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  1. Bobby Bonilla the hell out of these offers. 7 years $280 plus a $5 mil/yr kicker for the rest of their lives.
  2. jasonxctf

    Thome flew to Vegas to meet with Harper

    Who knows... maybe Harper was a big time Thome fan growing up?
  3. jasonxctf

    Castillo the starter, Sox still looking to add

    Sellers remorse on Kevan Smith?
  4. jasonxctf

    Kevan Smith claimed off Waivers by Angels

    He had the highest batting average on the team, for those with 100AB or more.
  5. jasonxctf

    Cell Phone Question

    Thanks. What I dont get, is when I actually answer the phone... no one is ever on the other line? It's always dead silence for 5-10 seconds. Time and Time again.
  6. jasonxctf

    Cell Phone Question

    So I probably get 5-10 calls a week, from cell phone #'s that are very similar to mine. Same area code and first 3 numbers. No one is ever on the other line and the more I block them in my iPhone, the more different numbers start to populate. One time I called the number back, and some girl answered saying she didnt call me and she's been getting return calls with questions like mine all day from other people. Any idea what this is all about???
  7. jasonxctf

    Anyone here doing Topps Bunt?

  8. jasonxctf


    Yoan has to have zero confidence right now. Can we have him sit for 2 straight games and get his head right???
  9. jasonxctf

    Secondary Ticket Market

    What's the best place to purchase Sox Tickets on the secondary market? I know of StubHub and SeatGeek, but I swear I remember seeing another site which had better pricing and had some promo code too. (but maybe I'm crazy) Thanks!!!
  10. jasonxctf

    What do you make of this???

    Barbara Reincke is Jerry’s Assistant per LinkedIn.
  11. jasonxctf

    What do you make of this???

    Encounters limited sounds like an escort service. Nice that they aren’t in good standing with the state too. Wonder what those other reinsdorf businesses do?
  12. jasonxctf

    What do you make of this???

    (4) businesses located at 333 W. 35th Street just maxed out at $5,000 donations to Bruce Rauners campaign. CBLS Corporation Encounters, Ltd. Westwood Pointe, Inc. CORLAB, LLC Are these different Reinsdorf businesses?
  13. jasonxctf

    Jose Abreu voted in as Starting AL All-Star 1Bman

    Are we even now for the years where deserving Sox players got snubbed in the fan voting???
  14. jasonxctf


    I find myself guilty of the Moncada roller coaster too. Get too high when he does well, and get too low when he doesnt. I try and force myself to remember... what he does in 2018 doesnt matter. If he hits .300 this year, that doesnt mean he's going to hit .300 when we need him to. (2019, 2020, 2021, etc) Guys get better or worse over time. What's important now, is that he learns and improves month by month. So then when it really matters/counts, he's a reliable player,