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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    Doesn't it help if he's already 23 (24 in Sept)? In fact he's almost exactly 1 year younger than Cespedes, who signed last January and played stateside. I would think at that age they would rather try to get to majors as early as possible and make league minimum instead of minor league salary.
  2. thxfrthmmrs

    2021 sox farm awards given by us, this subforum

    I'm glad J Rod, Adolfo, and to some extend Sosa are showing some success on the LatAM side. They're the first young J2 signings that have been able to progress past the Low A level since J2 system began. Having those names graduate to the MLB level would be a major win for the LatAM scouting and player development team. Unfortunately on the US prep side success is just as hard to come by. The list of recent prep hitter - Zangari, Curbelo, Abbot, Delgado, Weaver, Bush, Beard, Gladney, Glass, and Krogman have all failed or are failing to develop. When I say they're bad, they have been really bad... sub .200 hitters with 40% + k rate and 1/8 BB/K rates, those are astonishingly bad number. Prospects are a crapshoot and even more so for high schoolers who aren't top 3 round talents. But you would think out of all those names, at least one would have a modicum of success at low minors or at least develop passable plate discipline, but no we have seen no evidence of it at all, whether it's a scouting issue or player development issue is another debate. For Sox to continue a produce a pipeline of prospects who could contribute at MLB level they need to start hitting on some of these players, or at least develop them into org players. They're player scouting/development in general still have a lot of catching up to do to be able to build a continuous pipeline for the team and catch up to some of the better farms in the league.
  3. thxfrthmmrs

    White Sox linked to Oscar Colas (duh) and Erick Hernandez

    His comp is Juan Soto… Not too bad.
  4. thxfrthmmrs

    8/24 Games

    I might be the high man on Yolbert but he’s a top 10 prospect for me right now, might be closer to top 5. I hope he could tap into that power more consistently.
  5. thxfrthmmrs

    8/18 Games

    If Yolbert could keep this up, he should be the starting 2B for the Sox by OD 2023.
  6. thxfrthmmrs

    8/16 Games

    It’s early but we might have an interesting prospect in Veras. Big power corner IF with comps to Edwin Encarnacion, and nephew of Fernando Tatis.
  7. thxfrthmmrs

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    Why though? I am not sure if there are many teams that do not spend the 5% overage that’s why I had thought Burke and Gosswein would go for more than what people are projecting. In a way, with this class, I was hoping they didn’t spend the full 5% overage and sign the picks for what they would have gotten on another team. Sox has a tendency to overpay for college signings, their bonus to Gosswein, picks 6-12 which are all college seniors (including some 5th year seniors) only continues that trend. That limited their ability to go after another HS pick like Butler this draft, and would continue to do so going forward.
  8. thxfrthmmrs

    7/21 Games

    Lots of gaudy SB numbers in A ball this year due to changes to run game (in low A there is a 2 PO attempt limit per AB). I think his 2019 SB numbers are more indicative of his skills on the base paths.
  9. As you said, the guy crawled his way to the majors after 10 years in the minors, he has dealt with a lot of adversity and setbacks along the way. I don’t think the TLR incident would have been enough to break him and force him to retire. From the BLA article, he’s struggled financially (no surprises given milb pay) and has a large family to feed. There’s gotta be more to the story then the TLR incident to make him step away from the game.
  10. Yea but if he work himself back to a DH/1B role for a second division team he could be making so much more. Too early for him to call quits on that.
  11. How in the world is Yermin who barely made any money playing professional baseball retiring at 28?
  12. thxfrthmmrs

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    Winner stays at SS in 2024 loser moves to catcher.
  13. thxfrthmmrs

    Yolbert Sanchez promoted to Birmingham

    Probably due to aggressive assignments in low minors and most of the prospects there hasn’t been doing that well. I am not sure if there will be too many low minor promotions for the key prospects, but I could see one or all of Adolfo, Romy, and Pilkington moving to AAA at some point.
  14. thxfrthmmrs

    Yolbert Sanchez promoted to Birmingham

    Does this set up J Rod to A+ and Montgomery A ball in a few weeks?