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  1. soxwon

    It Has Begun

    QUOTE (Kenny Hates Prospects @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 03:45 AM) I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one love Da Rev's posts. It's fun to read through it and find stanzas that completely contradict the aim of the "sermon" due to horribly poor word usage. It's also nice to see the determination of this guy. He always posts this stuff and always gets the same type of responses, but he just keeps on doing it anyway. You have to love that. thanks, yep im not a great speller, but it is the internet, you dont need to be correct on the net. i am who i am, a legend to few, a scum to some. but im here to stay atleast another 50 years. ill be posting at 100, when most of you younger ones will be gone.
  2. soxwon

    It Has Begun

    QUOTE (SleepyWhiteSox @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 03:12 AM) Let's keep this kind of crap for that other board... done deal, you fools, i guess you think the sox dont have a chance huh?
  3. soxwon

    It Has Begun

    It has begun And on the 21st day-a of the 4th month-a of the year 2008 Da Baseball Gods are joyous, they are besides themselves All wrapped up in the Hysteria of Whitesoxmania The Soxeth have been bequeethed, with the ability-a Of a thousand rampant warriors, conquering what is left of American-a baseball!!!! Months ago Da Reverand-A, went up the mountain and received his blessings from said Gods. He was delivered to the US Cellular altar, and evoked Da blessings of the Holiest of Holys of all Sports Gods. Blessed are Da Men, whom comprise the 25 roster-a For they have been shown, the vision-a, of their future. A future, no player, no team, no sportswriter can deny them-a For they, who was picketh for 3rd and forth places shall reign supreme, all thru the springeth, and the hot summer To fight and destroy, and overtake everything, that was once great They will be known as the Greatest of All greats in the 2008th year of this planet-a The Crown will be ours-a, once again. The northside pretenders, will have a good year-yes a But will eventually fall to the futilty, that will engulf them their new foreign born leader, will fall to injury in late summer Our warriors of Da silva and Black, will overwhelm All teams, and opponents including media opponents Jay M will bow at their feet, and beg for forgivness-a The City will erupt-a in late October With a display, of heroics, fireworks, and glorious victory All cumulating, in Da crowning of The New Champions. So strap it down and hunker it up As it has been written, in baseball heavens The White Sox of 08, will begin dominance of America's game Keep your heads up my flock, smile and walk with that swagger as Nick, Jermaine, AJ, and Crede, will lead the team to victory And ozzie will once again, be the leader of Baseballs Fearcest team-a It has begun ......from Da Reverand 4/21/2008
  4. QUOTE(knightni @ Mar 13, 2008 -> 07:26 PM) The best bet. 1 dollar per win difference. Best way to make 20 bucks usually. i made that stupid bet last year, no way again. despite the fact the sox are the better team, the cubbs will outwin us easily they should win around 90 if were lucky 83-84
  5. QUOTE(chiguy79 @ Mar 13, 2008 -> 07:12 PM) I am thinking i have this one easy +5-10 barring injury. Thoughts? I may also have a bet with total number of Sox pitchers to start a game, Cubs fan wants the over at 11. 7-8 AT THE MOST FOR SOX STARTERS
  6. soxwon


    Who if you had to pick right now, Will win the tourney. Its a tossup for me this year, but i lean to Kansas. Who do you guys think?
  7. soxwon

    Cubs may play at The Cell?

    QUOTE(Tony82087 @ Feb 28, 2008 -> 11:24 PM) There is something else to kinda think about. Lets say there is a Cubs game at 1:05, and the Sox are playing at 7:05. How is it going to look when the Cubs draw 37,000 during the day, and the Sox have 25,000 in the park that night? I don't think it's a huge deal, but it's publicity the Sox don't really need. In reality, the Cubs wont sell out everday, alot of cub fans will not go to sox park, because NO BARS!!! Its good for sox fans, we can go see Great NL teams beat up on the cubs, the cubs will hate to play by us, because of our fans.
  8. soxwon

    A Prophecy For Da Sox

    QUOTE(shipps @ Feb 29, 2008 -> 03:00 PM) Well done soxwon I enjoyed all the fun.Gave me hope for the spring now I dont care about another thing.Everytime you want to rhyme feel free on Soxtalk and ignore the..... s***heads(rhyming is hard,you are forever in debt to me for deflecting attention). Thaks for the nice words, most of you. LOL Its just for fun, like someone says its a rally call. Chips anew, meaning we will be playing with Chips on our shoulders. I heard this from Konerko.
  9. soxwon

    Sox vs. Rockies 2/28

    QUOTE(GoSox05 @ Feb 28, 2008 -> 08:29 PM) Alexi Ramirez doubles in the second to score Konerko. Anderson single score Ramirez and Crede. Go Ramirez! http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/mlb/gameda...1&brand=cws sexi lexi....
  10. soxwon

    Sox vs. Rockies 2/28

    QUOTE(WhiteSoxfan1986 @ Feb 28, 2008 -> 08:24 PM) Looks like no MLB.tv for this one. sox lead 3-0 2nd inning, Konerko-Crede- ramirez ? score BA had a 2 run double ramirez 1 rbi
  11. soxwon

    A Prophecy For Da Sox

    QUOTE(Hawkfan @ Feb 28, 2008 -> 07:41 PM) I dig your optimism. but sexi alexi? either that or JJ Dynomite Ramirez
  12. soxwon

    A Prophecy For Da Sox

    Hear The sound of the ball on wood. Players running, with an attitude Crede, bending and stretching and smiling bright For it is Springeth, Sox swagger is quite the sight Ozzie, driving around in Ley Golf Cart Konerko promising ground rules, no longer a tart Dye smacking homers into Tucson Sun A.J. Doing weighted down squats, knowing we are the one Showing up on rasslin', the usual spring per. The mountains stand bolder, the baseball world will stir Fields taking grounders, cabrerra at short too Attitude is astounding, The shoulder chips anew Chicago soldiers in black and silver shine Quiet Confidence flow like a drug through each mind Knowing they are the chosen few, all doubts cast askew Supremecy is ours, first division, then league, then final Truth Owens promising 65, safe touches, another base Sexi Alexi , diving catches, taking lead in the race New Mr Chicago Nicky da Sideburns Swish All together our Southside boys, Baseballs Main Dish. Carlos Quentin, removing donuts off his bat Laying bunts down third base line, man that Dude is fast. Josh fields, belting balls off center field walls Flying into second base, Standing Mightily Tall Under the radar, Over detroits heads, We battle til we lead Each Passing Win, Another town, increasing daily media feed Until its september, embedded in first, Detroit saying What The Hell? Well you been, defeated , uprooted, and scalded by Baseballs Biggest Cell But back to spring in arizone, confidence showing its magnificent head Companionship, A bombastic attitude, thats starting to be fed. Collection of wins in dry AZ air, will lead us to our inevitable glorious feat The throne once again awaits us, ready for us to take our title seats. So hang on tight, my fellow soxens, the ride has just begun No player, no team, no commisioner, can deny us a title run You'll look at our boys in awe and admiration In October we all join the Championship White Sox Nation. __________________
  13. soxwon

    Game Thread 2/27/2008

    QUOTE(daa84 @ Feb 27, 2008 -> 08:36 PM) 4 pitch walk....wizard of oc coming up positive inning now 2-1 thanks BA
  14. soxwon

    Game Thread 2/27/2008

    QUOTE(Pants Rowland @ Feb 27, 2008 -> 07:26 PM) It is nice that JO is making it easy to forget Pods. It is like he is still with the team. 2-0 rox 2nd inning danks gives up a polemer to tulowitzki in first but has 2 k's
  15. soxwon


    Who here is going to Memphis, to see the wsox-Mets game on march 29? Ill be going down on the friday, the day before. I have RF second row tickets, tix still available!!!