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  1. CWSpalehoseCWS

    7/15 Games

    Stephens was solid today too.
  2. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    .293 AVG, .383 OBP, .463 SLG - granted, only 47 PA so a very small sample size, but he seemed to be doing just fine to me.
  3. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    You can't help but wonder if he hadn't gotten hurt if he'd be in the Sox starting lineup right now. Hurry back and start raking again Eloy.
  4. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Hypothetical: Would you trade Moncada for Arenado?

    This is really the only reason to do it 1 for 1. With Arenado openly saying he is sick of losing, I can't see him agreeing to any sort of extension. If the Sox have any intent to pursue him after 2019, they better have a somewhat competitive-looking team by then.
  5. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Jose Ruiz

    I put him on my top 30 mid-season prospect list. I'd like to see how he does in Charlotte, but the numbers have been promising.
  6. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Cooper has hand surgery

    I was gonna say the same thing, haha
  7. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Bruce Rondon to be optioned/DFA'd

    I think the leash on him is much, much longer. Sox need to have a legit long man with the rotation and all these blowout games. As bad as he's been, he saved the pen last night.
  8. CWSpalehoseCWS

    07/08 Games

    That's his signing bonus. I was making a joke that the pitcher was a little jealous.
  9. CWSpalehoseCWS

    7/9 Games

    Collins having a nice game so far too. 1-1, 2 BB, 1 RBI.
  10. CWSpalehoseCWS

    07/08 Games

    Sounds like Madrigal gave that pitcher 6,411,400 reasons to hit him, hahaha
  11. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox claim Ryan LaMarre

    This has to be some type of response to Garcia reinjuring his hammy. There are 4 active OF'ers in Charlotte not including Jimenez and Cordell. Seems like overkill to grab a 29 yr. old as depth.
  12. CWSpalehoseCWS

    07/08 Games

    Between Hamilton, Burr, Ruiz, Johnson, and adding in Burdi - the Sox have a nice slew of arms to build a pen with. I'd even throw Vieira into that mix too.
  13. CWSpalehoseCWS

    07/08 Games

    He really needs to be given a shot in the rotation. If Covey implodes again Tuesday, swap them.
  14. CWSpalehoseCWS

    7-8 Stros/Sox Game Thread

    Palka should be out there every day. Delmonico will be back soon and he's going to lose more playing time if not sent down.
  15. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Chicago @ Houston, 7/7, 3:10 CT, GT

    At least Moncada is 2/4 with no K's. Can't remember the last time we've seen that from him.