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  1. Fan O'Faust

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I don't think I've seen or read someone suggesting that either player would be the "end game" for the Sox. Where are you getting that from? What I have seen many astute posters at this site say on many occasions is that both players, at age 26 and both already All Stars, were available to our major market team, the White Sox, who with their current, astonishingly low payroll, and with no other big spenders in the competition, managed to fail to acquire either player.
  2. Fan O'Faust

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Signing either of Harper or Machado would habe been both a sound baseball move AND a shoot for the moon type of move for a superstar who could build hype and sell tickets.
  3. Fan O'Faust

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Only problem was Philadelphia, like San Diego before them, was even more "aggressive" than the Sox.
  4. Fan O'Faust

    Hahn On Tatis Jr. Trade

    The fact that the Sox play in the 3rd largest market in the country AND in baseball's weakest division, getting to play a third of their games each year collectively against the likes of Kansas City, Detroit, and Minnesota, AND STILL had to undergo a multi-year rebuild underscores the bolded opinions above.
  5. ...which is fine, but after 39 years of trying to “do it THEIR WAY” and with the deplorable results they’ve had, you’d think prudence would take over at some point and they’d try something different. But no, that never happens.
  6. It's comments like these that often make me wonder what Williams/Hahn's peers in the other MLB front offices actually think of these two, and the current owner. Is our front office respected by their peers, or are they viewed as less than adequate? It would be fascinating to know!
  7. Fan O'Faust

    MLB Pipelines J2 Top 30

    What are the Sox paying Paddy for?
  8. With Hawk gone now, and with Jason Benetti now settling in as the full-time play-by-play guy, I thought it would be interesting to see how White Sox Nation feels about both Benetti and Steve Stone on how they go about their respective duties as the PBP guy and color analyst, respectively, and how we feel they do as partners in the broadcast booth.
  9. Yes, the idea of a six year rebuild after eight preceding years without one postseason appearance is preposterous. We are currently in the 4th longest playoff drought in baseball, with only four playoff games and one playoff win in the 13 years since the World Series in '05, so to suggest that it's somehow reasonable and ok to extend this inability to content for yet another three years is just crazy talk.
  10. They’ve gotten a little smarter at how they try and mask their incompetence. Used to be we were told about “three year plans” as a way of explaining away current ineptitude while kicking the can down the road. Now we have a “rebuild”, which is conveniently open-ended. Why lock yourself into figuring out how to fix this mess of an organization in three years when you can just call it a rebuild and let it go on indefinitely, all the while the massive profits pile up for ownership.
  11. Fan O'Faust

    Harry Caray Book...

    Bill Veeck negotiated the Sox to be on WGN - a VHF station - for the 1981 season, which was Reinsdorf’s first year as owner. So Reinsdorf inherited the Sox with the team on WGN AND with Harry Caray in the booth. By 1982, the Sox were off WGN and on the ill-conceived SportsVision, AND they let Harry go to the Cubs. In other words, in less than one year, Reinsdorf managed to perpetrate not one, not two, but THREE franchise-crippling decisions: surrendering WGN solely to the Cubs; putting Sox games on pay TV that hardly anyone bought; and letting Harry go and make the Cubs a national phenomenon with the WGN exposure. Harry himself said the Sox would have “owned the town” in 1983 (the year BEFORE the “Sandberg game”) If they had remained on WGN and gotten the massive exposure that went along with the games being on that station (over 30 million homes got WGN). Instead, the games were literally hidden on SportsVision, with fewer than 17,000 homes being wired for pay TV at the time. So that’s what the current owner was up to back in the early days: making one sound decision after another leading to sustained success for the organization. And by that I mean he’s spent nearly 40 years, up to and including this past offseason, doing nothing of the sort. Too bad Harry and WGN didn’t qualify for the infamous “loyalty program” back in those days that we talk so much about these days.
  12. Fan O'Faust

    Harry Caray Book...

    On the night back in September 1983, when the Sox clinched the AL West Division, marking their first return to the playoffs in 24 years since the '59 World Series, when the ecstasy of winning had enveloped Comiskey Park and White Sox Nation, in the post game interviews conducted by Hawk Harrelson, Reinsdorf took a moment on live TV to literally say that he hoped Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall were "eating their hearts out wherever they were", and that he hoped people now would "understand what SCUM they were". Those were the words from the Chairman on live TV on a night that should have been all about celebrating the rare occurrence known as White Sox playoff-bound baseball. It was those exact words that would go onto fuel Harry's outrage and disdain towards Reinsdorf ever after. It was a very classless gesture on Reinsdorf's part, and I don't blame Caray for feeling the way he did about the guy from then on out.
  13. Fan O'Faust

    Harry Caray Book...

    Oh, we'll always talk about Harry Caray. He has a very solid place in White Sox history. And he shouldn't feel "dead" to any Sox fan simply because, after nearly 40 years in the baseball broadcasting business, he was not willing to sign up for the get-rich-quick bone-headed scheme known as Sportsvision, that the then only-one-year-into-the-baseball-ownership-business Reinsdorf and Einhorn tried to get him to sign onto. That would have been career suicide for the guy, and nothing he deserved after so many outstanding years in the business.
  14. Fan O'Faust

    Harry Caray Book...

    I still wonder to this day how many fans were lost to the Cubs at the time Harry switched teams because of Harry's immense popularity AND the fact Reinsdorf/Einhorn foolishly took the Sox off of WGN and put them on the ill-conceived Sportsvision station. Apparently, according to the author of this book, there was a survey taken at the time that showed that a whopping 44% of people who identified as White Sox fans said they were open to rooting for the Cubs just because of Harry. That's how damn popular the guy was back then! So you couple the loss of Harry AND the loss of Sox on free TV and, well, you do the math.