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  1. MiddleCoastBias

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Yankees really control their own destiny - finish the season with 3 at Boston and then 3 at Toronto. Their two series will really shake that wildcard picture
  2. MiddleCoastBias

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

  3. MiddleCoastBias

    Sale got COVID, won't start against WS

    I just want to escape this series without losing any time due to illness. We're hit hard enough with the injury bug, don't need to add COVID IL to it.
  4. MiddleCoastBias

    GT 9/10: BOS @ SOX, 7:10 PM

    Boston can't have many players even left on their roster after all of their COVID outbreaks. Beat this decimated team into oblivion and just stay healthy otherwise.
  5. MiddleCoastBias

    9/7 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    It's low-hanging fruit. Probably easy for the local guys in opposing markets to do some quick research without looking too far into it, have something to say on air Figure in a year or so when he really gets into the national stage, La Pantera will be known everywhere.
  6. MiddleCoastBias

    9/7 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    Oakland's broadcast calling Robert "LuBob". Somewhere, Ron or Hi8is or whoever it was is quivering in anger that that nickname has taken hold nationally.
  7. MiddleCoastBias

    9/7 🧦 v. 🐘 GT

    Tepera nasty with that sword on Olson. Olson doesn't get fooled like that often, set him up well.
  8. MiddleCoastBias

    Tim Anderson most entertaining in MLB

    Curious to bury the lede failing to mention we have 3 of the top 10. Love Timmy and he deserves the top recognition, but the Lynn and Liam are giving the FCC censors job security is also highly entertaining.
  9. MiddleCoastBias

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Evaluating each team's remaining strength of schedule. I like that we play a few "good, not great" teams to stay sharp without getting worn down as we prepare down the stretch. https://www.mlb.com/news/2021-mlb-postseason-contenders-with-toughest-september-schedules
  10. MiddleCoastBias

    In Defense of Leury

    Entirely too early prediction, but Romy's multi-position flexibility and power off the bench make him an excellent replacement for Leury (on paper) at a lower price tag. My guess is that the Sox see what they have in Romy this month and that will inform their decision whether they want to pay to bring Leury back next year.
  11. MiddleCoastBias

    Romy Gonzalez called up

    Sounds like we've got our next Eduardo Escobar
  12. MiddleCoastBias

    Romy Gonzalez called up

    Rutherford is the obvious and clear choice to get the boot. Figure they at least try to trade Adolfo and Mercedes in the off-season, get a lottery ticket out of them. Wright has value to this team as a body in September as they deal with injuries (Gio, Lynn) and give guys rest to figure it out (Keuchel).
  13. MiddleCoastBias

    Does Dallas Keuchel even make the Playoff Roster?

    I bet we see him hit the IL for a week or two to try to sort himself out in the next few days. They'll let him dry out on the bench and get some back-field work, and then see what we have when he comes back from a break.
  14. MiddleCoastBias

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Man, that lineup today, woo! Leury just keeping the seat warm in RF for Billy or Engel to come back, and then this lineup is fire