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  1. royoung

    SoxFest and the Farm

    QUOTE (KnightsOnMintSt @ Jan 30, 2018 -> 04:26 PM) Based on the comments, Robert has to be starting in Kannapolis, right? That would be my educated guess. But I think he goes to Winston-Salem if he REALLY impresses in Spring Training though.
  2. royoung

    White Sox prospects who just missed our upcoming T30

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 10:23 AM) Just FYI, Kade McClure is listed as a 16 draftee, not 17. It is pretty awesome to see at the granular level guys that used to be in the mid-list range, now coming in at outside of the list. Off of this group, very excited to see what Sosa does this year. Fixed. Thanks for the catch.
  3. royoung

    Reverse Standings Thread

    Giants up 3-0. Keep it up!
  4. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 01:25 PM) No, but it was it. RH this spring said nothing was ever close with Q. I was in the room when he brought up the Christmas Eve thing at Soxfest, because someone asked him if there were periods where deals wouldn't be made. He through out he thought he had one on Christmas Eve this year, and New Years Eve or something like that previously. It was later found out, the Sox and Nats did agree to a trade but it was rejected by the Nats owner. Thanks, I have updated the article to be more ambiguous on Rick's quote (Scott Gregor speculated on Quintana), but I am going off of Brian's report for the Q for Rutherford reported swap.
  5. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 01:13 PM) Christmas Eve deal was Robertson to the Nats. Do you have a link for that?
  6. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 12:43 PM) Wait, the Sox had a deal in place for Q to the NYY? I had never heard that before. Q was suppose to go to Pittsburgh, Cutch to NYY, and prospect (Rutherford possibly) to CHW. If you connect the dots between Brian's (RaBBit) tweets on 12/23 and later Rick Hahn's comments about a Christmas Eve deal, yes, it appears it was nearly completed.
  7. royoung

    8/24 Games

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Aug 25, 2017 -> 03:07 PM) Yes, the scouting report was indeed an old one. I couldn't find anything current, regarding his defense at third. So, you don't think that he is capable of playing solid defense there? I was told he has enough arm for 3B and can play there "in a pinch." He has solid power but I don't think he is going to hit for enough average to be a major league contributor.
  8. royoung


    QUOTE (BamaDoc @ Aug 16, 2017 -> 09:02 AM) Saw he left game in second due to injury and game thread said possibly hit by line drive. Figured it may get lost in that thread since few look after a day or so. Anyone have updated info? I reached out and he left the game due to a "undisclosed injury." Thanks a lot White Sox. We will see today how severe it is if he goes on the DL or not.
  9. royoung

    7/25 Games

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 26, 2017 -> 09:17 AM) Guessing the lousville guys aren't gonna get a lot of run this year after their CWS run? Has Henzman been anywhere? I think he has pitched one inning at Arizona.
  10. royoung

    Keith Law Mid-Season Top 50 Prospects

    QUOTE (TheTruth05 @ Jul 13, 2017 -> 09:14 AM) Any position players ahead of Moncada? Sorry I don't have insider Rosario (1), Torres (2), Devers (3), Robles (4), Jimenez (5), Mejia (6), Guerrero Jr (8), Acuna (9), are all in front of Moncada. He did say he heard Moncada's defense at 2B has improved. Before he was down on him at 2B and thought he was better at 3B.
  11. royoung

    Fangraphs Article About Tommy Kahnle

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Apr 28, 2017 -> 12:56 PM) Our bullpen could potentially have some serious flamethrowers once Burdi makes it to the majors Jones, Kahnle and Burdi all can top 100 Reynaldo Lopez can also hit 100 if they choose to go that route for him.
  12. royoung

    Some love for Zack Collins

    QUOTE (winninguglyin83 @ Apr 7, 2017 -> 08:43 AM) After years of being snubbed by Baseball America, the Sox prospects kicked up some love on Opening Night in the minor leagues. http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/coll...with-big-night/ Collins bat is nearly MLB ready, he is in Winston-Salem to work on catching. He is going to put up some crazy numbers in the Carolina League before they promote him to Birmingham.
  13. royoung

    FutureSox Season Preview

    With the White Sox in full-on rebuild mode, FutureSox is ramping up its coverage by adding new writers, new content, and more affiliate visits than ever before. Check out our own version of a season preview at the link below and feel free to let us know what you are most looking forward to this year. http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2017/...tent-a-preview/
  14. royoung

    Red Sox acquire Chris Sale, White Sox get Moncada+

    QUOTE (ChiSoxFanMike @ Mar 8, 2017 -> 11:35 AM) I guess. The Red Sox must have not been compelled to put a third blue chip guy on the table if they knew their offer was already the best. It's just annoying. I like Basabe's potential but Diaz doesn't do much for me. He just seems like another bullpen arm. Even a guy like Travis or Dalbec in place of him would've made the deal much better. Travis and Dalbec are their current #5 and #6 prospects, respectively. Once DD agreed to package Moncada/Kopech/Basabe and Hahn agreed to move on from Devers, the fourth piece was going to be a flyer. Sox scout John Tumminia was "pounding the table" for Diaz to be included, based off what they saw at the end of the season. He could move quickly and be a dominant set-up guy or even closer. Thats a great way to round out a very high ceiling package of players.
  15. royoung

    Keith Law Top 100

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jan 27, 2017 -> 11:47 AM) Does anyone have access to Law's list from last year? Yes. Are you looking for Moncada's rank? He was.....#17. LOL