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  1. Quin

    Goldschmidt getting 5/110 extension

    It's a trend that they helped start. God the last two massive free agents for long ass time were both right there for the taking, but no, had to get cute.
  2. After that, swap the beach blankets for the '59s
  3. Palka can play left. We don't exactly have him in right for his defensive acumen.
  4. So we've got Eloy under control for 8 years now, with no hard feelings? And according to everyone who said our treatment of Eloy meant no FA would ever sign here this means we'll now sign every FA, right?
  5. A+ post Get those Soxtalk points
  6. In the above scenario....Vaughn is off the board. Right now it looks like Hahn will have the easiest choice in the draft: Adley and Vaughn picked? Take Witt. Adley and Witt? Take Vaughn. Witt and Vaughn because teams got cute? Thank your lucky stars for Adley. Teams got REAL weird and two are available? Well, now we've got discussions.
  7. Quin

    2019 MLB draft thread

  8. Quin

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    Best jerseys / logo in the league.
  9. Quin

    Gio Gonzalez

    That changes it significantly.
  10. Quin

    Dunning to Meet with Dr. Andrews

    This is officially where this thread jumped the shark / lost all relevant discussion. SoxTalk isn't PadresTalk, FriarTalk, or ConnfessionTime. Please take all further Dunning conversation to the other Dunning thread.
  11. Quin

    Fire Jim Boylen

    To be fair, they fired Boylan well over a decade ago As for this thread...this is strange timing for it. The players now like him, the team has looked more coherent since the Porter trade. After his debut? Hell yeah. He was fucking awful. But either he learned from his mistakes or something happened to make it all click in the locker room, because they all seem to enjoy each other now.
  12. Quin

    8 myths out

    SABR is great at research, so this will be exciting to see. I wonder what the other myths will be.
  13. Also #6 is unofficially retired for Lau.