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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    Is Giolito an ace?

    There are only about 10-15 pitchers in MLB at a given point in time that you could consider true "aces". Fact is not every team will have an ace. If the question is if Giolito could be a top 30 pitcher in this league, I think without a doubt he could. But even then some people wouldn't consider him an ace.
  2. thxfrthmmrs

    Adding a minor league team

    Sox had 2 DSL teams back in 2007 and 2008 seasons. It may or may not had to do with the extra revenues we were pulling in post-WS. For comparison sakes, Cubs have added a 2nd DSL team in 2008 and a 2nd AZL team in 2018. With the rising cost of MLB contracts, even getting a single cost-controlled MLB player for 6 years pays for yearly cost of a short season league team. I don't see a reason we don't why we wouldn't considering expanding. I hope it's something Getz is already pitching to JR on. Orgs # of MILB teams Astros 9 Cardinals 9 Cubs 9 Diamondbacks 9 Dodgers 9 Mets 9 Phillies 9 Pirates 9 Rays 9 Brewers 8.5 Indians 8.5 Athletics 8 Blue Jays 8 Giants 8 Padres 8 Red Sox 8 Rockies 8 Royals 8 Tigers 8 Yankees 8 Angels 7 Braves 7 Mariners 7 Marlins 7 Nationals 7 Orioles 7 Rangers 7 Reds 7 Twins 7 White Sox 7
  3. thxfrthmmrs

    7/15 Games

    Ben Bailey gets talked about a lot, but the DSL team has lowkey three pretty intriguing catchers - Mendoza, Betancourt, and Benavides. All are posting good BB, K and ISO %. Their CF Laureano is Laureano is another kid to keep an eye on.
  4. thxfrthmmrs

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    Dude probably got his info from the same O’hare bartender who said Manny Machado came for a second visit some odd months.
  5. thxfrthmmrs

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Most likely not. They’d need to extend Lauri to prevent him from hitting RFA, and that extension kicks in 21-22 Season. Even if they don’t extend Lauri (which could mean Lauri hadn’t shown them enough), Young and Sato has over $10M in partially guaranteed money on the books in 21-22, and factoring in another ~$10 mil in rookie contracts over the next 2 drafts takes them out of running for 2 max deals.
  6. thxfrthmmrs

    7/11 Games

    The way you started this post.
  7. thxfrthmmrs

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Not sure how I feel about the trade for the Rockets. And looks like Paul to the Lakers is finally happening.
  8. thxfrthmmrs

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Gut punch when stars in their prime don’t even consider coming home
  9. thxfrthmmrs

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I was implying front office and ownership (what Jenks posted a few weeks ago made a lot of sense).
  10. thxfrthmmrs

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    I want to be hopeful of 2021 but Bulls haven't been a serious contender in the FA market since 2010. We can make excuses and blame it on being a young team in rebuild mode, but even when we were making playoffs with Rose, Noah and Butler and had cap spaces we were never in serious running. There has to be something more than winning that detracts FAs from Chicago.
  11. thxfrthmmrs

    Should they call Nick Madrigal up?

    If Robert rakes these next 3 weeks in Charlotte, which I think he likely will, I would call him up after TDL. Madrigal on the other hand could use another month in Bham and spend rest of year in Charlotte, then the first few weeks next season. Difference is I think Robert is someone who needs more seasoning at MLB level to make adjustments. If he called up the last 2 months and struggles but comes back next year and sets up himself up for a solid rookie year, that's a win for us. Madrigal, with how fundamentally sound he is, shouldn't need much time to get adjusted at the highest level, I'd rather play the service clock game with him.
  12. thxfrthmmrs

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Absolutely. And we may not be done if raBBit's math is right from the last page, we still have about $67K left for Trenkle or Britt. Britt I think is a definite no, but I haven't seen solid confirmation Trenkle is going to school. Would $192K be enough to change his decision?
  13. thxfrthmmrs

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    This helps explain BABIP from a quality of contact perspective. Hard hit data is not available in MILB, but I think soft GB and FB are the most common occurrence for Madrigal right now. If he becomes more a line drive hitter, even making soft to medium contact would help boost his BABIP tremendously https://www.fantraxhq.com/sabermetrics-quality-contact-babip/
  14. thxfrthmmrs

    Mid-Year Top 10 Prospects

    His quality of contact is pretty poor actually. Too many weak grounders or choppers right now where at MLB level he’s going to see defensive shifts and OF playing in to take away some of those hits. He has 60 grade on speed, so you aren’t talking about a burner on base paths either. All in all, you’re giving a projection of the absolute best case scenario and not the most likely scenario. If he does hit .350 with .900+ OPS he’d be a top 3 MVP candidate when coupled with his other tools, which again, would be an unrealistic projection for Nicky.