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  1. This is a good read: https://www.wsj.com/articles/tim-anderson-white-sox-field-of-dreams-11628564173?mod=sports_lead_pos2
  2. Realfan

    Updated teams interested in Q

    Bruce Levine says talks could be heating up with Houston: http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/04/09/whi...-jose-quintana/
  3. Realfan

    No More Hard Tickets for Season Ticket Holders

    The Bulls transferred to all electronic ticketing and it worked just fine. This is much more convenient.
  4. There's a lot of hyperbole in this thread. If you're upset about Melky joining the Sox, then I commend you and also am sorry for you because it must be tough to watch any entertainment in today's world. It is very hard to find actors, actresses, athletes, that haven't cheated in some way. Drugs, plastic surgery, infidelity, etc. must quickly narrow the options you have in the world. This isn't to say that you are wrong. As for me, I love the Sox. They are a great form of entertainment for me. So now I root for Melky because he wears a Sox uniform. It's really that simple.
  5. Realfan

    Sox sign Melky Cabrera

    QUOTE (The Ginger Kid @ Dec 14, 2014 -> 02:38 PM) Is stealing signs cheating? Is spitting on the ball cheating? Is putting vasoline on the bill of your cap cheating? Is claiming your safe when you know you were out cheating? Is turning on ventilation fans to blow in from LF cheating? Or are we only talking about degrees of cheating? Exactly. Does anyone here despise AJ for "cheating" his way to first in the 2005 ALCS or for JD taking first after faking that a pitch had hit him in G2 of the 2005 World Series? People say they are sad today. There's a whole lot going on in the world to really be sad about. The Sox signing Melky is not one of them. Sports is a form of entertainment. Everyday, people are struggling for existence. That is what is truly sad.
  6. Realfan

    Kenny Wiliams is excited

    QUOTE (Andy the Clown @ Nov 22, 2014 -> 02:58 PM) I don't disagree. But what happens if the cost of the jacuzzi prevents the foundation from being addressed? I actually totally agree with your sentiment but am myself reserving judgment until we see how this all plays out. Perhaps there are moves in store to trade contracts (Danks) freeing up money for other moves? We don't yet know. I guess I trust that Hahn has a plan and I don't want to judge it until I see it all play out.
  7. Realfan

    Kenny Wiliams is excited

    QUOTE (Andy the Clown @ Nov 22, 2014 -> 02:53 PM) Who knows what will happen in the future? The fact remains that we are a long ways away from 90 wins, and the LaRoche signing is a luxury rather than a necessity. We're installing a jacuzzi before fixing the foundation. You are judging the whole house before the foundation has been built. The proper time for such criticism is after the Sox break camp and head to their first major league game in 2015. The roster isn't anywhere close to being set.
  8. Realfan

    Paul Konerko Appreciation Thread

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Sep 28, 2014 -> 01:26 AM) Anyone know where I can see the tribute videos they played from Pods, Ozzie, Dye, Rose, Buehrle, etc.? They're all in the 42 minute video posted on the White Sox website.
  9. Realfan

    Hahn- Deal could happen before Aug 31

    QUOTE (SCCWS @ Aug 21, 2014 -> 07:32 AM) Dank's value is very low so even if the Angel's took him, we would get little in return. You basically get the salary dump. That's fine by me. I don't think anyone here is expecting anything more.
  10. Realfan

    Webb should close

    QUOTE (Reddy @ May 25, 2014 -> 10:46 AM) everything in this post regarding relief pitchers is completely, 100% backwards. +1. The Davidson trade was worth doing a few months ago and would be worth doing again today. Reed's numbers don't smack of anything close to an elite reliever.
  11. Realfan

    Mr. Sale in The New York Times

    Seconded. Great read.
  12. Realfan

    Eric Surkamp claimed by White Sox

    QUOTE (staxx @ Dec 23, 2013 -> 05:40 PM) imagine if coop can turn Surkamp into Santiago 2.0 Or Quintana.
  13. Realfan

    Sox agree to 1 yr deal with Scott Downs

    QUOTE (Markbilliards @ Dec 21, 2013 -> 10:28 AM) Looks like Rick Hahn had a case of the Downs Syndrome! This is completely inappropriate and is the first time in my 15 years of message board posting that I have felt compelled to write a post calling out another poster. Yes, I have someone with Downs Syndrome in my family.
  14. Realfan

    Thoughts on the Washington series

    QUOTE (lostfan @ Apr 9, 2013 -> 01:31 PM) Those seats are incredible in that stadium This is my first time going to this ballpark so now you have me even more amped up! Thanks!
  15. Realfan

    Thoughts on the Washington series

    I lucked out and had to be in DC today for business. The weather here today is phenomenal. Game time temps should be in the 70s. I'll be in a corporate box behind home plate wearing my Sox gear.