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  1. 3GamesToLove

    Benetti adding to his resume

    Vin Scully never left the Dodgers and did national baseball and football for years. Even Joe Buck worked for the Cardinals through '07 after starting to do national baseball and football in '94. He's going to stick around as long as he wants. JR shenanigans notwithstanding. That said, I think part of bringing Kasper on was the anticipation that he'd have an opportunity to be on TV every once in a while, perhaps increasingly so, and that at just 51 he could still be around for a long time.
  2. The decision to make it a straight doubleheader is quite strange because Sunday is Sunday Night Baseball. Shocked they didn't make it a split of noon and 6pm to protect the SNB start time.
  3. 3GamesToLove

    White Sox bet on new partner

  4. 3GamesToLove

    ESPN+ grades White Sox an F for first month.

    I mean, Dave Schoenfield generally knows his stuff...
  5. This is....not true. Yes, there do tend to be more week DAY games, but aside from holidays/Saturdays or whatever 6:10 April games are definitely not the norm. Just pulled up the 2019 and (planned) 2020 schedule and there are zero weekday 6:10pm home games.
  6. 3GamesToLove

    War in Ukraine

    Just fyi "*The* Ukraine" is the way the Russians would want you to refer to it, as a region that should belong to them. The sovereign nation is just Ukraine.
  7. Maybe if you think America is the world?
  8. Stabbing of Monica Seles? A GOAT candidate in the beginning of her prime, attacked ON THE COURT.
  9. 3GamesToLove

    Chicago Sky in the Finals

    I dunno man, everything I saw from this playoff run was really exciting and very good.
  10. 3GamesToLove

    Chicago Sky in the Finals

    Wow, some really terrible takes in there. 2013 wasn't that long ago, folks.
  11. 3GamesToLove

    White Sox Dave and John Cusack slap fight

    One of my favorite movies, and a terrific Chicago movie (especially considering that the book was set in London).
  12. 3GamesToLove

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    Uh, okay?
  13. 3GamesToLove

    White Sox Dave and John Cusack slap fight

  14. 3GamesToLove

    Live stream Len & DJ free via app

    You can also hear it on the ESPN 1000 app if you're within 50(?) miles of Chicago.
  15. 3GamesToLove

    Game 2 MLB Network

    No. The app (and mlb.tv generally) does not include MLB Network.