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  1. Quin

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    To be fair, you also keep telling the entire board that Abreu is secretly 35.
  2. Quin

    The Trade Winds are open

    Only one deadline this year fellas and it's coming fast. Post everything in this subforum.
  3. Quin

    Luis Robert

    My favorite part is none of them are the fastest player in the system.
  4. Quin

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    And to be fair, Charlie Tilson missed a year after tearing his hamstring. I remember @ptatc's description was that it's basically like trying to glue two pasta noodles back together. Then after that he broke his foot.
  5. Quin

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    Man, I don't think you needed to explain the Titanic was.
  6. Quin

    7/18 Games

  7. Ok. Take TatisTalk to Diamond Club.
  8. Discuss the Shields and Tatis trade. If this thread is simply bumped every time he has a good day, we have multiple Tatis threads in Diamond Club.
  9. Division is terrible. How do your sort it in division once you've settled on what division goes first? Either do a lottery or do that terrible idea I had awhile ago where there's a minor league playoff to dictate order. Your minor league team is made of 5 AAA, 5 AA, 5 A+, 5 A-, 5 R players. No MLB experience. Since they're ditching September call-ups it's fine.
  10. Quin

    Eloy going on IL

    I blame everyone that wanted Robert up now.
  11. Quin

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    A counter.