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    Cooper also out

    Any remote chance Ozzie had at coming back as manager was slightly increased with the removal of his arch rival Don Cooper as pitching coach. No way Guillen could come back after all the bad blood spilt between he and Coop after his departure.
  2. Thad Bosley

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    Is that partially tied to an expected outcome on January 2nd when the futures for Colas and Cespedes will be determined? Don’t look now but that’s just around the corner. Does someone like Springer become more intriguing if they strike out on Colas and Cespedes and Springer is still available, and without a viable internal option?
  3. Thad Bosley

    An honest question about Vaughn

    They just need to have a transition plan that leads to Vaughn being the full time first baseman come 2023. Whether it's a 80/20 or 70/30 split next year with Jose getting most of the reps that then transitions to perhaps the opposite in 2022, I think the goal is to have Vaughn the long term solution for first base during this exciting window of contention coming up these next several years.
  4. Sox fans seem to enjoy the broadcasts that they do, and therefore it contributes to the improved TV ratings.
  5. The continued growing popularity of Benetti and Stone is also a big factor in the increased ratings.
  6. Thad Bosley

    State of Chicago baseball: the tipping point

    Reinsdorf’s legacy, whatever is left of it after 40 full years now of mostly failure, depends on it. He needs this decade to be one of multiple success to mask his plethora of failure both on and off the field during each of his four decades as owner.
  7. Thad Bosley

    Crochet's arm fine

    Lol - I was only addressing his little jab at me, but I see your point.
  8. Thad Bosley

    Crochet's arm fine

    Luckily the off-season is just beginning which means you’ll have several months to work on your funny man bit that, at the moment, is not landing the plane on the punchlines.
  9. Thad Bosley

    Crochet's arm fine

    It doesn’t say he left the game with “left ROTATOR CUFF tightness”. It says “left FOREARM tightness”. So why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that TJS is inevitable at this point?
  10. Thad Bosley

    Will the Front Office Fire Renteria?

    Hahn did not “inherit” one of the “worst farms in the system”. He was the #2 guy in charge within the organization for ten years prior to his promotion to GM and was primarily responsible, along with KW, for the state and condition of the farm system at that time. And to date, many years later, he still hasn’t built a scouting and player development program that can achieve a top ten farm system status on its own and not rely on trading off major league assets to acquire other team’s top prospects to do so.
  11. Thad Bosley

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Gapper scores two with Dyson on the bases. Let's go, Jose!
  12. Thad Bosley

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Agreed. Good post
  13. Thad Bosley

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    In a game like this, he's letting Mazara face a lefty?
  14. Thad Bosley

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Time to SOX 'em!!
  15. Great speed on the bases! Gapper ties this baby up!
  16. This is a game where it would be nice to show a national audience just how powerful our offense can be, and come from behind in this one with some thunder in these next five innings.
  17. Thad Bosley


    Superb performance across the board - huge power, great starting & bullpen pitching, and flawless defense. Such a pleasure to watch. Let's get 'em tomorrow and move to the next round!
  18. Do love the Jose Abreu feel-good story making it's way onto the national stage.
  19. Thad Bosley

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Two on, one out, and the tying run coming to the plate in the form of James McCann!
  20. Thad Bosley

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Nicky Two Strikes strikes again!