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    MLB announces Astros penalties

    Go check out the home/road splits in the 2017 playoffs for the Astros. They are laugh out loud funny with all this noise about stealing signs. Most OPS were .400-.500 points better at home and in some cases more. Especially Altuve, Bregman, Correa, McCann, Gattis, Yuli. it’s bad for the Astros.
  2. wsox05

    Trade Candidates: SP

    The Astros aren’t trading Greinke and keeping Cole. The reason they traded for Greinke is because of the impending Cole departure. Cole doesn’t want to be in Houston. I live in Houston and we’ve known he isn’t coming back for a while. The Astros will say they’ll make a run at keeping him just to appease their fans. They’re going to be working to get out from under this tax which is going to be close to impossible for them.
  3. wsox05

    MLB announces Astros penalties

    This is bad. I'm one of the hosts in Houston on the Astros' flagship station, Sports Talk 790's morning show. I went off today about how bad this is and it's bullshit. Astros fans all say the same dumb shit. I don't like this at all. If the White Sox did this I'd be tearing them apart. Astros fans are just making stupid excuses or acting like it doesn't matter.
  4. wsox05

    A Realistic Offseason

    Yes on Haniger. I don't know if he cost as much as people think. Only has 1 full season played so far in his career. While he's put up good numbers and value, that's a huge factor. I bet they don't end up trading him because his value is low.
  5. wsox05

    A Realistic Offseason

    We know Nightengale can get chatter from agents and other teams too right? It all doesn't come from the White Sox.
  6. In fact you’re right with Grandal at 4 breaking up the RH bats in the middle.
  7. Haha so we’re really close to being lock step and in fine moving some of those middle pieces around a bit.
  8. The lineup I’d like to see if Giolito we’re pitching if they signed Grandal and Castellanos. (once Robert & Madrigal called up) 1. Robert CF 2. Moncada 3B 3. Grandal 1B 4. Eloy LF 5. Abreu DH 6. Castellanos RF 7. McCann C 8. Anderson SS 9. Madrigal 2B Then you have Collins that can take ABs when McCann isn’t catching and Grandal is. Plus you still can put together a bench with guys like Leury, Mendick, Engel and someone else now that they’ll have the 26 man roster. That helps Collins out a lot IMO.
  9. Yeah I got ya. But I think Robert would actually be better served to hit right in front of Moncada and hopefully someone like Grandal or Eloy. Plus Anderson/Madrigal at 8/9 turns the order over with two very good hitters that can get on base with really good speed for the Robert/Moncada+ top of the lineup.
  10. I want Robert leading off every game with Moncada hitting two where they both play. I also think the Sox will have a good lineup with TA hitting 8th and Madrigal hitting 9th. Fill in with good power bats in between and the lineup will be good.
  11. Not testy at all. I just think your point is dumb. Yelich showed signs of being a good ball player. The only thing that Mazara does above average is hit long HR. But he doesn’t hit many at all. Especially for the ballpark he played in the last 4 years. When you talk about maybe he could be between Avi and Yelich, there is NO sign that could happen. He’s been a below average baseball player for 4 years and nothing has changed at all. The Sox have to start aiming higher or this rebuild will be a disaster. Any of the main OF free agents would be so much better than Mazara. The Sox have the money, spend it, don’t trade for below average baseball players is what I’m also saying.
  12. I will never take anything you say serious ever on this site. Yelich’s first four seasons by wRC+ 1st- 118 2nd- 118 3rd- 120 4th- 134 Mazara’s first four seasons by wRC+ 1st- 91 2nd- 87 3rd- 95 4th- 94 His career fWAR is 1.7. Yelich’s first 62 games he ever played was 1.8. Yelich had one 2.4 fWAR season and the rest are 4.1 and over. You should stop talking.
  13. Sure because every team says “man we just need some average players”. If our offseason is Avi, Wheeler and Hamels as the main pieces, Hahn should be fired.
  14. Where did I say that? Did you actually read what I wrote? I said Mazara sucks and the Sox can do better. So I’ll ask you, I guess you’re fine with below average players both offensively and defensively eh?
  15. Exactly Max. So getting a shitty OF from the Rangers is a good idea? No way. Why would the Rangers trade a 25 year old OF? They’re still trying to win and sign players. Who else do they have that they’d actually trade that would make sense for the Sox. They’re opening their new park and don’t want to tear it all down.