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  1. kitekrazy

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    All I got to say is Timmy really crushed that baseball. When you see the swing from the mound view you just knew and so did everyone else.
  2. kitekrazy

    The Anderson Saga (continued from game thread)

    That kid has a nice swing tho'.
  3. kitekrazy

    4/17 Games

    I'm watching online and no gameday.
  4. kitekrazy

    4/16 Games

    No one is allowed to have anything positive about this organization ever. Roberts has a sweet swing.
  5. kitekrazy

    4/16 Games

    Another day of a bad feed at WS. Refreshes constantly.
  6. kitekrazy

    4/15 Games

    The Dash are always fun to watch.
  7. kitekrazy

    4/15 Games

    Salem feed sucks. It keeps refreshing.
  8. kitekrazy

    Tax Day: Sox v. Royals (P: E. Santana)

    No matter how good a Sox team is when was the last time they were not owned by the Royals.
  9. kitekrazy

    Iguchi eyes ‘Sweet Home Chicago’

    He could be an instructor.
  10. kitekrazy

    Iguchi eyes ‘Sweet Home Chicago’

    This is uncalled for.
  11. kitekrazy

    Let's not adopt Cub rituals, Sox fans

    The way the Sox are pitching it will be the fans that have sore arms.
  12. kitekrazy

    4/10 Game Thread - WS Underway

    Nice win for the Knights.
  13. kitekrazy

    Pitching Tempo

    Mark Buehrle was one of the most fundamental pitchers in the game. He worked quick, he was hard to steal against.
  14. kitekrazy

    4/8 Games

    Less frustrating to watch as well.
  15. kitekrazy

    4/8 Games

    Do any of you watch other team's systems? This seems like the ideal thing for a baseball junkie.