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  1. Jim Busby

    Minor League Catch-All 2021

    He was on the Cuban Olympics Team Roster as a Rhp
  2. Jim Busby

    2017 Offseason White Sox News, Notes, and Tweets thread

    QUOTE (oldsox @ Nov 24, 2017 -> 12:41 PM) He's not the ONLY one. I say extend the two sluggers and see what happens. I go to the Park to see a winning Team. I don't go to Farm Team Baseball Games to see Prospects. Like the umpire yells OUT - Play Ball - and the White should have a wining team and not trade off good baseball players for prospects. This is Chicago
  3. Jim Busby

    2017 Offseason White Sox News, Notes, and Tweets thread

    QUOTE (oneofthemikes @ Nov 20, 2017 -> 09:46 AM) I think I would actually really like to extend both. Then in a couple years when the kids are ready to move into their OF spots, move Avi to 1B and Abreu to DH. This is the ONLY person who wants the Chicago White Sox to really WIN. The other replies I read sounds like OLD Cubs who the 2000 fan base. As a true Chicago White Sox Fan I want to win Now.
  4. Jim Busby

    Friday Night Lights Baseball at 7:10 PM CDT

    QUOTE (Insp @ Sep 8, 2017 -> 10:22 PM) Problem is that we traded away our best bullpen hands. Thank You Again Rick / Plus they gave you more time :angry: to trade away Talent
  5. Jim Busby

    A Star is Born

    QUOTE (pittshoganerkoff @ Aug 18, 2017 -> 06:10 AM) False. The performance of Moncada, Lopez, Engel, L. Garcia, A. Garcia, and Delmonico matter now. The team winning or losing doesn't really matter right now. Management put Moncada, Lopez, and Delmonico in the positions they are in to see how they perform. You don't wait until you're projected to contend to test your prospects. You do it during a rebuild. So, when it comes time to contend those guys will be there if they have proved themselves...or they won't because they didn't. This is simple stuff. This is how a rebuild works. Get Rid of Beck, Goldberg & Infante. Bought 5 Pitchers from other Teams for Charlotte who are much better than those Three. We could lost 117 games this season with our bad relief staff
  6. On the DSL Roster there is a 32 year Left Hand Outfielder name Anderson Guzman. I taught there was a age Limit to play in the DSL League. Is he our Roy Hobbs from the Movie the Natural who is sitting on the Bench waiting for our Manager Robin Ventura to let him Bat. Is that one of many reasons why Adam LaRoche left the Team???? Check it out yourself about his age. Future Roy Hobbs sitting at the Dominican Republic White Sox roster
  7. White Sox sign another 1st round Draft pick from the past
  8. Jim Busby

    Sox to hire Greg Sparks as Ast Hitting coach

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Oct 29, 2015 -> 10:22 AM) Yay, Moneyball and OPS. We finally won in a transaction involving Oakland. Maybe... http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Greg_Sparks Six years of minor league managerial experience...pretty much a lifer in the minors. The anti-Ventura, so to speak. Looks like the whole time with A's. Four years as minor league hitting coordinator. Minor league coach again most recently in Sacramento. This post has been edited by caulfield12: Today, 09:26 AM We Needed a Latin Hitting Coach - Maybe it is time to get RID of the General Manager. We need Baseball People to run this Organization not College Graduations who are great BSers
  9. Jim Busby

    2014 Minor League catch all thread

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Nov 22, 2014 -> 12:10 PM) Sox sign SS Juan Diaz, RP Logan Kensing and RP Joe Savery to minor league deals. Joe Savery was a 1st round pick from the Phillies just like Gavin Floyd. Did we hit the jackpot again?????? (PS Adam LaRoche play 1st base for the Washington Nationals - Adam Dunn play 1st base for the Washington Nationals before we sign him. I hope he can hit ??????????????
  10. QUOTE (BaconOnAStick @ Aug 28, 2014 -> 01:57 AM) The AL is moving away from big mashers at DH. They are expensive, they have to be pinch run for, they have zero utility and there doesn't seem to be a ton of year-to-year consistency from the full time DH's. Bring me ballplayers, guys who can play one or multiple positions and play them well. Let the DH spot be used to get our everyday guys off the field the soothe the wear and tear of the season. This Person really knows Baseball
  11. Jim Busby

    Rosters for the Minors

    QUOTE (IowaSoxFan @ Mar 31, 2014 -> 11:12 AM) Where is Basto? What about Grant Buckner??? He signed as a 3rd baseman
  12. Jim Busby

    2013 Minor League Transactions

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 9, 2014 -> 11:16 AM) Hello Birmingham. Did the Chicago White Sox Sign Simon Castro RP Again. He still on the (20) best Prospects
  13. Jim Busby

    Tim Anderson

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jun 7, 2013 -> 11:16 AM) Rudy Jaramillo is considered by many to be a very good hitting coach. It even earned him $800k a year from the Cubs. Funny part is that Jaramillo never played in the majors. He played in the minors and had a career minor league batting average of .258. Above rookie league ball (he hit .365 as a 22 year old), he hit .243 in the minors. s***, Jeff Manto was a .230 hitter, though, to be fair, when he played he hit for power. He actually had a pretty nice year in 1995 for Baltimore. Don Cooper had a career ERA of 5.27, and he's considered to be a top 5 (if not top 3, if not the best) pitching coach in the league. Point being you don't have to be a successful major leaguer to be a good coach. You can't turn chickens*** into chicken dinner. I did not know Don Copper was our HITTING Coach. Hitting is our problem not Pitching
  14. Jim Busby

    Tim Anderson

    Chicago White Sox can't hit in the Majors or in the Minors. Their top minor leaguers are Strike-Out-Kings with very poor averages. Bring in somebody (A good Leader) who can show them how a good average with some power to get you to the majors. Did you really figure out why the Pirates fired Jeff Manto and Seattle get rid of Steve Lake. Hire personnel who can communicate with the hitters (Including the Latin Players and show then the right approach HOW TO HIT A BASEBALL.
  15. Jim Busby

    Tim Anderson

    QUOTE (Jake @ Jun 7, 2013 -> 09:56 AM) Tim Anderson retweeted my article on him. I consider that a ringing endorsement Lets hope he (Tim Anderson) signs with the White Sox and agrees to stay always from Steve Lakes and his company of hitting instructors. We get average or better hitters in the Draft and Steve Lake and company show them how to how to become strike out prospects. Get rid of that poor former major league catcher (Steve Lake a .225 hitter) and replace him for someone like Joey Corra who at lease hit over .260 in the majors and can talk to the Latin Players in their own language.