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  1. CWSpalehoseCWS

    MLB THE SHOW: 20

    I just posted a Dalquist in the vault. Been adding and updating quite a few guys over the past week. PSN is SouthSideSox05. I have quite a few additional guys not posted yet that hopefully will be up within the next week.
  2. CWSpalehoseCWS

    FS: Sousa and Lindgren possible 2020 bullpen options?

    Lindgren would be one hell of a great story. I remember when that guy was in the Yankees system. If he can put some solid innings together in Charlotte, I wouldn't be shocked to see him up at some point this season.
  3. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Keuchel spends $25K for organization-wide dinner

    Yermin made sure there wasn't any.
  4. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    I know someone that was laid off by Stadium late last year. I was told that the reason their staff was cut in half was because JR sold his controlling shares of the company. Sinclair supposedly is the majority owner of the company now. So Jerry has little to no involvement with Stadium at this point according to my friend's understanding.
  5. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    And just when I was starting to forget about Kris Honel...
  6. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox in Discussions for Moncada Extension per Y2Jimmy

    Not sure if it was shin splints, thought it was his hammy, but he did say very recently he changed his conditioning regimen in the offseason to hopefully prevent issues this season. Guess we'll find out.
  7. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ‚Ā¶NBCSChicago

    He's a ST invitee. He's in the organization unless the Sox cut ties with him and choose not to assign him to an affiliate. He should have 2 options remaining in the event he is added to the 40-man, but those don't get used as a ST invitee.
  8. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ‚Ā¶NBCSChicago

    EE is also a notoriously slow starter. His April slash line for his career is by far the worst on a month-by-month basis.
  9. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    Yep. He went to Driveline last offseason, said he felt great. Clearly didn't work last season. Although he did have a few good outings right before he hurt his hamstring last year. I don't really have any expectations for him anymore.
  10. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    I feel like he's going to bounce back in a big way this year.
  11. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Predict the OD Lineup

    I think you nailed it. Good balance throughout.
  12. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox @ Reds: Spring Training Opener (Cease)

    Mazara walks in 7.4% of his plate appearances over the course of his career. Thats double Anderson's rate.
  13. CWSpalehoseCWS

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I'm fine with starting Robert lower to start the year, but Robert/Moncada at 1-2 is what I hope we see long-term. Put Madrigal in the 9 hole, and that could be explosive when the lineup turns over.