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    Not Steve Cishek: White Sox could be “Big Time” buyers this offseason

    Well, thank god SOMEONE’S in regular season mode by now!
  2. Fireballer with "low effort" delivery. You have to like that profile.
  3. Thad Bosley

    Harper actually loved his meeting w/ the Sox

    So they flew Thome down to Vegas for this meeting, Harper “raves” about the meeting, there are Bryce Harper banners making loops around the United Center at the time, the typical big spending ball clubs are all on the sidelines, he would have filled a huge hole on and off the field, and they DIDN’T make a formal offer after all of that? How is that possible?
  4. Thad Bosley

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,...
  5. Thad Bosley

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    There is no denying that Jose has had and continues to have a very positive impact on three of our greatest young players in Moncada, Eloy, and now Robert.
  6. Thad Bosley

    KW says "no Puig"

    Not sure why you keep saying this. We are the CHICAGO White Sox. Not the Indianapolis White Sox, not the Des Moines White Sox. CHICAGO. Just because the collective record of the team over several decades (read: very little winning) has led to the under-development of a fan base, doesn’t negate the team’s large market existence. Sustainable winning such as this franchise has never experienced fixes that problem. The base will grow just like it did for the Bulls and Blackhawks after their respective successful runs. Unless you are claiming the Sox can never maximize a large market revenue stream either in ticket sales, merchandise sales, TV/radio fees, or corporate sponsor fees - no matter how successful the team becomes - then this “mid market” BS is just that - BS.
  7. Thad Bosley

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Well, no, I’m not projecting anyone’s bat based on their defensive prowess. What I’m saying is I’m perfectly fine with the Sox going one more year with Jose at first base before he gives way to Vaughn, and then Jose filling the DH role in the final two years of the contract. As the reigning RBI champion of the American League who also hit 33 homers while posting an .834 OPS last year, he’s given no indication that he’s not able to deliver that level of production through his age 35 season. If he was EE’s age and they offered him a three year contract, then yes, that would be concerning. But he’s not. He’s “only” 33, and with the type of protection he’s finally going to get in the Sox’ lineup over the next few years, his production at the plate will more than likely be one of the least of the team’s concerns.
  8. Thad Bosley

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Abreu will be younger at the end of his current contract than EE is today before the team has played one game in 2020. Yet you are concerned about locking Jose into the DH spot in his years 33, 34, and 35, whereas no such similar concern with a 37 year old EE this year, or a 38 year old EE next year. Why the aging concern for one but not the other? Seems like if anyone is going to fall off the cliff, it would be the 37 year old before the 33 year old.
  9. Thad Bosley

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    I suspect if the payroll jumps $60M, or 50% more than where it is today, between now and two years from now, the team will have acquired both that "extra bullpen piece" AND "nice veteran bench piece" you're concerned about. No worries there. With the cost certainty in place over the next three years, Abreu's contract will not hinder any efforts to acquire whatever is needed over this time frame. Period. His contract is not overlapping any of the big paydays of the young core, and the payroll is still low enough that the team can go after the Betts' of the world if they so choose.
  10. Thad Bosley

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Not every day, but how about two out of every three days? As in, it’s likely at least two thirds of the games this year will be against a right handed starter. Mazara hits righties pretty well, and at 24, he’s likely to continue to improve. Give him the 450 or so at-bats in those games, with the balance going to Leury, and the team will be more than set in the #8 spot in the lineup.
  11. Thad Bosley

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

  12. Thad Bosley

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    You think Jerry Reinsdorf is going to "spend big money" on pitching? Our Jerry Reinsdorf?
  13. Thad Bosley

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Yes, but the poster I was responding to was suggesting to bring Zobrist in to play second until Madrigal arrives, platoon with Mazara against “LHP”, and be a super utility guy. Despite Leury not being optimal against RHP, he is more than an adequate in-house solution to fulfill all three objectives. I would much rather go with him than try and squeeze out the last of the toothpaste left in a 39 year-old Ben Zobrist.
  14. Thad Bosley

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Leury can do all of that.
  15. Thad Bosley

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Pence makes more sense (rhyme intended) as a platoon partner than Puig, yet the Sox have been linked to the latter this winter with no mention of interest in the former.
  16. Thad Bosley

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I’m actually getting more comfortable with a Mazara/Leury platoon. With their unique splits against RHP/LHP, respectively, it seems like the team would get very decent production out of the #8 spot in the lineup.
  17. You can count on one hand the number of major spending expenditures for premium talent this owner has made over the past 40 years to improve his organization’s ability to compete for a championship (the Robert signing being one of them). The fan base has been and is very aware of this reticence to spend like the major market team that they are, which is why many aren’t quick to rush a pat on the back to the owner on that rare occurrence when it does happen.
  18. Thad Bosley

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Do you think putting his locker in between Abreu’s and Grandal’s could serve to adjust his attitude some? Maybe the Sox’ clubhouse could be the best one for him at this point.
  19. Thad Bosley

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Yes to EE’s thunderous bat in the lineup at DH in 2020. No to Castellanos’ sub-par defense in RF for the next four years. The Sox can do better.
  20. Thad Bosley

    Hats off to the Front Office

    Which team got the better pitcher to help them compete for a championship over the next few years? The Phillies or the White Sox?
  21. Thad Bosley

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Wow - $90M. That would represent a 23% increase over the largest contract ever signed into effect by the White Sox, that mammoth (snicker) $73M contract handed over to Grandal. Yet even if Washington signed Donaldson at this amount, it wouldn’t come close to being their largest contract awarded. No, both the Strasburg contract recently renewed AND the Scherzer contract still in place both dwarf this potential Donaldson deal. Which begs two questions: is Washington a major market team that can magically afford all of these massive contracts? And when we hear the familiar phrase “The money will be spent”, does our fan base need to respond with “Yes...but by whom?”.
  22. Thad Bosley

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Well, new poster, we certainly understand how the cubbies would benefit from such a stupid trade idea, based on how you articulated their benefits. Why would the White Sox even remotely entertain such nonsense?
  23. Thad Bosley

    Time to rebuild the rebuild?

    I think you and I are essentially on the same page, in the sense that any and all of what Hahn, Williams, or Reinsdorf says these days amount to nothing but empty words. That we are officially in “Shut up. Just do it.” mode with these clowns. For me, and this was my point with sharing Stone’s post, but there is still time to make some meaningful moves this offseason. Not a whole lot of time, but some time. Six weeks or so until Soxfest, so if they come through with the types of acquisitions between now and then they’ve been claiming they’ll make, terrific. It should be a grand, ‘ol time at McCormick Place that weekend. If it’s another collection of the typical dumpster dive moves we’ve been accustomed to seeing in recent offseasons, well, it won’t be as much fun at the fan fest as it should be.
  24. Thad Bosley

    Time to rebuild the rebuild?

    This. Steve Stone captured it well yesterday when he noted that the offseason isn’t even halfway over, so people should just relax at this point. He followed that up with if we’re in the same position in February that we are now, then complain away.