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  1. They would basically be going 18 months between Post Season 2019 and Opening Day 2021!!! That’s insane.
  2. The uniqueness of this argument is that all of us know what the players make. None of us know what the owners make. You've also got hundreds of players, on social media pleading their case to the public day in and day out. The owners constant secretive nature hurts them in the world of public opinion. Maybe they dont care about being perceived as the "bad guys"? I suspect neither side is negotiating in good faith. And the entire Sport will suffer in the long run.
  3. jasonxctf

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    How do teams currently handle things when players/clubhouses get the flu currently?
  4. So I saw someone post an idea, that actually makes a lot of sense. Disney World and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Right now, you've got 33 empty, massive hotels, sitting within a contained, Disney property. Not some run down 5 story Radison or Holiday Inn in suburban Phoenix. Enough where you could go 1 hotel per team. These properties are also big enough where people could live for an extended period of time and not get stir crazy. (workout rooms, walking paths, pools, etc) You've got a massive complex, with multiple fields (some of course too small for MLB to play on) but at least one where the Braves used to have Spring Training. You've also got at least 2 indoor stadiums that Basketball could easily use to create some kind of playoff system. Florida has deemed sports "essential" and these properties have a media infrastructure already in place. You can get from the hotels to the Wide World of Sports, without leaving the Disney complex via shuttle bus. (again, contained environment) You've got enough rooms in the hotels, where you could move players up/down floors or to different rooms if you are even concerned about the cleaning crews coming in once a week. Food service is already in place at each hotel as well. Was just at the Wide World of Sports complex in February, quite impressive. Not the worst idea I've ever heard.
  5. jasonxctf

    Nest vs Ring

    Would love to hear about your experiences with both products. Looking at getting a doorbell and indoor security cameras. Do they work well for you? What's the difference between the two? Nest seems much more expensive than Ring? Thanks.
  6. jasonxctf

    Indiana Sports Betting

    So I'm considering going to Indiana to make some Football bets and looking for advice from those who have already. If I go in person, what's the closest book? Horseshoe in Hammond? If I go the Mobile Betting route, what app do you use? Do you need to be an Indiana resident, or just physically place the bet within Indiana state lines? How do they determine location, wifi required? Thanks everyone. Got lucky with a 49ers to win at 25-1 back in March in the Bahamas. Time to hedge the bet.
  7. jasonxctf


    Does anyone here have ESPN+ ? What do you think of it? I see them mention some MLB and NHL games being shown thru the service, so I'm wondering if those games are different from the normal ESPN or ESPN2 games that I can get on U-verse? I was under the impression that ESPN+ was just overflow games from ESPN3, but maybe I'm mistaken?? Thanks for helping.
  8. jasonxctf

    Way past their prime as Pale Hose

    Wells is a funny one. Wins 20 games with Toronto, next year comes to the Sox, stinks, then goes on to win 19 and 15 the next two years in NY. Then 12 with San Diego and 15 with Boston before really falling off. I think the Toronto GM jinxed him due to Sorotka being damaged goods.
  9. jasonxctf

    Way past their prime as Pale Hose

    Lofton hit .259 that year with a .348 OBP and 22SB. We would have killed for that production last year out of CF/RF.
  10. jasonxctf

    2020 Rotation Projected WAR

    Steamer is also projecting Rodon to pitch 1 inning in 2020, and give up 1 run and somehow have a 4.75ERA. Not sure how that is mathematically possible.
  11. jasonxctf

    iPhone issues

    i was having problems as recently as friday with my iphone.
  12. $24 million a year for Zack Wheeler? That's nuts.
  13. surprised no one commented about KW's son having a "special assignment" role. There was also another Williams who had a position out in Lisle, but I dont think she's related.
  14. Slow day, so I thought I'd start this. See below. Taken from https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/team/front-office Special Assistant to the Senior VP/General Manager Jim Thome Special Assistant to Baseball Operations Jose Contreras Special Assignment, Baseball Operations Ken Williams Jr. Special Consultant, Business Operations Frank Thomas Manager of Youth Baseball Operations - LaGrange Dan Pasqua Community Relations Representatives Harold Baines, John Cangelosi, Carlton Fisk, Ken Harrelson, Bo Jackson, Ron Kittle, Carlos May, Bill Melton, Donn Pall, A.J. Pierzynski, Tim Raines, Mike Squires
  15. jasonxctf

    Abreu Signs 3/$50M Extension

    Possibly. But I was thinking more along the lines of playing hard, staying out of trouble, being good with the media, respecting the game. Keeping some of them from potentially going down the Yasail Puig road.