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  1. MiddleCoastBias

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Update on Buehrle
  2. Is anyone excited to have to face Spencer Torkelson in Detroit for years to come? No? That's how I feel about Vaughn. Vaughn could've been that 1-1 if he was a few inches taller. I'm in no hurry to save the Central years of headaches by trading him away.
  3. And if you sign Cruz, that gives us more time to try Vaughn out at 3B/OF in the minors for a season without worrying about rushing a timeline to bring him up if the Collins/Mercedes DH experiment fails early. I buy it.
  4. MiddleCoastBias

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    The tweet is also over 24 hours old with only one person interacting with it in that time. Sounds like something put out right after the Reddit rumor surfaced. More of nothing.
  5. MiddleCoastBias

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Please no Narvaez in any deal. Please, please no. He's so bad at receiving/framing low pitches. I swear he cost Rodon countless low strikes. Everything is a stab that he drags out of the zone.
  6. MiddleCoastBias

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Wait, so he's citing tweets from the foodies after he posted his rumlr as proof that it's happening... when the foodies are likely basing their tweets on his Reddit rumor? Talk about a reliable.
  7. Welp, let's hope Garrett Richards hasn't been lurking the last few days, for his sake.
  8. MiddleCoastBias

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Plus Profar can spell a few games on the outfield (San Diego had him in left semi-regularly). But it sounds like he and SD had a good relationship so I expect him to return there once they finish making the rest of their moves.
  9. Fair, so we agree that they're both not worth our time or money.
  10. Rich Hill will also pitch 1/3 the innings as he's out with a blister all. the. time.
  11. Tanaka may be what we need, but he ain't happenin'. Rumors are that he's considering going back to Japan on a 4-year deal. If he's staying here, it's to re-sign with the Yankees. He's 32. He doesn't want a 1-year deal from a new club that he doesn't know if he's ultimately looking to go back to Japan eventually.
  12. Without making a move, I think they still tell Lopez that he's in the pen and work on getting him into the mindset of a being a reliever. For someone that seems to struggle with focus, having him wonder if he's starting or relieving this week wouldn't seem to help him. Sit him down and focus on preparing to pitch one inning at a time. My guess is that they'll mentally pencil Stiever in at #5 on January 18th with the intention that he'll be bumped by a vet signing before spring training.
  13. MiddleCoastBias

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Right, after seeing how they got creative with Liam's deal, this seems like an opportunity for our FO to do something funky with a deal that would appeal to Bauer and give us some flexibility. I just don't think they'll get the go-ahead to push it.
  14. MiddleCoastBias

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    It'll be very interesting to see where Bauer lands and what he gets at this point. Figure he's got to be looking at ways to get creative with the contract to spin it as a win on a short deal but also get his "recognition" as a top talent/contract.
  15. MiddleCoastBias

    DH Options

    Again, I can't believe that we've collectively moved on from the annual courtship of Joc Pederson. Brantley seems to be the new darling, but I like Joc more (can spell CF if Robert needs any time off), better OFer with more versatility. And I don't hear his name in rumors for ANY team anymore, crazy.