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  1. kapzk

    Eloy officially got paid

    Does this make sense having 6 years + 2 options. So essentially you just buy 1 year of FA.
  2. kapzk

    4-8 Gamethread - Tigers, 1:10pm, CSN

    If Lopez harnesses his control, he is going to be a stud of a pitcher.
  3. kapzk

    Sox Winner!!

    Soria should not be the closer nor the setup man, just lucky he faced a number of below replacement level hitters.
  4. Soria is not closer material.
  5. would rather have Jones face the big hitters of KC than have Soria face Moose and Duda. They most likely are playing the matchups.
  6. That curve came outta nowhere
  7. Wth why bunt with yoan???
  8. Not sure if Giolito is a top of rotation guy as he was slated to be a few years ago. He looks to be a #3 type pitcher.
  9. kapzk

    Chris Sale scratched from start

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 23, 2016 -> 07:07 PM) I'm just saying if I'm a GM about to give up one of the biggest packages in baseball history for a guy, I don't want any last second red flags that could cause me to question the deal. Questioning a poorly run organization as a player is not necessarily a red flag.
  10. kapzk

    Robin and Sale

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jun 11, 2016 -> 01:59 PM) Sale has deliberately lowered his velocity, they have talked about it all year. When he got mad last night he was up around 97-99 multiple times The deliberate decrease in velocity has not yielded much improvement to Sale's performance. He had a great 9 start run to start the season assisted by some luck, the last few starts have not been so great for him and that might be due to the regression that the peripheral numbers indicated.
  11. kapzk

    6/4 - White Sox @ Tigers Game Thread

    Chris Sale vs AL Central: 28-26, vs Cle 4.07 ERA .254 BAA, vs Det 3.02 ERA .223 BAA, vs KC 2.82 ERA .278 BAA, vs MIN 4.05 ERA .252 BAA. Now Chris Sale is a hell of a pitcher in this league (top 3-5 for sure) but he comes up short in the big games against the division rivals.
  12. kapzk

    6/4 - White Sox @ Tigers Game Thread

    I gotta say but Chris Sale has been figured out by the division. His worst starts are always against divisional opponents and the career numbers against them back it up. I dunno what it is but it seems they may be more comfortable with his arm slot/delivery with familiarity.