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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    Backup Catcher

    Was hoping for Suzuki since he mashes against lefty, but then again, defense.
  2. thxfrthmmrs

    Sox & ReyLo settle at $2.1M

    You guys are underselling Reylo, if you take away his 2020 season and his bad starts from 2019, he’s actually been pretty good.
  3. thxfrthmmrs

    Katz on our Pitcher Progress Summary

    I will go as far as to say that Katz is the most important person in this franchise for the foreseeable future. The offense is set for the next 3-5 years, the bullpen is one of the best on paper (yes, the volatility still remains), if Katz could get the most out of Kopech, Cease, Crochet, and help Gio continue his progression, look out, this team is going places.
  4. First thing he did wrong was trying to play insider and not pick a restaurant name.
  5. thxfrthmmrs

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I think if they are confident they that they could extend Lynn, then a 1+1 deal for the likes of Q/Richards/Kluber/Paxton makes more sense instead of going the trade route.
  6. Ingredients for a great closer •great stuff - check •ability to go multiple innings - check •composure to close out close game - check •balls to tell your wife you ain’t going back to Canada - double check
  7. Marshall/Foster/Frye/Heuer/Bummer/Hendricks, add Crochet in September/playoffs. Name a better bullpen, go.
  8. It’s not in Sox vocabulary so they haven’t thought of that. In all seriousness, since it’s still treated as a 4 year contract, I think the AAV is still the same.
  9. They left no doubt this time. I am fine in general, wish it could have been less, but they got their guy.
  10. So what were you just saying?
  11. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    The elite defense from two years ago is long gone. Their best players will be a 32 year old DT and a 30 year old pass rusher heading into next season. They’re playing massive money to two edge rushers who couldn’t consistently rush the passer, their secondary cannot cover and generate turnover. Some of it could benefit from a change in coaching and scheme, it could still be a top 8-10 defense, but it’s not a unit carry a punchless offense. On offense, they need a #1 WR, a new QB two tackles, and a move TE. They have no cap space to work with. Sure they could kick the can down road and restructure a bunch of guys, but they got too many holes to fill. I don’t think Winston or Cam are answers here, if Belichick couldn’t get anything out of Cam, you think Nagy could? Winston could have been had for next to nothing last offseason, but Pace decided to trade a pick and pick up Foles’ remaining salary. That should tell you how Nagy thinks he would fit. They made the playoffs going 8-8, they might not be as lucky next year (and let’s not forget they won 3 games to start they could have easily lost). There is no upside to this team, just hit the reset button now and hope to hang with the Packers in 2 years when Rodgers might start to slowing down.
  12. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    “After care evaluation, we felt that a return to playoffs and a highly competitive first half of yesterday’s game signaled a step in the right direction for this franchise, we’ve decided to bring back all of our personnel for next season.”
  13. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    So your plan is to let Trubisky walk, yet quoted my post to disagree with my point of letting Trubisky walk? Point is Trubisky may be a good kid and handled himself like a pro, but he has no business being back next year. Move on.
  14. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Foles is under contract for next year. Even if you don’t draft or sign a QB, there is no value of keeping Trubisky around. There is also little cap room left, they could restructure a bunch of guys, or even trade Hicks or Mack, but even then, they need to be spending money to identify guys they could develop and build around in the long term.
  15. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    You want to watch this atrocity for 2 more years? Mitch is what he is at this point, ever since the second half of Nagy’s first year, this team has been struggling to score with him at QB. It’s time to move on.
  16. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I disagree. This embarrassing performance leaves no doubt that Pace/Nagy/Trubisky should be gone next year.
  17. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Pathetic play calling. Playing not to lose again.
  18. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    That was a perfectly thrown deep ball.
  19. thxfrthmmrs

    Katz on our Pitcher Progress Summary

    Love how Katz is using analytics to build programs for these guys. Hell bring back Rodon, maybe Katz will fix ‘em too.
  20. thxfrthmmrs

    Trevor Bauer Thread

    She meant White Sox as JR being the old man staring from the back.
  21. They’re not going to want to go into luxury tax right away. Sign Springer and that brings them pretty close to luxury tax.
  22. So this would effectively take Mets out of race for Bauer and Hendricks, right?
  23. thxfrthmmrs

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Watching Williams play, it’s not hard to see why Bulls wanted him at 4th, good athlete with the tools to be a good shooter and defender. I think his floor is a good 3 and D player but if he gets better at creating his own shot and gets stronger and finishes better at the rim, he could be an all star and more.
  24. thxfrthmmrs

    KW sells house

    He sold it after Ken Jr finally moved out of the house.