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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    Goldschmidt getting 5/110 extension

    Pretty sure if Harper had to do it again, He'd had taken that 10/$300M extension from Nationals too. Extension is the new way to go.
  2. thxfrthmmrs

    Eloy officially got paid

  3. Was hoping they roll the dice on Berry but HHCD will do. Can’t complain about the price at all. By my calculation they still have about $13.5M cap space (more if you count Top 51). I wonderful if Houston is next or they are looking to trade for a contract with a team trying to free up space.
  4. I think the Larsen deal eats into the Top 51 salary by $1M, they currently still have about ~$18M functional cap to work with, and that factors in the cap hit for draft picks. That's a pretty solid number to work with. I think the Bears are waiting for prices to drop a bit before dipping into the pool to address the remaining needs,and see if the remaining guys are willing to take a pay cut as FA goes on. With cap we have remaining, I am hoping we could get Houston and Eric Berry for 2 year deals. I don't expect Berry to cost a lot at this point with his recent injury history. I would trade Howard for a 5th rounder and sign Ty Montgomery. Depending on how much discount Berry/Houston takes we should have enough to address the K / P situation. We could then plug in remaining holes with the picks we have and get depth pieces in OL, DL, SS to backup Berry, and a QB to succeed Daniels.
  5. WOW would have loved Bell at that price and we could have fit him into our cap space. We better pull off an impact signing because I'd be upset we missed Bell for marginal players.
  6. He will be paid earlier, in March actually. But you're right that the signing bonus could be spread over several years, increasing Mack's dead cap the next several years but creating cap space short term.
  7. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    My last post on this topic, but it's becoming apparent you're missing the point and using your stats incorrectly. To summarize what you said: 1) High pitches are easier to elevate - true, but this means nothing in isolation, easier to elevate does not suggest better results 2) High fastballs are easier to square up - false Since you're a statistical person, I think you'd also see the fallacy of using the numbers you pointed to here: https://community.fangraphs.com/effect-of-pitch-selection-on-launch-angle-and-exit-velocity/ The up and in (good) pitches are one of the worst pitches for hitters to hit (as suggested by the EV you linked to). The up and away (mistake) pitches produced the best results (by measurement of EV and LA). But let's also consider that for those mistake pitches go a long way and has much higher exit velocity, henced average EV are skewed, but that doesn't mean they are happening more frequently (because the results are more favorable for the pitcher) compared to a low pitch. If you want to have a good leg to stand on, use batting average, wOBA, or xwOBA that weights each event the same. So to have a blanket statement that high fastballs are easier to hit (as Parkman and Dick Allen were debating you on had you read their posts carefully) or easier to square up, you're stats falls short of proving your point by a 90 degree launch angle.
  8. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    Glad you asked, see one post above.
  9. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    You're all over the place with your posts, and muddying the line between elevating a pitch (launch angle) vs. squaring up. They're not one of the same. I will also pretty you weren't talking about fastballs only in your posts.
  10. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    What you're missing is what you said simply does not support your argument. You posted only average launch angle on pitches and their location, but what about their contact % on high vs. low fastballs? To say it's easier to "square up on a high fastballs", you must show batters today have better results hitting the high fastball vs low ones, which I have shown you the opposite is correct.
  11. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    I think it's the opposite. But keep moving the goalpost to defend your point when you missed Parkman's original statement.
  12. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    I find it comical you quote sources you do not read through and pretend that is supports your argument and claim to be correct. The article you posted factually does not prove your point that high fastball are easier to barrel up. "Of course that doesn’t mean higher pitches are better to swing at, high pitches are also known to induce more pop-ups and whiffs on certain types of fastballs (high spin) but for players who have trouble to elevate the ball it can make sense to swing a little less in the lower part of the zone. On the other hand a high whiff or popup rate type of player who has a good launch angle it might make sense to leave the high pitches alone." Focus on that part of the statement, the paradigm shift is hitters are learning to elevate the low fastballs so they do not have to hit the high fastball, which have known (and statistically proven) to lead to worse outcome.
  13. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    If you take a second to read the articles I provided, it clearly tells you 1) the low fastball/sinker lead to the worst outcome for pitchers. 2) more pitchers are ditching the low fastball and throwing more high fastballs, which led to better results.
  14. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    This is 2017 data but the 2 seamer/sinker has the highest xwOBA (worst outcome for pitchers) out of all pitches. I assume it was worse in 2018 with the number of hitters refining their swing plane. https://www.mlb.com/news/statcast-best-hitters-by-pitch-type-in-2017-c263978558
  15. thxfrthmmrs

    3/10 vs A's, 3pm, whitesox.com

    I think this was the case until hitters learned to adjust their swing plane to the pitch to get a better launch angle at certain pitches. The sinker is one that's getting hit the hardest during this launch angle revolution, and pitchers are cutting back on the usage and going for rising fastballs instead and combining it with more breaking ball usage.