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  1. Thad Bosley

    Fire Tony Chant

    It takes a man to do a man’s job in this organization, and the one man who could and has, Hawk Harrelson, is gone now.
  2. Thad Bosley

    Fire Tony Chant

    Anyone familiar with how Jerry Reinsdorf handles situations like this, after witnessing four decades-worth of his franchise-crippling decisions, one right after another, knows the last thing he’s going to do now is fire Tony LaRussa. It’s not going to happen. Reinsdorf hearing those chants yesterday only made him dig his heels in deeper in his typical “I’m smarter than everyone else, and I’ll show you all that I am!”, and he’ll stick with LaRussa now and hope the combination of everyone coming back from the injuries at the time the schedule becomes easier will turn this thing around and propel the Sox to winning the division and getting hot at the right time in the postseason. The guy is now living for the “I told you so!” moment later in the year. LaRussa is, sadly, not going anywhere.
  3. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    How does the Hall of Fame manager not know this?
  4. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    Shame on Tony LaRussa for putting Leury in a position to fail. Lead-off against the Dodgers? Really? The problem is the manager and front office, not the player.
  5. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    When are things going right for him? We’ve yet to see him in the role he’s suited for, which is the super sub role. He keeps getting pushed into a starting role due to injuries, the crazy manager, and an ineffective front office who did a terrible job addressing the second base issue this past offseason. Remember: he didn’t pencil himself into the lead-off spot tonight against one of the best teams in baseball.
  6. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    He’s not the worst hitter in baseball when used properly as a utility player. If and when overexposed in a role he doesn’t belong in, yes, he can look bad. Most players cast in a role they don’t belong would as well. As for the snarky he’s not good at anything comment, he’s good at being a super sub who can give you good defense at SIX positions, while providing good speed offensively. He’s been here awhile. You should know that by now.
  7. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    He’s not below average as a utility player given the number of positions that he can play and play well adequately defensively, and he has speed offensively. He’s only overexposed when he’s forced to start as much as he has. Forget the injuries: he’s overexposed partly because this front office failed to solve the second base issue over the offseason, and now Leury starts far more than he should.
  8. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    Leury is a good utility player who is not allowed to be a good utility player because the goofy manager plays him as if he’s an Allstar, and the front office thought that Josh Harrison was the answer to second base over the offseason.
  9. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    Three run deficits frighten you? Sorry to hear. 🙄
  10. Thad Bosley

    GT 6-4: Dodgers @ Sox (7:10pm)

    Congrats to Stoney on 40 years in the booth!
  11. Thad Bosley

    Sox vs Blue Jays 6:07, Giolito vs Gausman

    Who thought this lineup would make Gausmann labor to the tune of 98 pitches through five innings!
  12. Thad Bosley

    Sox vs Blue Jays 6:07, Giolito vs Gausman

    Why does it take them so long to cut from the centerfield camera to the camera behind the plate when a ball is put in play!
  13. Thad Bosley

    Sox vs Sox Rubbermatch and Season Finale- 7:10 CT

    As of today, his so-called Hall of Fame experience is book-ended by bouts of questionable results during his career with the White Sox.
  14. Thad Bosley

    Sox vs Sox Rubbermatch and Season Finale- 7:10 CT

    Unfortunately our Sox have looked terrible against both the Yankees and Red Sox at home this month. We wore the collar of looking bad against good teams last year prior to the postseason. We are looking even more futile in the early going this season.
  15. Thad Bosley

    Sox vs Sox Rubbermatch and Season Finale- 7:10 CT

    That is NOT happening under the current owner. It only happens if LaRussa walks away from this himself, which seems unlikely.