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  1. Fan O'Faust

    All Star Game Thread

  2. Fan O'Faust

    All Star Game Thread

    0-5 combined performance tonight by the three Cubs’ representatives, who are each out of the game now.
  3. Fan O'Faust

    All Star Game Thread

    So busy yapping with these mic’d up guys Buck nearly forgot to mention McCann entering the game.
  4. Fan O'Faust

    All Star Game Thread

    Good showing for first appearance by a White Sox “rebuild” player!
  5. Fan O'Faust

    Two Sides to the Trade & Free Agent Coin

    Ah, AustinIllini, bashing another poster. How original.
  6. Fan O'Faust

    Two Sides to the Trade & Free Agent Coin

    Of course, then, there’s the obvious irony in that either Yoan4Moan or Lip’s worst posts are still infinitely more insightful, interesting, and far better thought out than any of what would be considered your best posts. Go figure.
  7. Fan O'Faust

    And That's A Dylan Cease White Sox Winner!

    Our entire infield, 2/3 of the outfield, and 3/5 of the starting rotation will feature genuine, elite talent once they’re all up here and running. The ‘20s really could be the Renaissance of White Sox baseball!
  8. Fan O'Faust

    White Sox worst AL team in the last decade

    Lol - except for that minor issue of both Houston and the Cubs undergoing new ownership and new front offices who spearheaded those organizations’ rebuilds vs. the loser former owners/FOs who caused the need for their rebuilds in the first place, you just can’t tell the difference between our rebuild and theirs!
  9. Fan O'Faust

    Let's talk about White Sox promotions and baseball promotions

    I’m actually not arguing against you. On the contrary, I’m enjoying your argument and trying to understand your thinking on the matter. My initial instinct is to not rush a prospect if you don’t have to. Not saying that’s necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach for every prospect. I guess I’m content here on July 1 employing the same approach the team used with Jimenez. Flip side? I am dying to see this kid playing at 35th & Shields!
  10. Fan O'Faust

    Let's talk about White Sox promotions and baseball promotions

    So simply put, you’d rather see him play the final three months of this season on this non-playoff caliber team, rather than potentially a full season in 2026 during his prime on a team in a championship window. It’s certainly a point of view and an interesting opinion on the matter, but I’m sure you can see why some others might not share that view.
  11. Fan O'Faust

    FS: 2019-20 White Sox International Preview

    So nothing for a White Sox fan to get excited about, since it seems like the team is not in play for any of the top rated players this go-around?
  12. Fan O'Faust

    White Sox worst AL team in the last decade

    Wrong. In case it wasn’t obvious to you after last offseason’s debacle, we are not on Houston or any other team’s model. We operate on Jerry Reinsdorf’s model and his model alone. Have for 39 years now, and will continue to do so until the team is (finally!) sold.
  13. No one is “living in the past” when discussing the Tatis Jr. trade. It only happened three short years ago, and was conducted by the very front office still in charge of things today. It’s still very much a relevant topic, particularly given Tatis Jr.’s early success at the big league level. How about less on poster attacking and more on actual useful contribution to matters involving the White Sox coming out of your corner.
  14. Fan O'Faust

    White Sox worst AL team in the last decade

    “Winning seasons” - PHOOEY! This is the 60th season since the Sox went to the World Series in ‘59, and the team has been to the postseason just five times since 1959, and not once in over a decade now. Meanwhile, this year, our neighbors on the north side will likely make their fifth straight playoff appearance in a row since 2015. And who says we don’t desperately need a new owner and entirely different front office!
  15. Did the poster say something you take exception to? If so, state it and debate it, or else spare the rest of us of your constant insults to other posters around here. That’s pretty much all that you do, AustinIllini.
  16. Do lead-off hitters on contending teams do more than score well over 100 runs, hit 30+ doubles, and steal 15-20 bases? Because that’s what Leury is on pace to do this season.
  17. Fan O'Faust

    Yonder DFA'd

    The Soxtalk narrative is don’t tell us how well a so-called rebuild is going, or how flush ownership is with money to spend. Tell us when a sustainable winning product has been put on the field by this franchise, the only major market team in the weakest division in baseball. That’s what we’re interested in.
  18. Fan O'Faust

    Anderson leaves game with apparent injury

    I'm actually interested in seeing Leury play SS. It's supposed to be his best defensive position. As his offense has been pretty decent this season, it can only help increase his value if he turns out to be a very good defender at that position.
  19. Fan O'Faust

    6/23- Sox at Rangers, 2:05, WGN

    Make it nearly 60 years, if you go all the way back to the ‘59 World Series. 5 postseason appearances for our Sox in the past 60 years. If the Cubs make it to the playoffs year, that’ll be five years in a row for them just in this past half decade. Our beleaguered fan base has suffered quite a bit during all of our entire lifetimes, no matter what your age. Not a whole lot on the White Sox winning front to cheer for over the years. Hopefully the ‘20s here in this upcoming decade will stem the flow of these previous deplorable results. White Sox fans are due and deserve so much better!
  20. Fan O'Faust

    Abreu after this season

    Bugger off with your nonsense, already.
  21. Fan O'Faust

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

  22. Fan O'Faust

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    What about the easy plays in right?
  23. Fan O'Faust

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    It’s embarrassing for the organization at this point that they can’t offer up a better option at the major league level than Yonder Alonso.
  24. Fan O'Faust

    And That's a White Sox Extra Inning Winner !!

    Now that is a sweet recap!
  25. Fan O'Faust

    Rangers and Sox Game Thread

    Ha, indeed! That tricky truth in-advertising clause can get you every time!