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  1. a21schizoidman

    The Manram Thread

    it's well known the Sox get treated like crud outside of US Cellular
  2. a21schizoidman

    Dumbass Fans

    my roommate (cubs fan) to set up the background, i told him to name Cubs players (just a few minutes ago) since he claimed to be a fan, he named: Soriano, Lee, Theriot, Ramirez, Dempster, and Jeter
  3. a21schizoidman

    Dumbass Fans

    After the cubs were eliminated by the Marlins in 03, my one friend who was a fan of those losers told me he hated the Mariners. I asked him why and he claimed "because they beat the cubs", to add to his humility, i asked home how they lost to the Mariners, and he said "we lost the game", meaning he obviously didn't understand that it was a series. He also apparently went on to not even have watched the game or anything. Of course, we all know this is how the average cubs fan is.
  4. a21schizoidman

    The Stealth Elf does it again!

    QUOTE (beautox @ Aug 2, 2010 -> 09:52 PM) nice post and welcome, but no way hes a 3/6 , 2/1 or 1/2 sure Thank you. I figured I'd make him special, and I wanted his defense higher than his attack. 2/4 might've been a better compromise.
  5. a21schizoidman

    The Stealth Elf does it again!

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Aug 2, 2010 -> 05:27 PM) Welcome Thanks Quin.