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  1. badcd

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Jun 1, 2012 -> 11:53 PM) He's like the kid who tries to pass off an internet blog as a reference in a paper. "I found this one guy who says that ducks are blue, and I think ducks are blue, so there." Paulie WAS an accident, but: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Duck etc,etc. Go figure.
  2. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 1, 2012 -> 10:20 AM) What are they going to do if he goes on another, fire him? Hope we don't find out this weekend. Joe West is a jerk and has caused Hawk to lose it in the past.
  3. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    Given the opportunity, would any of you detractors be willing to step away from the computer and discuss the Hawk's shortcomings face to face? Love him or hate him he's a tough old bird. And he HATES to lose. To me that symbolizes what these Sox are all about.
  4. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ May 31, 2012 -> 05:05 PM) Like with Pat Foley? He has been announcing for a similar time period and I observe very little contempt in his direction. The situation with Foley is similar to Hawk's: he's increasingly a homer, (but again, anyone employed by the team they cover is a homer) has begun relying on and repeating the same clich├ęs, and most disturbing, has lost a step in describing the action and is making mistakes with players names, etc. as he gets older. But just like the Hawk, you miss him when he's gone. Unless the game is called by Doc Emerich, the Hawks are unwatchable without Foley. They had a rough year back on TV until they brought Foley back.
  5. badcd

    White Sox have flipped from sellers to buyers

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ May 31, 2012 -> 06:59 PM) The real question is do the Sox have enough money to pull off such a move. I personally believe the Sox always budget some money for the deadline and could find ways to ways to gain a little more flexibility (ex: give Ohman away). However, this would definitely have to be a near deadline deal to work for us and the Red Sox would probably have to cover the buyout. I don't know if the Red Sox would go for that, but I definitely think it's worth exploring. I too have a feeling that there's always more than the team makes public. And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they save a bundle on MB56? Wouldn't at least some of the payroll reduction be available if things were looking great approaching the break? Sure the Sox would always like bigger crowds, but I've always found KW's attendance/payroll formula somewhat suspect, as attendance is only part of the revenue stream. Or JR could decide to ante up if he felt a deep post-season run was a real possibility. But I'm with others here that wouldn't change a thing if the wins keep coming at anywhere near this level.
  6. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ May 31, 2012 -> 10:35 AM) Hawk will go into the broadcast wing of the HOF someday. No doubt. Which doesn't mean you have to like the Hawk, or even that he's any good. But here's the thing. Broadcast revenues are absolutely critical to an attendance-challenged team like the Sox. I am certain that front-office management has focused-grouped him to death and used anecdotal evidence of his popularity as well. There is an index called a Q-Score that objectively rates celebrities' popularity but a search didn't turn up any sports broadcasters. It's also worth keeping in mind how difficult it is to do 150+, ~ three-hour games a season. The national baseball guys do one per week, and other sports' local guys max out at 4/week. There is also more actual air time to fill in a baseball broadcast since there there is more "air" to fill due to the pace of the game. (The great hockey play-by-play guys are a breed apart...) He's certainly a homer, but isn't that part of what it means to be an announcer employed by the team he brodcasts for? At least he's usually not boring, cliches and all. Some of the so-called pros out there are absolute zombies. As I said earlier in this thread, he can drive me nuts at times but I desperately miss him when he's not on. And I couldn't care less what the national media think or say about him. Being a lifelong Sox fan in Cub-Crazy Chicago gave me immunity. In fact, considering our success and the Guillen family's departure, i believe that for the Sox there's no such thing as bad publicity.
  7. badcd


    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ May 29, 2012 -> 09:05 PM) I would really, really, really, really - say, did I say "really" yet? - be interested in getting the reaction of that d-bag, so-called anonymous "scout" from back in the spring who got the media in a frenzy with his flimsy "ohhhhh, they just might lose 100 games" prediction. I should hope that genius never finds himself in the employ of our White Sox! Many a World Series Trophy could carry the inscription, "The Experts are Idiots".
  8. Caught the last few minutes of CTL before tonight's game. Frank Thomas said he's certain that Kevin's passing brought the Sox together, gave them focus, and has remained the catalyst for the team's success ever since. There are certainly other possibilities, but Frank's reasoning feels right to me, and it's as good an explanation for the sudden competence, if not dominance, as any other. Do you agree, and if so, how far do you think this motivation will take them?
  9. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    Why not go for the ultimate psycho-delic experience and pair Jimmy Piersall with the Hawk? That's entertainment!
  10. badcd

    It must be said - Hawk Harrelson has to go

    I'm with those who get fed up with Hawk until I am forced to listen to a national broadcast of a Sox game, although one guy I don't mind is Jon Miller (but I'm sure others can't stand him.) Suddenly there is a great big boring hole in the White Sox television "experience". And that includes the absence of Stone, who mitigates the Hawk's excesses nicely. Certainly much easer to hit mute than stress over a guy who has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the game even though he truly believes he does. If Hawk gets absolutely intolerable, hey, buy a ticket and head out to the Cell, where Gene Honda will be happy to burst an eardrum for you.
  11. badcd


    "Ace". Although it's probably a better fit for Robin
  12. badcd

    I enjoy this team

    QUOTE (Kalapse @ Apr 23, 2012 -> 11:13 PM) This is simply incredible. It's almost like Jake Peavy is Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn is Adam Dunn and Alex Rios is . . . well you get the point. The f*** is going on? I attribute it to the "Ventura Effect".
  13. badcd

    The Cell is getting WiFi

    QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Apr 14, 2012 -> 02:19 PM) Bingo. That and the smug, elitist attitude that comes in almost every box. In my experience the anti-apple crew are equally smug in their reverse-elitist conviction that anything not made by apple is superior by default. As for tablets, it is impossible to get a true feel for what they can do by messing around with a kindle Fire. Try a good Android tablet if apple's not an option. Late model tablets have 70% of a laptop's performance at 35% of the price, weight, and bulk. But anything larger than a phone does not belong at the ballpark.
  14. badcd

    The Cell is getting WiFi

    QUOTE (Art Vandelay @ Apr 12, 2012 -> 09:57 PM) That screams attention whore. He's a whore all right. He gets paid by M&M to wear that jacket in a seat that guarantees he appears in ~ 80% of a given broadcast. Love to watch him sweat when it's 85 and humid.
  15. badcd

    Peavy vs Ozzie

    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Jan 20, 2012 -> 07:39 PM) And Peavy should STFU, but it just goes to show how childish and immature Ozzie is for not being able to stay out of a media fight. Russ--agree with your post but man I've been staring at that chair for the past 10 minutes. Mesmerizing.