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  1. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    Very interesting move. If he can come in an immediately make an impact like Foster and Heuer have then this bullpen should be very legit, especially if Bummer can return. I know we generally view him as a starter for the long term, but he could be the Sox version of Hader and give them long, shutdown relief.
  2. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    The comment towards Mazara was someone said Mazara is due tonight, and Stone replied that he's been due for weeks now. I can't find the actual tweet, but that's pretty much what was said.
  3. CWSpalehoseCWS

    You have to start McCann for now

    No, I haven't watched a single game. How did you know? I'll gladly die on the hill that Grandal is a better catcher. I like both of them, but gun to my head, I'm taking Grandal 10/10 times over McCann. Track record speaks for itself. If you don't want to agree or see that logic, that's your prerogative.
  4. CWSpalehoseCWS

    You have to start McCann for now

    Based on what? Tuesday night? Grandal beats McCann in every advanced fielding metric on Fangraphs over the lengths of both of their careers. I'm not going to suddenly one game, let alone 43 games, in a crazy pandemic season suddenly change my opinion on years of data.
  5. CWSpalehoseCWS

    You have to start McCann for now

    This exactly. I love having both of them, but Grandal is the a superior player to McCann in every way.
  6. CWSpalehoseCWS

    GioG activated, Burdi flies the coop

    I also get the feeling he isn't going to be "the guy" at the back end of the bullpen like a lot of us hoped he would be. I feel like it would be much more likely to see Heuer closing games out down the road. One thing that sticks out to me with Burdi is that even pre-TJ he seemed susceptible to the long ball. That K/9 is pretty elite - I think he just needs to learn how to attack hitters better.
  7. CWSpalehoseCWS

    What is your predicted pitching rotation next year?

    Not only that. Do we honestly see JR willing to put up with Bauer's attitude and antics? I don't. So combine that with the price tag, and Bauer is a pipe dream IMO.
  8. CWSpalehoseCWS

    What is your predicted pitching rotation next year?

    1. Giolito 2. Keuchel 3. (FA - Stroman) 4. Dunning 5. Cease
  9. CWSpalehoseCWS

    FS: Midseason Top 30 Prospects List

    Pretty sure he has a bad back injury last season. But he's been terrible in Triple-A, a non-prospect for me.
  10. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Sox "hold steady" at deadline

    Totally agree. Bradley would have been really nice. I totally expected them to go get another arm for the pen, especially from the left side. If Bummer doesn't come back (which seems likely), this team is rolling into the playoffs with Jace Fry and Ross Detwiler as your LHP options out of the pen. YIKES. Other options in case either of them goes down with an injury? Jacob Lindgren, Bennet Sousa, or Kodi Medeiros. Any you still have Gonzalez who might be bouncing between starting or relief work. I highly doubt we see them call-up Crochett.
  11. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    We could have used him yesterday with the gatorade bucket waiting for Robert!
  12. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    IDK, we don't even know if that's what is ailing him. I literally don't know anything more than what you can find online. You'd need a doctor for that answer. I would assume eventually it slowly goes away (hopefully)?
  13. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    Just google post-covid symptoms and check out the CDC or Mayo Clinic. Fatigue is a quite common lingering side effect, even in young adults and can last for several months. Link: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-long-term-effects/art-20490351
  14. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Yolmer added to roster, Goins DFA'd

    Because people can’t experience different symptoms? Plenty of cases with healthy individuals struggling post-virus With fatigue and cognitive function.
  15. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Trade Watch Rumor

    Certainly seems like the Sox are standing pat.