTable

    TLR publicity train

    An out of touch manager and an out of touch owner. Great pairing for each other...they both are clown shows
  10. HahnsKiddieTable

    Spring Training thread

    Agreed, quality pitchers don’t worry about if they will crack the rotation
  11. HahnsKiddieTable

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    I don’t have an issue with this with what is left out there until Vaughn makes his debut. Minor league deal, if he becomes an issue just cut him
  12. HahnsKiddieTable

    MLB considering 154 game and delayed schedule

    C’mon man you know it has zero to do with anything covid related, last season was proof of this, baseball cannot get out of its own way when it comes to this stuff. Every other sports league seems to make it work, this is just simple bickering ahead of time in preparation for the new CBA. Going to have a really bad taste in my mouth if this is 2.0 of last season right before a potential lock out next offseason
  13. HahnsKiddieTable

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    I was referencing innings pitched by Rodon. I definitely want Hamels. I’d have more faith in him then Rodon at this point