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  1. bulokis

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    When can we expect the call up? April or May?
  2. bulokis

    2/25 CWS vs. SFG

    Tie game, nobody is getting a win šŸ˜
  3. Stay put if we are not going for Harper and wait to sign Machado after 5 years opt out F&*kšŸ˜«
  4. bulokis

    6/23 Games

    What happened to Dunning?
  5. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:12 PM) Ok this seems a bit creepy... Man if Todd does that every game, twitter will go nuts
  6. I was sad then got excited that finally we can move away from the half ass rebuild or going for it.
  7. bulokis

    Trade Deadline: Sox Make No Moves

    When is Hahn speaking?
  8. bulokis

    2016-2017 NBA Thread

    if we trade for Cousins, then we will have a good looking team. The players will eat Hoiberg alive though šŸ˜
  9. bulokis

    6/18 -- White Sox at Indians

    Time to give up on the season. The more we force it, the more it is looking abysmal. I want to see more Tim Anderson like player.
  10. bulokis

    Nationals (Scherzer) @ Sox (Shields)

    We keep forcing this rebuild on the fly and it is not working.
  11. bulokis

    6/4 - White Sox @ Tigers Game Thread

    We should be sellers. Who would be a good trade in partner for Shields . This team is laughable.
  12. bulokis

    White Sox Acquire James Shields

    We should not be trading for players. The in between rebuilding and competing is not working.
  13. bulokis

    Early Trade Speculation

    We need another good SP, Latos then becomes our 5h starter. Any bullpen guys we can bring up from the minors? A long reliever will be a good help to our bullpen.
  14. bulokis

    Gordon or Cespedes?

    The idea of getting a good bat and having 3 high picks this draft sounds good to me. It is like we are competing and rebuilding at the same time.
  15. bulokis

    White Sox sign Alex Avila

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ Nov 25, 2015 -> 03:36 PM) Flowers starting again whoopee doo.............Avila signing is fine. Im fine with platooning them and Avila gets to play against R hand SP and play TFlo against lefties/when Sale pitches.