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  1. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    Thanks! I took it on an angle because I was getting a lot of glare.
  2. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    No, didn’t want to make it too permanent - just bolted into the wall. Maybe down the road I’ll do something like that.
  3. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    Kind of tough because of the glass, but if you want to see a specific guy just let me know and I’ll post a close up.
  4. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    Gotta be this for me. Took roughly 4 1/2 years to complete. The vast majority were acquired in-person, with a few purchased from a dealer I trust.
  5. CWSpalehoseCWS

    What's happening with incoming Cuban players?

    That ranking is being based off of an extremely small sample size in which Cespedes struggled. However, I do think he’s much more of a wildcard than people think. It’s been a while since he swung the bat competitively. Just because his big brother was a superstar for a few seasons, doesn’t make this guy on the same level. I’m really looking forward to where the Sox start him and how he performs.
  6. CWSpalehoseCWS

    So maybe we don’t need another reliable starter after all

    This obviously will cause a drop in offense, but the bigger concern regarding the pitching isn’t guys getting shelled or failing to go 6, it’s the worry that many of these guys will have difficulty adjusting back to a 162 game grind coming off a 60 game season or not even pitching at all (i.e. Kopech). There’s a high likelihood we may see an increase in injuries because of this. Edit: As far as a summary, I’d expect a decrease in slugging and HR’s potentially by a decent amount. Seems like the ball will be less bouncy than years past. They use some data from Korea when they changed the ball as a comparison. It’s a good read.
  7. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    Except Cespedes checks so many White Sox requirements: - was sought after many years ago - old, aging veteran - has a family member in the system
  8. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    Would not surprise me one bit.
  9. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Just Wondering

    Very strict. Not sure how the Dogs got away with having limited capacity though.
  10. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Their bullpen is worse with both those guys in it. Colome is going to regress at some point. There's a ton of red flags with him, and teams know that or he would have had more of a market. Hamilton is like you said, a total wildcard. I think the Sox and Twins are much more evenly matched that people realize. Twins are only the team to beat because they won the division last year, but even sports books don't have them as the unanimous favorites after their additions.
  11. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Folty signs with Rangers

    Someone will give him a MLB deal. Brewers make a lot of sense like Jimmy suggested.
  12. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    So Collins the start at DH until Vaughn service time games are done?
  13. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    It might be. Could also be good incentive to push Collins. Not exactly like this team has any good options back there.
  14. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    Man, if only the Sox could be the what the Padres were in the Machado saga to the Mets and Dodgers. Go screw yourself JR...
  15. CWSpalehoseCWS

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    I disagree. Joc's market collapsed as a result of all his suitors balking at his asking price and moving on from him. Does that mean everyone else that kicked the tires on him misread the market? I don't think so. They moved on from a mediocre player asking for too much because that level of production was littering the FA pool. It's pretty clear to me the Sox had an agenda to fill certain position and had to do so under JR's budget. I'm not crazy about the Eaton signing, but he did have a market at the time. People act like the Sox targeted players no one wanted because they don't like the player.