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  1. 3GamesToLove

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    I honestly don't care for best record determining WS home field either; the imbalanced schedule is a big factor there. In the pre "this time it counts" era it just alternated between AL/NL each year. That seems as fair a way to do it as any.
  2. 3GamesToLove

    Field of Dreams Game

    Love the unis. Hope they can make them regular alts in the future, though MLB/Nike might want them to be exclusive to this game.
  3. 3GamesToLove

    Formula One

    Ha! I actually am probably newer to the sport than you. One of my friend group chats consists of a guy who's been a diehard F1 guy for years and years and years, and another guy who has also followed it for a while, albeit casually. Then my good friend started watching Drive to Survive in late March and when the group chat devolved into just F1 chat for a couple days I said "screw it" and started it, right on the eve of the first race of the season. So I've watched all the races so far and seen the whole show. I picked up on a lot of it pretty fast as is my obsessive nature, but I'm the farthest thing from a gearhead so that and tire management is still somewhat lost on me. I do highly recommend the "Shift+F1" podcast; I listen to that every week and I find it helpful. With regard to tennis, I sadly haven't watched as much over the last few years as I did during my peak tennis kicks, and with no access to Tennis Channel anymore I can't follow the tour the way I used to, and I've had to rely on Radio Roland Garros for this tournament, but I'm very excited to go back all in on Wimbledon this summer alongside watching a lot of soccer. Getting together with said friends in person(!) to watch some soccer and then wake up the next morning to watch one of the races later this month.
  4. 3GamesToLove

    Formula One

    Every F1 race is on ESPN or ESPN2. Qualifying, too. Practice is often relegated to ESPNews and/or streaming.
  5. 3GamesToLove

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    I can't imagine caring about this stuff, tbh. But I also follow baseball at large so I also think Tatis and Ohtani stuff is cool as shit.
  6. Dig these 6pm local/5pm central start times during the week that Cleveland has been doing.
  7. 3GamesToLove

    Limit of 13 pitchers back in place next season...

    This change is literally intended to make the game more like the way it was for decades.
  8. 3GamesToLove

    Ballpark Experience at G-Rate Field so far in 2021

    Can anyone confirm that the there is a Tex Mex/nacho helmet stand open in the 500 level?
  9. 3GamesToLove

    Sox @ Cleveland 4/21 postponed

    A straight doubleheader on Memorial Day is nice to look forward to.
  10. 3GamesToLove

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    You don't even need advanced metrics. His season ERA in said five seasons were 3.76 , 3.51, 3.32, 3.36, and 3.20! If that's a backend starter ("at best!?"), then you must be talking about an all-time great rotation. Those numbers are a solid #2 or even a #1 on some teams.
  11. 3GamesToLove

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    He was worth more than 20 bWAR. There aren't a lot of starters like that around. Absolutely the best pitcher we've had since Buehrle, non-Sale divison. It's not even close.
  12. 3GamesToLove

    Sox resign Rodon 1 yr /3m official, Vargas DFA

    He was good for five years, but okay.
  13. ? Alternate site?
  14. 3GamesToLove

    3/17 vs Dodgers, 3:05

  15. 3GamesToLove

    3/17 vs Dodgers, 3:05

    Benetti and Stone on TV and Kasper on radio today. Amazing to think we are spoiled for choice after so many years of bad broadcasts.