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  1. Eminor3rd

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    For sure. Jasson Dominguez, Deivi Garcia, etc.
  2. Eminor3rd

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    I would consider $3mm and "~$4mm" to be pretty much the same thing in this context. EDIT: Like, I assume RH can ask JR for an extra million bucks if he needs it somewhere.
  3. Eminor3rd

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Well the Yankees are up against the luxury tax wall and have decreed they will be under it this year, so it's safe to say they were on SOME kind of budget for this rotation spot. If they had been bid up to $13-15mm I'd be surprised if they'd have gone there with Tanaka still out there and motivated to stay. Unless they just like Kluber a lot more at this point, which is possible. But I'm guessing Tanaka is asking for 2/$30mm or something and this was a cheaper alternative.
  4. Eminor3rd

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    In other news, this basically guarantees that Tanaka isn't coming back. Would be a fantastic pickup for either the White Sox or the Golden Eagles, so I'm all for it.
  5. Eminor3rd

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    So obviously, we don't know the Sox interest in him after the showcase or the ultimate budget, but this is where the extra ~$4m overpay on Adam Eaton very well might have hurt.
  6. Eminor3rd

    DH Options

    Every available dollar should go into SP from this point on. Collins/Yermin get a shot to win the job out of ST and subsequently establish themselves. If they don't then either Vaughn earns his chance by midseason, or you rent someone at the deadline.
  7. It’s the first time the FO has successfully found a creative way to win a hotly contested free agent despite JR miserly ways. They should definitely be commended, and I hope it a a sign of good things to come, because we need it to be.
  8. This should essentially be seen as 4/54 but if he’s so bad aftert third year that the Sox want to cut him and eat the contract, they get to defer the money to make it hurt less.
  9. Eminor3rd

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    "Overpaid #3 starter"
  10. Eminor3rd

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    Overpaid #3 starter =\= reigning Cy Young Award winner
  11. Eminor3rd

    Katz on our Pitcher Progress Summary

    What this article makes most clear, to me, is that this was an overdue change.
  12. Eminor3rd

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Go to Kuma's Corner. It may change your entire life.
  13. Eminor3rd

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    This team could absolutely use 180+ innings of high 3-ERA starting pitching.
  14. Eminor3rd

    NPB/KBO/Asian Imports Thread

    Looks like both OF Haruki Nishikawa and SP Tomoyuki Sugano have decided to pass on whatever offers they had, and return to NPB. Too bad, I think Sugano was a real difference-maker. Apparently he was asking for pretty big money, though.
  15. Eminor3rd

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    That's part of why it was a bad move to trade 5 years of a #4 for 1 year of a #2. Not only is it a bad time for JR to extend a veteran pitcher, but why would Lynn want to extend now? He's in his thirties, has made good money, so the team has no leverage -- and next year's FA situation is almost certainly going to be better because there will be more clarity on revenue streams around the league. No one knows whatthis season is going to start like, but EVERYONE expects fans in the seats by the end of it. Don't try too hard to make it make more sense. The FO has not been given the resources to "do it right," so they're "doing the best they can," and that's gonna make a lot of moves they make seem weird because we can all see that there were better alternatives available.