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  1. The vane goes from W to E, meaning Moncada is not gonna sign an extension and is in fact going to spurn the White Sox and return to the Red Sox, ruining the entire rebuild.
  2. Quin

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ⁦NBCSChicago

    McRae for OD starter
  3. Quin

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ⁦NBCSChicago

    So Madrigal and Vaughn can surprise the Dodgers with a sneak attack.
  4. Quin

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    While I wouldn't bank on Not Steve Cishek, if anyone can lock up Moncada this early, it's Hahn.
  5. Zavala is on track to homer every game. Fulmer on track to allow no hits and strike out 2 batters per inning. We unstoppable.
  6. Quin

    Randel Mondesi 17yr old signed

    This thread suddenly took a dark turn.
  7. Quin

    KW says "no Puig"

    On Garfein's podcast, he put himself 8th in the lineup. Like, not for lack of confidence, just respecting his teammates.
  8. Quin

    Randel Mondesi 17yr old signed

    Anyway, his brother is Adalberto Mondesí of the Royals, so baseball runs strong in the family.
  9. Quin

    Randel Mondesi 17yr old signed

    You don't even need to pay for FutureSox to know we signed Elijah Tatis, but please, gripe about Fernando Tatis Jr. some more. No one has done that in this board since the trade. At all.
  10. If an AAV of $3.2M is a dent on this rebuild, we suck.
  11. Quin

    Rotational Lynchpin

    Varnell gonna come up and fuck up the majors.
  12. Quin

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    This breaks my heart to read.
  13. Quin

    Less Bunting?!

    Blues Brothers "I have seen the light" GIF
  14. Quin

    Less Bunting?!

  15. From the link, "Until he returns with the permission of the commissioner, he will not be able to play in the United States as well as other domestic teams."
  16. Time to get aboard the Dyan train.
  17. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    Well if players don't get alerted by their GMs, umps can't toss them, right?
  18. Merged these topics, but left a link so everything won't get split up.
  19. Quin

    MLB cheating scandal

    And if only a Redditor hadn't been posting about it during the damn World Series. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/astros-sign-stealing-scandal-reddit/guv8c2tyeb4h1gx9h61qapv6k
  20. Quin

    Sox to sign Dyan Jorge?

    Situation is broken down in this thread. Basically, Sox are looking at him. He's asking for a lot. The above video just likely happened at their academy.