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  1. Thad Bosley

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    If you don't want a response to me about an idiotic comment about Jose Abreu, then don't post the idiotic comment about Jose Abreu. It's that simple!
  2. Thad Bosley

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    Is it your personal challenge at this point to make your next comment about Jose Abreu actually dumber than the one that preceded it?
  3. Thad Bosley

    2020 RF options

    I wonder, I just wonder, if there's any possibility, however remote, that Andrew Benintendi could possibly be made available this offseason. He's arbitration-eligible after this season, and with all of the talk about possibly having to shed the likes of Martinez and Betts to get out from under the luxury tax, maybe Benintendi and his upcoming arbitration salaries might put him in the mix of possible salaries they'd consider shedding. He's a great defensive outfielder, and so one would imagine the great defense he plays in left is portable and could be transplanted to right. You can't have enough great defense! He also is coming off a slightly down year, so maybe the price tag to acquire him wouldn't be what it would have been a year or two ago. He was selected by Boston in the draft with the pick right before our Sox' pick, and there were rumors that the Pale Hose would have selected him had he still been on the board. Haven't heard his name being bandied about in any trade rumors or anything like that, and it would still take a lot to get him, but he is a fun name to consider in this search for a right field option!
  4. Thad Bosley

    White Sox final win total

    I think we probably know the answer to that. All of these fellas (and good, 'ol Daryl Boston as well) presided over all of the losing that led up to the need to rebuild, on teams that were supposed to win but didn't, and yet each of them managed to retain their jobs during the rebuild. Hard to believe, at this point, that any of them are in jeopardy of being removed from their posts, particularly when we know how the loyalty program plays itself out in this organization.
  5. Thad Bosley

    White Sox final win total

    The time to turn the corner from all of this losing is upon us!
  6. Thad Bosley

    9/17- Sox at Twins, 6:40, NBCSC

    Our fan base has witnessed a lot of real bad baseball these past seven years.
  7. Thad Bosley

    White Sox final win total

    As currently configured, we are nowhere near ready to contend. Despite the encouraging breakout seasons by some of the core members, overall, this team still doesn’t get on base near enough, nor does it slug enough. It still walks way too many hitters while not striking out enough of them. And they still make wayyyyyy too many errors. It’s how Hahn transitions now from the non-core players responsible for the team being at the bottom of MLB in most meaningful offense, pitching, and defensive stats to guys who will help the core players bring the dramatic improvement needed to elevate the team’s overall performance.
  8. Thad Bosley

    I don't think we can dump all this in Renteria's lap

    With precedence on his side and as his guide, he can now return to his high spendin’ ways of yesteryear and see to bring in the kind of premium talent from the outside he’s going to need to finish off the job on the rebuild. The money will be spent. The moment of reckoning grows nearer now just on how much money and on whom it is spent.
  9. Thad Bosley

    White Sox final win total

    The final win total is completely irrelevant at this point. Just short of 70 wins, just over - who cares! What matters now is officially moving out of “rebuild” mode and all of the losing that goes along with that, and transitioning into winning mode, and trying to compete for a championship. So let these remaining games play out however they do, and then let’s get to the offseason and the owner/FO’s plan to take us to the next level. Once and for all, let Reinsdorf and Williams/Hahn prove their mettle and worth by taking the core built through the rebuild and turning it into a sustainable and repeatable winning product on the field.
  10. Stop trying to stir up trouble, Lenny. It’s not cute.
  11. Thad Bosley

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    It’s a nice problem to have!
  12. Oh, Lenny. What are you doing here. Trying to stir up trouble where none exists. All I said in my original post, to which you recklessly then started accusing me of irony and hypocrisy, was that fans should get used to the fact that Abreu will be a Sox for life due to how the Sox seemingly feel about him. That’s it, that’s all I said. Did I explicitly reference the owner’s well-known loyalty program to back up my statement? No, but I didn’t think that necessary. Would seem that would be obvious to the kind of diehard fans who frequent this site. But now that I know you’re lurking and trying to have a “Gotcha!” moment with me, I’ll be sure to spell it out in more detail the next go around.
  13. Thad Bosley

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    No appetite for Madrigal as the lead-off hitter in this soon-to-be future line-up? Get his on-base skills and base running abilities smack dab at the top of the line-up, thereby pushing all the muscle down a spot to make the line-up particularly strong both at the top and then the middle of the line-up (which would also soon include Vaughn). This before the team even brings in reinforcements from the outside for other positions. Just seems to me Madrigal could be the prototype for the ideal lead-off hitter.