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  1. jhonnydanks

    4-1 GT: CWS @ LAA (9:05 PM CT)

    don't stop get it get it!
  2. jhonnydanks

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Robert breaks Borchard's HR distance record with a 525 foot blast off James Shields.
  3. jhonnydanks

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Don't overthink it. Put your best players on the field...now. Big AV fan. Is there a thread on here that isn't an existential crisis? Don't stop get it get it.
  4. jhonnydanks

    Pitchers and Catchers Report

    I'll get around to it...
  5. jhonnydanks

    No HOF Players Elected in 2021

    Fuck Nick Swisher
  6. jhonnydanks


    don't stop get it get it
  7. jhonnydanks

    Your Walk Up Song

    "Attak" - Rustie ft. Danny Brown
  8. jhonnydanks

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    In my defense, I told them DON'T stop...get it? Get it?!
  9. jhonnydanks

    3/28 GT - Sox @ Royals (3:15pm CST)

    don't stop get it get it
  10. jhonnydanks

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    don't stop get it get it ps - not sure why my name isn't jhonnydanks anymore. someone with power should help bring that back...
  11. jhonnydanks

    Promo Code - 2 Free

    If anyone wants to use this go for it... Your input goes a long way in helping the White Sox offer the best services and fan experiences. As a thank you for your participation, below is a personalized redemption code for two complimentary Upper Reserved or Upper Corners tickets to a select 2017 home game. Upgrades to Outfield Reserved seats are also available for $15. For a full list of available games, visit whitesox.com/surveytix Your personalized redemption code: 9K9UCF DON'T STOP GET IT GET IT
  12. jhonnydanks

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Jul 13, 2017 -> 10:57 AM) Don't stop get it get it
  13. jhonnydanks

    John Danks Appreciation Thread

    don't stop get it get it
  14. jhonnydanks

    4/8 game thread WHITE SOX HOME OPENER vs Cleveland

    no green font needed. don't kill my buzz. danks blessed it!
  15. jhonnydanks

    4/8 game thread WHITE SOX HOME OPENER vs Cleveland

    Well, that whole "no expectations" thing I talked myself into lasted exactly 4 games. Now anything less than an ALCS trip is unacceptable. don't stop get it get it