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  1. coco1997

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    How about packing Collins with Mazara and a high upside arm like Dunning or Stiever for Marte? Would that be enough for Pittsburgh?
  2. coco1997

    Sox acquire Paulo Orlando (assigned to AAA)

    Rienzo was the first Brazilian-born Major League pitcher.
  3. Can't wait to see Machado and Arenado raking on the South Side in 2028.
  4. coco1997

    Ricketts racist emails

    If nothing else, hopefully this becomes a new Cubs curse.
  5. coco1997

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    As in, "keep an eye on this, it may be legit."
  6. This really sucks. Seems like every year a Latin player is killed in some sort of motor accident during the winter.
  7. coco1997

    Your Offseason Plan

    Wouldn't be terribly surprised to see the Cubs kick the tires on him. Russell has likely played his last game in a Cub uniform.
  8. coco1997

    Indians removing Chief Wahoo

    Maybe this will lead to a full rebrand. With Wahoo going, I can't imagine the "Indians" name will be too far behind. At the very least, I hope they come up with something new to use as their new primary logo in place of that bland block "C."
  9. coco1997


    QUOTE (35thstreetswarm @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 12:18 PM) ...maybe with some/all numbering and lettering in white on white. No fan of the Lebron-era heat, but their "White Hot" jerseys were one of the coolest ever. Here's an idea of how a white-on-white uniform could look:
  10. coco1997


    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jan 20, 2018 -> 11:39 AM) So essentially re-introducing the uniforms from 1987-1990 and simply swapping out the red and blue colors with silver and black? Here's how the '87-90 unis would look in their modern colors:
  11. coco1997

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/2202512...er-hoping-trade Apparently Starlin Castro is now asking to be traded from the Marlins. Would it make sense to take on Castro's contract to lower the price for Yelich?
  12. coco1997

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (Quin @ Dec 22, 2017 -> 01:44 PM) Push for Yelich next year once we know what we've got. Maybe Rutherford has a huge rebound, Dunning and Burger enter the Top 100, etc. And I wouldn't make the trade without signing someone like Machado. But man, think of that lineup. CF - Yelich 2B - Moncada 3B - Machado 1B - Abreu LF - Garcia RF - Jimenez C - Castillo DH - Delmonico? SS - Anderson OK, pipe dream over. Where's Robert?
  13. coco1997

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    Gotta get Chavis back in any Abreu trade scenario with Boston. He's blocked by Devers at third and would be blocked by the guy he's getting traded for.
  14. coco1997

    Giancarlo Stanton traded to Yankees

    I wonder if Reinsdorf's history of not spending is the only reason the Sox have not come up in any of these articles about possible landing spots for Stanton. They have the prospect depth to get it done without mortgaging the future and will have virtually no money on the books once Shields is gone, which should at least make them worth mentioning.
  15. coco1997

    Your Off Season Plan

    I wouldn't trade those guys for two catchers when Narvaez is fairly serviceable and Collins is almost ready.