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  1. cornball

    Your Off Season Plan

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 31, 2017 -> 05:54 PM) I just don't see a whole of big things happening this winter. The two guys who we might trade don't have any real trade value as of now in Abreu and Avi. We also aren't going out and signing anyone of note this winter. It is going to be a long and quiet winter. I agree and the Sox would need to be blown away to trade Abreu, while waiting for a desperate team to overpay for Avi later in the year. I think the plan is to wait and develop current players, but I won't be surprised if there was a deal for a player like Yelich on the Marlins. The Sox need a cf, lefty hitter, a future leader and building block. He is signed thru 2022. Just depends what the return would be, but I think a good fit short and long term as he is only 26 now. Thoughts?
  2. cornball

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Oct 21, 2017 -> 07:55 PM) There is a new report that later the same day Trump boasted about calling all the Gold Star families, and other Presidents did not, his staff contacted the Pentagon to get the names and family member numbers of those killed so he could contact some more that he had apparently "missed." They know he lies and lies and lies, but do nothing about it, but spin it, or act like it doesn't happen. I hope they all eventually pay for their actions or non actions. Washington DC, the city with no consequences, otherwise most of the Obama administration would be in jail. I guess you could say the same thing about Chicago and Cook County.
  3. cornball

    Frazier to Boston Rumors getting heavy

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Jul 16, 2017 -> 12:12 AM) They won't want to play here. And yes it will impact the payroll. Those signings rarely end up being worth their contract anyway. Only teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers can absorb 9 figure screw ups. Until we get legit ownership of this team I say no. You don't know if they would want to play here. Circumstances in a few years from now are unknown. Our payroll at that that time should be limited and that is when you can absorb a large contract. The teams you mentioned maybe near the tax threshold at that time, as they are now. We need to wait and see what is best. Many FA do not pan out, but few are exposed to the market in their mid 20's as established stars.
  4. cornball

    Frazier to Boston Rumors getting heavy

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Jul 15, 2017 -> 07:54 PM) This team will never sign a Harper, Trout, or Machado. I actually hope they don't as long as current ownership is in place because that will leave the team with their hands tied due to payroll constraints for a decade. I completely disagree. In 2 -3 years would be a great time to sign a front loaded contract for a young superstar like Harper or Trout. Depending how it is structured it shouldn't impact future payroll. This seems to be in line with JR's history as well.
  5. cornball

    Tommy Kahnle

    Package him with Robertson to the Nats for Robles+
  6. cornball


    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jul 2, 2017 -> 11:39 AM) I wish Atlanta were seriously interested in him. That's a team that could keep their top 2 or 3 (as all see me to want to do) and the Sox should still have plenty to their liking to do a deal. I am with you Acuna-Moncada is a marketing dream.
  7. cornball

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    Personally, I think the Pirates are a great match for Q. They have several high rated players blocked and could easily come up with a package.
  8. cornball

    sox close to another deal?

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Dec 16, 2009 -> 09:55 AM) ...and has been vocal in the past about not wanting to play here. I realize Dalgato stated he did not weant to play here in 2005-2006. He was in great demand then, today he has very few options. Just a thought anyway.
  9. cornball

    sox close to another deal?

    Where the club is right now after the JP trade, Kenny definately will add a power lefty bat. I am guessing Delgato on a low base incentive deal. Doesn't feel right to gut the farm right now for AGonn or Dunn although they would be welcome additions. Delgato is coming off of hip sugury and is supposed to be playing winterball.
  10. cornball

    Sox ask Tampa Bay about BJ Upton

    QUOTE (knightni @ Nov 22, 2009 -> 07:39 PM) My quote is that's what TB would probably want. Upton and Gonzalez both is a dream. It is very unlikely without a game system and a CPU GM on the other side. I must have missed it. Here are all your posts in this thread. I'd rather keep the young guys and rebuild than throw a bunch of prospects at another AL team for a guy due for a giant payday. Hmm.. Okay, that's not as bad as I thought. With arb though, he could be pulling down 9-10 mil a year. Flowers, Hudson, Jenks and D2 for Upton might be TBs offer. This ain't X-Box. Jenks won't make " a lot " of money. Maybe 6 or 7 mil. The Sox might pay part if they can get Upton I said that it would take a lot to get him in Tampa's mind. I don't want to send those guys for Upton, I just know that it will take a lot to get him.
  11. cornball

    Sox ask Tampa Bay about BJ Upton

    QUOTE (knightni @ Nov 22, 2009 -> 07:26 PM) I said that it would take a lot to get him in Tampa's mind. I don't want to send those guys for Upton, I just know that it will take a lot to get him. I don't want to argue with you, that proposal was a direct quote from your post. A trade of Upton would only happen if Crawford would be extended, and they have their own prospect to plug in the OF. I think you may misjudge the value of prospects these days. Bobby Jenks also has value, except the salary is getting high, especially for the Rays. My "x-box" thought was he is a right handed hitter and while he would bat leadoff/improve defense, doesn't address the power lefty slot needed.
  12. cornball

    Sox ask Tampa Bay about BJ Upton

    QUOTE (knightni @ Nov 22, 2009 -> 06:40 PM) This ain't X-Box. Your the guy wanting to send Flowers, Hudson, Jenks and D2 for Upton. That would be complete fantasy, way too much. A proven closer, and 3 major league ready prospects....wow. Get real yourself.
  13. cornball

    Sox ask Tampa Bay about BJ Upton

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Nov 22, 2009 -> 05:23 PM) If he had the kind of year it looked like he was capable of, he could legit ask for $8-10 mil as an opening arbitration bid. Ryan Howard won a $10 million bid a year or so ago didn't he? But of course, if he hit that well we'd probably have a world series under our belts, so we might not mind. I doubt he would be that expensive when the time comes and would be inexpensive for next year. I do believe he would be a perfect piece for the Sox. The defense would be vastly improved in the outfield and a leadoff man with speed. His career OBP is good, last year the exception. I think he would be the perfect piece, however he is a right handed bat and the need for a power lefty would remain. If you could work out a deal with Jenks (closer and catcher seem to be the concerns for the Rays) as the center of a deal, coupled with the farm for A Gonzales, all would be great.
  14. cornball

    I don't get it

    QUOTE (chisoxt @ Nov 15, 2009 -> 11:31 AM) Why is it everytime an expensive, but short term veteran player is available just about every fan wants to unload the whole farm system to acquire him? They ignore the fact that we have many more needs in other areas and that the practice of mortgaging every decent prospect you have for a quick fix is not sustainable. Even the big market teams like the Yankees, Red sox and Dodgers are smart enough to realize that you have to keep some of your younger players, particualary young pitchers who can fill important bullpen roles. That way you don't have to overspend and get overused rejects like Linebrink and MacDougal. Yes, getting Crawford or Gonzalez would be great but at what cost? Then when we overpay to get guys like them or Rios and Peavy, there is the inevitable self pity and whining on the part of management that we are too poor to fill other roster positions. We will have the best rotation in the league next year but no backup help from the bullpen. If this team wants to achieve sustainable success in the long term, at some point they have to get to the point where they develop their own players. As the economy sputters and revenue streams will be hard to sustain, the Sox have to be smart when it comes to management of their roster. Buying expensive pieces off the shelf will not be the answer. I am not sure what you suggest the WS should do. Are you saying, build through the farm system like the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers? This team currently has potentially a great starting staff. Improvement to the defense, pen and a middle of the order OF/DH is needed. One move could make the difference. At this time if a Gonzalez could be obtained (unlikely, but I hope not) you need to pursue this. BTW, the Red Sox and Seatle are very interested in Gonzalez. The Yanks and Red Sox have budgets to overcome their mistakes. They use the FA system in large part to fill their gaps and allow the farm to grow. If the White Sox are not winning, attendance goes down historically. The White Sox typically build by trade due to the lack of success in drafting. Now is not the time to go for it by any means possible. Prospects are just that, until proven otherwise. It will be interesting to see how this develops.
  15. cornball

    You're KW in the offseason

    To answer the original question, I think KW is in a great spot heading into the offseason. It will be a late developing offseason for the most part I believe. I think Kenny will shop Konerko and Jenks early on and inquire about Crawford/ Gonzalez and others. If all fails he will make a few minor trades and a few low key FA signings will happen to open the season. Awaiting the prospects to become major league ready. Seems like most teams are trying to figure out the market value of experienced players. The value of prospects is high with many teams in budget trouble.