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  1. sox71

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Did ok with Kahnle?
  2. The White Sox are in the second year of a two-year penalty for exceeding their bonus pool to sign Cuban outfielder Luis Robert, so all of their bonuses will be for $300,000 or less. Anthony Espinoza (video below) is a quick-twitch shortstop out of Venezuela who is expected to sign with the White Sox. They’re also expected to sign third baseman Bryan Ramos and catcher Alberto Lemay Bernal, both from Cuba, and Venezuelan catcher Luis Pineda. For a while, the White Sox looked like they were going to sign Miguel Tejada Jr., a former corner outfielder who recently moved to shortstop, but now the son of the 2002 AL MVP looks like he might be headed elsewhere.
  3. Well said. What a disappointing weekend for Hawks and Bulls and now we will be told Monday that both teams are better (sigh) however signing Tejada would have been intriguing.
  4. Baseball America updated its AL Central International Signing preview and stayed that Tejada no longer coming to Sox. Boo....
  5. sox71

    6/30 Games

    Pretty crazy that the Braves would give up on a 3rd rounder that quickly, but glad we have the chance to fix him.
  6. sox71

    2018 White Sox draft picks and signings thread

    Maybe a problem with his physical?
  7. sox71

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

  8. sox71

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Just want a bat and not an arm with the first pick.
  9. sox71

    2018 MLB Draft

    Ditto. Well said.
  10. sox71

    2018 MLB Draft

    I personally cannot get on the Singer bandwagon. Feels too much to me like Lance Broadway. Go for the high ceiling bat.....
  11. sox71

    Jake Burger

    Totally different players but this has me worried that we have a J. Mitchell situation, he might never be the same.
  12. sox71

    SoxFest Updates Thread

    Any good draft “today-bits” from Hostetler about the 2017 or 2018 draft classes? He gave great insight last year as to whom he would have taken if Burdi and others had been selected.
  13. sox71

    SoxFest First Time---What to Expect?

    QUOTE (Hamhock @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 08:13 AM) To my knowledge, there is no Friday-only pass - it's only as part of the Weekend Pass, which is reserved for hotel package buyers. Makes sense and thanks for clarification.
  14. sox71

    SoxFest First Time---What to Expect?

    Found out that I have to be in Chicago for work tonight and was hoping to stop by Soxfesf. Anyone know of the secondary market sells passes for tonight or anyway to get a pass for tonight? Peace
  15. sox71

    Brewers nearing trade

    I really believe that Avi will be traded because of this potential arbitration case.