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  1. CWSpalehoseCWS

    6/6 Games

    Maybe Luis Robert and Archie Bradley now share something in common 💩 ?
  2. CWSpalehoseCWS

    6/6 Games

    He has been disappointing to their defense, but the kid is still just 22. Everyone needs to learn to have more patience.
  3. CWSpalehoseCWS

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Wasn’t this one of the weakest pitching drafts, or was it just at the college level? Thompson seems like a project, almost like a poor man’s Alec Hansen.
  4. CWSpalehoseCWS

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    That can’t be comforting. Lance fucking Broadway....
  5. CWSpalehoseCWS

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Tim Anderson hates him.
  6. CWSpalehoseCWS

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    He’s literally the worst.
  7. CWSpalehoseCWS

    This year was worth it

    First, who is that? Second, how in the hell does one throw a baseball in such a manner?
  8. CWSpalehoseCWS

    5/28 Games

    Palka Bomb!
  9. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Doesn’t that almost leave it between Witt or Abrams?
  10. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I’d love to know who Hostetler was referring to on the White Sox Talk podcast as the player who did not impress the team during the interview process. Would be really interesting if it was one of the top guys like Vaughn or another lower guy like Lodolo. I’m so torn on who I’d prefer the Sox to take. Vaughn’s hitting ability seems like a perfect fit, but Abrams overall ability would be a nice add into the system.
  11. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Will Cease be pitching in Indy? If so, when?

    Cease is listed as being the probable starter on Tuesday according to the Knights homepage.
  12. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Seby Zavala promoted to Chicago; Castillo to IL

    Depends on who you ask. A lot of pitchers supposedly really like working with him. I personally think he's a realistic backup catcher option for the future. I'd temper expectations, and enjoy whatever positives or surprises come our way with him. He's a hard guy to not root for.
  13. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Rodon TJS

    I agree. I think he’s thrown his last pitch in a Sox uniform.
  14. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Engel and Frare Optioned to AAA

    I would think Stephens for sure. Medieros is still really young to cut ties with at this point.
  15. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Tim Anderson AL Player of the Month

    Deservedly so. So great to see him having this start to the year.
  16. CWSpalehoseCWS

    Rodon to IL; Giolito activated

    Well this isn’t good. Maybe explains why he was so bad his last two starts. I never really considered Rodon a major piece for the rebuild, but this could still be a big blow if it’s serious. Here’s hoping this is precautionary.
  17. Terrible to see. Fought his way back, made it to the bigs and just like that back to square one.
  18. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I agree. I think it'll piss most of us off.
  19. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I hope not. Would certainly be a Sox thing to do though if/when Rustchman and Vaughn get picked. Hoping the Royals are idiots and Vaughn is there though.
  20. CWSpalehoseCWS

    4/18 Games

    I certainly think there is an outside chance Robert could pull a Juan Soto, but I do not think it's very likely to happen. One thing to keep in mind with that comparison, is Soto was close to a 20% BB% in A+ last season and walks a ridiculous amount in the majors. Robert is at 3.6% currently. We all need to temper expectations as he moves up. It's fun to see him succeeding like this and he's extremely talented, but let him get his AB's accordingly. That off speed stuff only gets tougher as you move up.
  21. CWSpalehoseCWS

    4/17 Games

    Man, Birmingham is just downright struggling across the board. Six players in a row with batting averages under .200
  22. CWSpalehoseCWS

    2019 MLB draft thread

    M.J. Melendez
  23. CWSpalehoseCWS

    4/13 Games

    Hell yeah it would. I didn't like the pick when it was made, but that was an impressive start. Hope he keeps it up.