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  1. sox71

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Hostetler’s podcast with Garfein was a snoozer. Hardly any specific discussion on players and strategy.
  2. sox71

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I’m in same boat. Agonizing on decision between Abrams and Vaughn. Makes it tough that our division rivals pick at 2 and 5 so we could see Abrams or Vaughn playing against us. I still think it is Vaughn, but today I want Abrams.
  3. sox71

    2019 MLB draft thread

    If Abrams could be compared to Kenny Lofton in his prime then I am sold; however, I still think the pick is Vaughn if he is there.
  4. sox71

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I still believe Abrams is only an option of Vaughn has already been selected.
  5. sox71

    5/10 Games

    Any word on Adolfo?
  6. sox71

    5/9 Games

    Any updates on Adolfo’s status?
  7. sox71

    Keith Law Mock 1.0

    If Vaughn is there at #3, he’s the pick. Book it.
  8. sox71

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think Sox are using due diligence just in case Vaughn is off the board when they pick at #3. The pick is absolutely Vaughn if he is there. Book it.
  9. sox71

    5/2 Games

    Anyone have any idea as to what Burdi's velocity was on his heater last night?
  10. sox71


    I live in Springfield and Ozzie and Reinsdorf were both at the State Capitol yesterday to lobby for sports betting. With that, it’s clear from observing from a far that Ozzie is on the Reinsdorf payroll as they were quite chummy. It’s so ironic that his thread was started as after seeing them together I wondered if there was ever a chance Ozzie would manage the Sox a lot. People who were with them say he spoke of his son managing in the minors a lot.
  11. sox71

    04.22.19 Games

    I was out the Birmingham game today. A couple of Jackson pitchers who are not prospects made Adolfo, Sheets, and Rutherford looks awful in some breaking pitches. Terrible base running as well. Chris Getz was at game today Did not engage much though If you ever go to Birmingham, take a visit to Rickwood Field. Alvin the wonderful groundskeeper let us walk in field, pitchers mound etc. it was awesome and gave me chills.
  12. sox71

    4/18 Games

    My thoughts is that the Sox front office promised the Winston Salem management that Robert and Madrigal would be with the team for a certain amount of time for the draw. Not sure how long, but just a crazy thought.
  13. sox71

    Palka demoted

    Is Jay ready to be activated?
  14. Are we happy that the trade for Joc did not happen?
  15. sox71

    Eloy officially got paid

    Same guy who said Machado was going. Meh......