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  1. Anyone have confidence that Coop can fix anybody?
  2. I don't want to trust all of this talent to the current coaching staff. I think the Sox will contend in 2020 but how one defines contend is a different story.
  3. kitekrazy

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    Only if you are Hamels.
  4. I'm not upset they didn't spend all of that money on a guy who only pitched in the NL. Maybe the Sox want Cole anyway.
  5. kitekrazy

    Joc Pederson - Is it goin down?

    There's also Shark and Peavy. It's a Sox thing and no stats on paper is going to change that.
  6. Should have gotten rid of Charlotte's manager.
  7. Not a bad run for the Cubs though. Games aren't played on paper.
  8. It's a cultural thing in Latin countries and so is bullfighting. I doubt this happened in the states. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockfight
  9. kitekrazy

    Grandal - Early Off-Season Speculation

    Should this thread be closed now?
  10. kitekrazy

    Return of Samardzija?

    While it could be a defensive improvement, we know Anderson can hit AL pitching, not so sure how long it would take for the other guy. The Sox have a poor history of veteran NL talent working out for them. Shark is just another example.
  11. kitekrazy

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    He needs to adjust to AL pitching.
  12. kitekrazy

    What about Collins?

    It feels odd now that this team has a strength is at catcher.
  13. kitekrazy

    What about Collins?

    Or fear he would be a standout player on another team.
  14. kitekrazy

    Jimenez doesn’t want to DH until mid 30’s

    The Sox seem to have no shortage of producing players that are only suited for DH/1B because of their inability at defense. Those are often the hardest players to trade to the NL.
  15. kitekrazy

    Cole or Strasburg?

    I have to wonder if it really makes sense to spend that kind of money on a guy that is out there every 5 days. Cole wont win the division for this team. As bad as the staff was last year I don't have any confidence in Cooper.