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  1. HahnsKiddieTable

    McCann Trade Speculation

    Yermin and Collins have been pretty impressive this spring training. Either way having an argument on who should fill a back up position on the roster is a good thing.
  2. HahnsKiddieTable

    Is EE toast?

    Lol.....Here are his spring training stats, not worried in the slightest.... https://www.mlb.com/player/edwin-encarnacion-429665?stats=career-s-hitting-mlb&year=2019 he had 4 hits all of spring training last year.
  3. HahnsKiddieTable

    Giants @ Sox (SS) | 2:05 PM CT | Whitesox.com

    No chance that Grandal isn’t in the opening day line up
  4. HahnsKiddieTable

    Aaron Bummer extended 5 years/16M (plus two options)

    You really think 16 mil spread out over 5 years is going to dent what exactly? Even if he falls off a cliff this year and isn’t good the entire contract his $ is just a drop in the bucket for a team that if in contention should be spending and is only league avg in spending
  5. HahnsKiddieTable

    KW says "no Puig"

    Same. I hope this goes down, we need some insurance in the OF incase someone goes down. Dude can play all spots in the OF would be a good compliment to this team
  6. HahnsKiddieTable

    KW says "no Puig"

    Gomez in that same tweet said the Sox are interested didn’t say whether there is an offer on the table from the Sox tho
  7. HahnsKiddieTable

    KW says "no Puig"

    Gomez reporting Puig close to signing w a team. Says Whitesox are one of the teams interested
  8. HahnsKiddieTable

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    Lol that MLB intel twitter handle has turned into realMAGABABES page now 😂😂😂
  9. HahnsKiddieTable

    Joc Pederson thoughts

    I’m saying you acquire Joc and let Mazara and him battle it out. Nothing wrong with having too many good players. Let the rest play itself out. If Mazara beats him out then so be it and Joc is a 4th outfielder. Would much rather have that then automatically assuming Mazara is going to be something drastically different than what he has been just because of a change of scenery
  10. HahnsKiddieTable

    Joc Pederson thoughts

    I don’t understand why the Sox would just be content with him. Yes he’s better than what we’ve had but when there is a player out there like Joc I think you figure a way to make it work and you probably get him cheap at this point...and if you can’t get over the “love” you’ve given them you shouldn’t be in the business because all it takes is one injury having the Whitesox trot out Adam engel every day. Joc can play all 3 OF spots he’s the perfect player who can fill in any OF spot and get plenty of ABs even with the Mazara trial being given. It won’t happen though just wishful thinking.
  11. HahnsKiddieTable

    KW says "no Puig"

    I would like him on the team because he can play multiple OF positions and has some pop to replace whoever he is filling in for. I think signing him would be a huge get this late in the offseason. The positives outweigh the negatives in my opinion
  12. HahnsKiddieTable

    KW says "no Puig"

    Let’s go! Im in the let’s bring in Puig camp, the dude is talented and maybe just maybe the grandfather Abreu can keep him in check
  13. HahnsKiddieTable

    Betts to Dodgers

    Fake news but here we go
  14. HahnsKiddieTable

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

  15. HahnsKiddieTable

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    Don’t worry his next update will say it fell through after conversation with Jerry lol