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  1. sox71

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    A could of players drafted after Vaughn are ahead of him in the rankings......
  2. sox71

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    All of this makes the miss on Wheeler that much harder to swallow. Why could they not have just said, here is a $10 million signing bonus in addition to contract. No need to re-litigate just needed to vent. Let’s see what happens by start of spring training. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. This will drive the analytics departments crazy in any organization. A $60 million gap in value. If that is true, I do not know how this trade is ever made if an organization has truly bought into analytics. Seems according to this that it would cost more than just Benintendi............... Just want the White Sox to get some pitching without giving up Vaughn or Madrigal, if not, those two losing seasons were even more of a failure. Just waiting with the rest of you! Have a great day.
  4. Gammons just said on MLB that the Red Sox want Vaughn and Madrigal to make this Price-Benitendi+cash deal to work. He did comment that they were too far apart on money. That would be crazy.
  5. sox71

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Wow, woke up and realized Sox traded for Alex Rios again.
  6. I just hope this does not come down to KW saying Sox offered more money.....Hahn/KW the window is 4 years. Mortgage years 5-6, that is a long time away.
  7. Well said, totally agree and you conceptualized my point better that me so thank you.
  8. Fair criticism and I was not trying to portray this as an overreaction, but just knowing how the Sox work, compared to the Grandal signing, these negotiations have been much more public and I do not think Hahn is going to let himself personally or the organization being viewed as waiting at the altar based on last offseason.
  9. I am starting to believe that if Wheeler wanted to come to the White Sox he would have signed already. Sox probably have already put their best offer on the table and it was not enough for Wheeler to sign immediately. There was too much smoke on this the last two weeks for something not to be serious...........Trying to stay optimistic......
  10. sox71

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    Thanksgiving week always makes me nervous for free agents after Tori Hunter spurned us on Thanksgiving Eve. Sign a frontline starter and I will be thankful.
  11. sox71

    Kannapolis now has a new name

    Not a purist on this one, I love the new name and logo!! Looking forward to doing a North Carolina affiliate trip soon.
  12. sox71

    Rumor: Reinsdorf aims to build second place teams

    The Reinsdorf response to the rumor is the more troubling. I don't recall the conversation, no saying, I am committed to championship and we are going to spend money. This is a kick in the stomach. Sigh.
  13. Saw some Internet chatter today that due to the fact Kopech removed some tweet, there is fear he had some arm regression. If that just BS?
  14. sox71

    2020 RF options

    I hate the thought of Puig on the White Sox. It is going to be another agonizing off season with these free agents.