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  1. Quin

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    ESPN currently has the Bulls taking Cole Anthony at #7.
  2. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Trying to kill the minors.
  3. Quin

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    @bmags let's get aboard the Crochet train
  4. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Possible side effect: With Lunhow gone, we save minor league baseball?
  5. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Considering the Astros are good, it's much more likely to be back of the draft picks.
  6. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Ban their asses, strip the picks in the first five rounds for 3 years. Ya know, make the cheating worth it.
  7. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    So to be clear, people saying this is harsh... Jake Burger, Zack Collins, Gavin Sheets, Alec Hansen, a year suspension for Hahn and Renteria, and $5M isn't worth a World Series
  8. Quin

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    I'm being slightly facetious, but it was more of a "Alec Hansen's progress was stunted to prove that we should promote Zaleski" joke.
  9. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    This put the integrity of the game in question. Also the financial for hundreds of players. And ticket sales. And playoff revenue.
  10. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Ding ding ding. MLB banned Coppolella for minor league signing bonus violations and 13 prospects were stripped. Here, games were tampered with and Lunhow and Hinch got off light comparatively.
  11. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    He's so fucking glad they got Osuna.
  12. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Should have been bans. Cora is lucky if he gets out of this.
  13. Quin

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    Alec Hansen died for this.
  14. Quin

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    Jirschele and Zaleski coming for those major league jobs 👀
  15. Quin

    New Chisox Motto

    The motto is just this clip.