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  1. MiddleCoastBias

    Let's talk about the spring training hat

    We've got a Bruce Levine reference, Jerry being cheap, AND talking about how extending Abreu was dumb - it's a Soxtalk trifecta.
  2. MiddleCoastBias

    Soxfest news and notes

    My buddy sent me this photo of his dad who attended and brought this flag to hold up with Eloy. He wanted Eloy and Cease to sign it but the lines were too long, apparently.
  3. MiddleCoastBias

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    You guys know more about this than I do so here's another dumb question: what's the process for hiring/retaining/promoting/firing minor league coaches? Do they have contracts and, if so, so they ever span multiple years? Always just hear about how some coach is no longer there (Vizquel, Grudz, etc) but no mention of being fired or contract expiring, etc - they just disappear. And then you hear coaches are with one level one year (Jirschele, etc) and then moved to another the next year. Are they not locked in for multiple years? I get the sense that everyone serves on a one-year contract basis that is reviewed annually but there must be something I'm missing, yes?
  4. MiddleCoastBias

    New Chisox Motto

    Considering we haven't finished a season higher than third place in the last 7 years, I think we would get absolutely roasted publicly claiming that second place isn't good enough.
  5. MiddleCoastBias

    New Chisox Motto

    I feel like I can guess your age 😉
  6. MiddleCoastBias

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    You beat me to it haha
  7. MiddleCoastBias

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    I think this part is huge. So often people think framing as stealing strikes by bringing a ball back into the zone, but equally important is avoiding bringing a strike OUT of the zone with poor receiving. Narvaez really seemed to struggle with receiving pitches at the bottom of the zone and would flail at them, swinging his mitt out of the zone. He cost pitches like Rodon a ton of strikes by swiping at low sliders that caught the zone but were called balls because of how awkward the catcher was in receiving it. The human nature thing is right - if the catcher moves as little as possible, pitcher hits the mitt/target, and the catcher doesn't need to adjust to receive it, the ump is naturally going to be inclined to think "that's a good pitch". Having a 'quiet' catcher that doesn't blow calls with poor receiving skills is just as important as stealing the odd strike, imo.
  8. MiddleCoastBias

    Year in Review (2019 Soxtalk)

    Best Thread (for me) was the continued Manny Machado saga with the ever-changing titles. So many highs and lows over the first couple months of 2019. "We have him!" "We don't!" "But sources!" Even when it ended it heartbreak, it really was a thrilling ride that brought a lot of old posters out of retirement and attracted a lot of new posters (or activated old lurkers) to the board.
  9. This is a broader question outside of EE, but anyone concerned about the cyclical nature of the game swinging back from the HRs and launch angle, and limiting Eloy? All it takes is MLB overreacting and changing the ball again, and now we have Eloy's development years geared toward hitting dingers that end up as long pop outs. Not saying that's guaranteed, just that I want Eloy to be focused on being the best pure, all-around hitter with monster power, and not just limit it to being a Joc Pederson high-launch-angle-dependent guy.
  10. MiddleCoastBias

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Tim Anderson has hit 20 HR once in his career, so projecting 25 is... not conservative.
  11. MiddleCoastBias

    Computerized strike zone is coming

    Hell, put the replay up on the jumbotron like they do in tennis with the Hawk-Eye technology so everyone sees it as the same time. Tennis challenges take literally 5 seconds, are entertainingly visual for everyone to see together, and get the damn call right. Now I really want this.
  12. MiddleCoastBias

    Way past their prime as Pale Hose

    If we're doing a list of Sox that are past their prime, I'll contribute: Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf.
  13. MiddleCoastBias

    Way past their prime as Pale Hose

    Lots of good names in here. Has no one said David Wells yet? I'll say David Wells. And does Bartolo Colon count even though he has appeared to defeat time?
  14. MiddleCoastBias

    The Chicago Black Hats

    Minnesota Only Children is woefully underrated
  15. MiddleCoastBias

    Sox in on MadBum

    Thing is, I think a number of teams would think that as well. Then we're back to who offers more money or an extra year, and are the Sox the team that is going to do that?