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  1. oldsox

    8/15 Games

    Has he played yet?
  2. oldsox

    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    well, that explains it then. Thanks. And, it was a nice pickup.
  3. oldsox

    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    For all you Abreu haters, he made a great pickup for the final out.
  4. oldsox

    Ruiz optioned

    He gawn. Back to Charlotte.
  5. oldsox

    Game thread: 8/10 vs Athletics

    Get well, Moncada
  6. oldsox

    Rutherford vs. Walker

    Oakland held out for Semien. Hahn held out for Michael Ynoa.
  7. oldsox

    FS: Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects FULL LIST

    I'm surprised both Hanson and Burdi are there. After all, they haven't done anything for 2 seasons now.
  8. oldsox

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Could HAVE had both and saved a shitload of money.
  9. oldsox

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Name from the past. Cubs traded him to Rockies for Ian Stewart. DJ Lemehieu was thrown in the deal, and now he is the AL MVP for the damn Yankees.
  10. oldsox

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Leury, swing the bat. Twice.
  11. oldsox

    7/20 Games

    All I want to know is if this kid is for real?
  12. oldsox

    7/20- Sox at Rays, 5:10, WGN

    Avi showed Hahn.
  13. oldsox

    Engel Recalled

    But Engel has improved this year.
  14. oldsox

    Herrera to DL: Jimmy Cordero Recalled

    Cordero has now been on 6, count 'em, 6 teams this year.
  15. oldsox

    Engel Recalled

    A month ago I would have argued with you; after last night's game, you are right.