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  1. oldsox

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    Hamels pitched way inside vs Rockies last week. We need a nice brawl.
  2. oldsox

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    Someone somewhere recently posted a spread sheet showing all our draft picks for several years. Does anyone have that link available?
  3. oldsox

    Collins getting called up

    Are you saying that there is a stat for how a catcher directs fielders?
  4. oldsox

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Boy, the Yanks were sure quick to pull the trigger on Rutherford. Unlike most other orgs.
  5. oldsox

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    Jack, I never heard this before, and I don't understand it. Giving up Tatis (or anyone) for a broken down, expensive pitcher who had trouble getting anyone out for San Diego was a precursor to the re-build?? Why couldn't we not make that trade and still do the re-build? Or, is Hahn saying that because of his huge gaffe, he now had to do the re-build? This makes Hahn look even more incompetent. Please let me know your thoughts.
  6. oldsox

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    Hahn won that trade.
  7. oldsox

    Rick Hahn and his Trades

    To summarize, the Sale, Eaton, and Q trades all look solid, and they very well might turn out to be sensational if a few years. The Yankee trade was MEH. They all have one thing in common: in addition to the principals of the trades (Eloy, Cease, Gio, Lopez, Yoan, Kopech) on the receiving end, Sox got a whole bunch of junky players who really never had a chance of helping. Too numerous to mention. Why bother, Hahn? Just get some good players in return. It just smacks of the other GM's convincing Hahn to take the deals because of quantity. Oh well. But, in two pages of posts, nobody mentions the Tatis fuck up. He had three hits last night, by the way, and looked sensational. I just can't get over the sheer incompetence. If he ever took a moment to explain his action, I might be able to understand it. It was a bozo move, and one is too many.
  8. oldsox

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    So he is less than a five tool player??
  9. oldsox


    I like his bandana
  10. oldsox

    6/12 Games

    Which Gonzales? Catcher or OF?
  11. oldsox

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    No argument, but you sound like Wite from the Rodon days.
  12. oldsox

    Ian Dawkins

    6 outfielders on W-S roster.
  13. oldsox

    Ian Dawkins

    Good question. I also noticed he has 16 SB's.