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  1. Fan O'Faust

    GRate to get Netting to the Foul Poles

    You are completely out of control with these non-stop personal attacks of yours.
  2. Fan O'Faust

    Eloy going on IL

    Oh really? Which part? The part where he referred to the FO as incompetent, or the one where he pointed out that the financial bottom line would not be impacted? Nothing silly about either observation, it would appear. So what did you mean?
  3. Fan O'Faust

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Jerry Reinsdorf’s powers of self-assessment are severely lacking if he thinks letting go of Tony LaRussa is the “biggest mistake” of his time as owner of the Sox. That is way down on the list of franchise-crippling mistakes he’s made over the last four decades.
  4. Fan O'Faust

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, not one person, from the White Sox organization should ever say anything even remotely negative about the impatience the Sox fan base is having with this rebuild. Not after only one playoff appearance and just one measly playoff win in the 14 years since the World Series in '05. They should be grateful they even still have a fan base.
  5. Fan O'Faust

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    This is why some people are quite disingenuous when they criticize those fans who express impatience with the rebuild and all of the losing that goes with it because the rebuild itself is only in its third year. They forget the rebuild, which started in 2016, was on the heels of a lot of losing baseball between the end of the World Series in 2005 and the beginning of the rebuild in 2016. Layer on all of that losing the fact the same people in both the FO and dugout who are responsible for all or most of that losing are still hanging around only adds to the frustration of the fan base. New ownership, and a total house cleaning, is what this franchise desparately needs, and has for quite some time.
  6. Fan O'Faust

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    Next year will be Reinsdorf’s 40th as owner of the Sox, and sadly, after four decades now, the bolded is the legacy he will leave.
  7. Fan O'Faust

    Shake-up Needed in Coaching Staff, ASAP

    Cooper, McEwing, Boston, and Steverson were coaches on the Sox’ staff in the earlier part of this decade when the owner and his FO were in “go for it” mode. Those teams, under these very coaches, played so poorly and lost so many games that it forced the organization into a multi-year rebuild. But despite their massive on-field failures on teams that were supposedly designed to win, each of these guys was allowed to retain their jobs during the rebuild, presiding over all of the losing during this time like they did all of those years prior to the rebuild. Bottom line - Jerry Reinsdorf’s loyalty program remains in as strong, working order as ever, and its very unlikely any of these guys are going anywhere anytime soon, unless they decide to leave on their own (e.g., retiring). That’s just how things roll over at 35th & Shields.
  8. Fan O'Faust

    All Star Jose Abreu

    Oh, quiet, you!
  9. Fan O'Faust

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    God, you are a complete disaster of a poster. How about less of your constant, inane attacks on other posters and maybe, just maybe, you try and add a salient point or two to the conversations about White Sox baseball around here. Enough of your nonsense already.
  10. Fan O'Faust

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    You’d be better served cleaning up your own account
  11. Fan O'Faust

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    Wrong - AGAIN! “Tanking”, as it’s too commonly referred to these days, on boards such as this one, refers to complete anti-ethical behavior on behalf of the Major League team. Every MLB team is responsible for fielding a team each and every day capable of winning that day’s game to the best of that organization’s ability. Anything less is a compromise of that team’s ethical approach to the game. And that is agnostic to any market.
  12. Fan O'Faust

    Sunday Game Thread

    It absolutely was not. Leury’s position was in sacrifice mode the entire way.
  13. Fan O'Faust

    Sunday Game Thread

    This is where just giving up that first out with Leury’s bunt just makes no logical sense whatsoever.
  14. Fan O'Faust

    Sunday Game Thread

    Bunting Garcia in the third inning while already having the lead. Brilliant.