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  1. mrichar4


    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 01:05 AM) Another view of potential future uniforms someone came up with a few years ago. It doesn’t focus on featuring the “white” aspect of things, but rather “punching up” the color on the current uniform scheme while tethering the suggestions to the team’s varied uniform design history. https://clumsytuba.wordpress.com/2013/04/04...e-sox-uniforms/ I came to this thread hoping there would be a reference to those red mock-ups - I've been in love with the top one for a couple years now, and I was also thinking it would be a good re-brand for the new era with the rebuild. I would love to see that thrown in as the Sunday alternate, doesn't need to be the full takeover. Keeps everything we love about the current jerseys and just adds a little red, throwback to jerseys in the '50s but with the modern touch. Big, big fan of this.
  2. mrichar4

    Nationals acquire Doolittle/Madson from As

    As many have mentioned before, we need other teams to be in need of closers for the Nats to really get into a bidding war, or at least feel any added outside motivation. My thought is look at the league leaders in blown save opportunities and work those angles hard. The Nats needs relievers. Desperately. If we start selling off relievers to other clubs, they'll see we aren't just waiting for them to pick up the phone. TeamRank Blown Saves Games Back from WC 1 Texas 17 3.5 3 NY Yankees 15 +1 5 Tampa Bay 15 0 6 Washington 14 - 8 Seattle 13 3 12 LA Angels 12 2.5 All of these teams are competing for a wildcard or division spot and rank among the teams with most blown saves. There's ample opportunity to make moves with other teams (once teams become motivated to buy) that will net us pieces and force other teams' hand.
  3. mrichar4

    Zack Burdi... Starter?

    I'm just keep thinking back to his last outting in the College World Series last year in which he gave up the walk-off grand slam to UCSB. He started the inning absolutely cruising and embarrassing batters but got a little wild and his pitch count increased. Got into trouble, pitch count was up, and he was totally gassed - after one inning. Ended up tossing up a cookie that landed in the bleachers. I understand the concept of stretching him out is to get him to cool it on the "max effort, all the time" thing, but he just seems tailor made to be a high velocity one-inning guy to me.
  4. mrichar4

    ST 3/17 Sox vs Mariners 3:05 start

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Mar 17, 2015 -> 04:28 PM) Than Gillaspie? I don't think we have one. Unless you want Cabrera there, but that creates a much bigger hole at #2. Heh.
  5. mrichar4

    James Shields

    FWIW, there was an article a few days ago about Greinke and the possibility/probability that he excersises his opt out clause after this season. He can opt out of his contract after this year and cash in for some serious money. The Dodgers know this and could look to sign Shields as a replacement now anticipating losing Greinke later.
  6. mrichar4

    2015 Films thread

    QUOTE (TaylorStSox @ Jan 9, 2015 -> 11:50 AM) I really don't get the fascination with Snowpiercer. It's a movie that's right up my alley (post apocalyptic scifi), but I don't even think it's good, let alone in the top 10. The entire movie is just a monotone mess to me. Chris Evans also does nothing for me. I've been scratching my head on this one too. I LOVED so much of the movie - neat concept, class struggle/caste system allegory was awesome. The ending really threw me, though. Like, there was such a great build up to what I wanted to happen, what I thought would have been a much better ending, and then it just farted. So disappointing. I think THAT would have nailed home the dystopian theme.
  7. mrichar4

    Tim Raines HOF

    Raines also benefits from the fact that there aren't many big names coming up next year which will help clear up some of the glut. Griffey is a sure thing, probably Edmonds, and then they drop off. Hopefully this allows more voters to use their expanded votes to vote in the deserving guys that have been passed over in recent years.
  8. mrichar4

    Should I?

    Mike MacDougal authentic. I don't even think his own mother bought that. And a collection that includes early Bartolo, Loaiza, Beckham, and Quentin, among many others. I guess they can't all be winning lottery tickets.
  9. mrichar4

    FutureSox on Yoan Moncada

    Another good read, less baseball ability-related, moreso just the crazy story of Moncada trying to come stateside to play in the MLB. Yoan Moncada's Weird Story of Defection
  10. mrichar4

    Johnny Venters?

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Nov 20, 2014 -> 01:17 PM) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_John_surgery Sounds like quite the case of 'dead arm'. And with that, I'll return to the shadows.
  11. mrichar4

    This is a joke!!

    QUOTE (venom4789 @ Oct 5, 2014 -> 10:40 PM) It seems like a lot of boston fans think baseball revolves around them, i have a few friends who are red sox fans and some of the trade ideas they throw out there are unreal. While its nice to dream about trades and such when i do i try to make it realistic, when they do you think they do the trade on a video game and think it could happen in real life. The baseball hubris out here is offensive. The fans have no concept of how baseball works anymore.
  12. mrichar4

    9/25 vs Royals

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Sep 25, 2014 -> 09:01 PM) Yes he is . Replaced by Sierra. Btw You are a great poster . I like your style /nods approvingly
  13. mrichar4

    Official Frank Thomas Celebration Week

    I'll be driving out Friday afternoon with a couple Braves fans. We got a hotel downtown (someone pulled some strings) so it should be a great little weekend.
  14. mrichar4

    2014 Films Thread

    I went to see Edge of Tomorrow today. First 20 minutes, I said "that makes no f***ing sense" 3 times. Then the next hour I was like "this is awesome!", followed up 3 Picard-esque WTFs towards the end. Just an up and down love/hate movie. So, a Tom Cruise movie. But really, just throw the third Matrix, Tom Cruise, 50 First Dates, and a boat-load of money in to a blender and there you go. That's probably unfair because all of those things individually is pretty awful, but somehow it adds up to a decent flick.
  15. mrichar4

    WGN America dropping Sox, other Chicago sports

    I'm not gonna lie, this makes me selfishly happy for the schadenfreude of it. New England is the only part of the country that doesn't get WGN America so every argument I have with friends about anything unrelated is always ended with "but we have WGN". Though I guess it hasn't affected me that much anyway because it forced me to pick up MLB.tv and I've never looked back.