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  1. What else are you gonna spend the money on? What will you ever want more than a 26 year old SS/3B worth 4-6 wins every year? This type of opportunity is why we wring our hands over JRs money so much. We want them to be cheap where they can so that they can spend the money later when an opportunity arises. If not now, when? If we don’t support it now, Greg will have been right about us caring about JR’s kids inheritance all along. And I don’t need to explain why we don’t want that.
  2. Manny is off somewhere enjoying the offseason as a young millionaire athlete. His agent is doing his normal, full-time job. The White Sox have no plan B, nor any reason for a plan B. I hope this ends soon too, but I don’t see any reason to believe it will.
  3. Oh it would be downright miserable, no doubt. But if that’s what it takes to ensure that every other bidder jumps ship. I’ll suck it up. We know this FO is far from flawless, but one thing that we seem to have good evidence for is that Hahn is cold af as a negotiator. What was once a disadvantage (Sox have no leverage to push an early decision, because everyone knows they aren’t actually going to take an offer off the table) could now be becoming an advantage as the deadline of ST comes closer and everyone else moves on.
  4. To me, this all seems, logically, as if it’s going according to plan. I’m not worried about these “low” leading offers because: 1. The White Sox, unlike the other known suitors, have absolutely no time constraint, because they don’t have to pivot to compete if they miss out. They’re the only ones that would be totally fine waiting all the way to ST if that’s what it took, therefore 2. I’m reading this as The White Sox are playing it slow to avoid bidding against themselves. The state of their current offer doesn’t necessarily indicate the highest they’d be willing to go. This isn’t evidence that they’re playing it smart, but if they WERE playing it smart, this is what it would look like. The risk is if the Sox play too hard, Machado at some point considers one year pillows before he finds out the Sox would meet his minimum anyway. But I’d have to assume that both sides are keeping communication open enough to avoid that, given that it benefits both of them.
  5. Harper is not gonna sign first. Boras needs to make sure his contract is the highest.
  6. Is anyone else creeped out at how good people are at Photoshop nowadays?
  7. Every year that passes, that season gets more artificially painful in my brain. By 2025, we’ll have lost every game 15-0 and five players will have suffered career-ending injuries. By 2030, the White Sox will have lost the next 300 following regular season games. By 2040, all my family will have been murdered that week.
  8. Agreed. It’ll be like winning the blackout game to get swept in the first round. Two months of anticipation, creating with a ton of excitement at the one yard line, only to result in crushing, anti-climactic disappointment.
  9. I just can’t get worked up over the plight of unionized labor force with a $500,000 minimum wage and $4,000,000 median salary, not to mention free high end medical benefits. If they aren’t making enough, it’s their own damn fault. They have ALL the tools to take care of themselves and decades of precedent doing so. They screwed themselves over in the last CBA a bit for sure, but take a look at salary growth over the last thirty years, both gross and in terms of percentage of revenue. Their union has been one of the strongest in history. They enjoy benefits and protections that most other industries dream of, and get paid ten times more. In what other billion dollar industry does non-executive labor get anywhere CLOSE to the fraction of revenue that players get? If we want to be outraged about economic equality we need to stop crying about these athletes and turn out rage toward those who actually need it.
  10. Dozier is coming off a 0.8 fWAR season.
  11. Eminor3rd

    Vegas has '19 Sox at 74.5 wins

    Gun to my head, I’ll say whatever you want me to say just please don’t shoot I don’t wanna die yet
  12. Eminor3rd

    Vegas has '19 Sox at 74.5 wins

    Not a betting man, but that feels like an easy under.
  13. Wouldn’t affect the mode at all
  14. If the Sox don’t sign Machado or Harper, there’s nothing else they need to save money for this year. They needed some random depth anyway. If it wasn’t Jay it would be some other random. A lot of clubs WOULD go a long way to clear $13m in payroll. The 2019 White Sox, entering year three of a rebuild with next to nothing on the books and trying to collect and develop long term assets, are NOT one of those clubs.
  15. Good arm under ten mil a year for two years. Fine. Makes pen better without blocking anyone or preventing any other moves, current or future. Hard to get upset.
  16. Eminor3rd

    Spring training travel tips

    I would rent the car. Phoenix is designed for it. We did and didn’t regret it. Did this once about six or seven years ago. Had a blast. Have fun and be safe.
  17. To me, it sounds like the Sox (and the other teams, tbh) are just trying not to bid against themselves. Given that this is how the process is flowing, I think I’d happy with literally any year/dollar amount that gets Machado to the Sox. Because whatever that number is, it will be what the market required.
  18. Eminor3rd

    White Sox sign Jacob Lindgren

    This guy was the Zach burdi of the 2015 draft or whenever, except a leftie. Then yeah, injuries.
  19. I don’t think there’s any chance the White Sox are willing to pay up for both of these guys, and to be honest, I’m not even sure it would make sense to. Assuming they are going to stay near the middle/upper middle of the pack at peak payroll years.