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  1. oldsox

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Yes, there should be a floor. The NBA has one, but it is just a tad below the cap. I think a floor in today's dollars of $75ish million would be appropriate. This will be negotiated with next CBA.
  2. oldsox

    Opening Day 26 Man Roster Discussion

    13 pitchers is excessive, especially early season.
  3. oldsox

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    I've been watching Colorado baseball ever since they got a team, and there is a hangover when they go on the road, and it's not just with Arenado.
  4. oldsox

    MLB cheating scandal

    My bad.
  5. oldsox

    MLB cheating scandal

    No, he didn't. He kicked ass. He got everyone's attention. There is no perfect solution. Just STFU and let him do his job, which he is doing. Perfection will not happen.
  6. oldsox

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Madrigal won't struggle; he just has to be promoted at right time.
  7. oldsox

    Jim Bowden Top 50 Prospect List

    Empty suit
  8. oldsox

    MLB cheating scandal

  9. oldsox

    MLB cheating scandal

    My thought exactly. The umpires must have heard the drum banging. Hear no evil? MLB should at least say something to condemn the umps.
  10. oldsox

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Not now.
  11. oldsox

    MLB cheating scandal

    I don't think Cora will get hit as hard as Hinch was.
  12. oldsox

    I don't see how pitch framing works?

    Framing can be one of those important little things that players do to help win games, but having a stat involved to measure that particular skill set is BS to me.
  13. Cease certainly did not dominate at Charlotte, and he got lit up in the first inning way too often while with Sox. Lots of hits, lots of walks. I wouldn't be surprised if he spends some time in AAA this year.
  14. I think Cease's ceiling is a lot lower than a year ago.
  15. oldsox

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    That's me. Thanks.