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  1. oldsox

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Nope. Foulke wanted more money, something like $ 6 Million, or whatever. So they made the trade to save a few bucks, and then they gave Koch a raise to match Foulke. Foulke stayed successful and Kock didn't.
  2. oldsox

    Wander Franco 12 year extension?

    Future Senator?
  3. oldsox

    Justin Yurchak

    Kind of a modern day Ross Gload?
  4. oldsox

    Justin Verlander re-signs in Houston

    Nice wife, tho.
  5. oldsox

    Justin Yurchak

    Interesting. Nice catch.
  6. oldsox

    Conforto rejects QO, enters free agency

    Why? I just don't get it. I look at his stats, and I'm not excited. You have probably seen him play more than I have, I would be interested in why you like him so much.
  7. oldsox

    Late Break

    I can't define "late break", but I know it when I see it.
  8. oldsox

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Never is a big word. I agree with your first two predictions.
  9. oldsox

    Sox give no qualifying offers

    Boras smarter than Hahn.
  10. oldsox

    LOL rockies

    And, yet, they boxed themselves into a corner by letting Charlie Blackmon sign an option for $21 Million for 2022.
  11. oldsox

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Next stop for Posey is HOF.
  12. oldsox

    Offseason Thread

    Relax, man. It was just a tidbit of information that was appropriate for this thread on this message board.
  13. oldsox

    Offseason Thread

    Eaton was released on July 13. Looks like Sox are on the hook for his $1 Million buyout.
  14. oldsox

    Offseason Thread

    What's really goofy is that Cleveland traded Rosario for 90 year old Pablo Sandoval, all 300 pounds of him, and they immediately cut Pabs. Trade should not have been allowed.
  15. oldsox

    MLB Work stoppage almost certain

    Great post, thanks. This is the Best of Soxtalk, to get background like this on an important issue.