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  1. Sox72

    White Sox Face Masks

    Yes! Great find!
  2. He loved it so much so that he signed with the Phillies...
  3. Sox72

    White Sox about to win me $1,000,000

    It’s just incredible. He still may be UNDERRATED. (At least by the average fan)
  4. Sox72

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    I don’t get it. Why ISN’T everyone here giving him credit? Because we don’t know whether he posts on this board? This is confusing. Especially when I believe he’s continuing to show he does have some sort of source.
  5. This thread is a prime showcase of the posters who like to b**** for the sake of b****ing.
  6. Sox72

    Betts to Dodgers

    What in the F*** kind of report is this?!?
  7. Sox72

    MLB cheating scandal

    Especially as to how it translates across nearly all factors in life - many much more important than baseball. It really is depressing.
  8. Sox72

    Here’s A Laugh

    Whether their logic is ridiculous or not, unfortunately, our team has given them every reason to think this way over the past 15 years.
  9. Sox72

    Didi to Phi Phi

    Really wish the Sox had taken advantage of the FA market the way the Phillies have the past 2 years...
  10. Sure. That sounds better. But, really, we just need to pay him what it takes to sign him.
  11. Sox72

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    I’d ban bet him that he’d stand up.
  12. Sox72

    Rick Hahn's Resume as GM

    Very good points. But what still gets me, with respect to last off-season, is the leaking of the low-ball offer to Macahado (which allegedly came from the Sox organization) gave the Padres the idea that they had the ability to jump in. For a “master negotiator,” that was a pretty piss poor mistake.
  13. Agreed. It’s disappointing. And even more disappointing that the ron883s, Yoan4Moans, and Jack Parkmans are the ones who seem to weasel their way into every discussion and ruin it. If only “ban bets” were strictly enforced...
  14. Sox72

    A fair and balanced soliloquy about Jose Abreu, by ron

    This is the biggest “look at me” complete asshole thread. Why would mods not shut something like this down? Completely embarrassing. Let’s all make glorified personal gratification threads. They will proceed with no problem. What a fucking joke.
  15. Sox72

    A fair and balanced soliloquy about Jose Abreu, by ron

    Since he wasn’t traded, I don’t see any reality where he is not back next year. If they don’t plan on re-signing him, then why not trade him for something-anything? They certainly aren’t in contention for anything this year where it would make sense to keep him for a stretch run and let him walk. I just can’t think of any logical reason he wouldn’t be traded if they had no intention on signing him for at least next year. Maybe the long play of keeping your reputation with respect to trades? You’d have to have faith in Hahn to think that way, and I’m not saying I don’t. But it seems a stretch.